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Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 58 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 58 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.




Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 58 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.






God's Good News

According to the Bible, the good news of the Gospel involves four basic truths. And what wonderful truths they are! First, we have an interest expressed on the part of God Himself.Yes, it all starts with ‘God so loved the world”. Secondly, there was the will of God put into action – that is, a plan was made from eternity past to deliver men and women from the bondage of sin. Then, of course, there was the price paid - the Saviour was sent to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. Lastly,...


Are Your Sins Forgiven?

Here's one question that you weren't likely asked today - Are your sins forgiven? Yes, your sins. Are they forgiven? On today's broadcast, we will be considering what the Bible has to say about forgiveness - WHY is it necessary? HOW can I get it? Important questions that we would like you to face honestly today. The Lord Jesus said that He has power "on earth" to forgiven sins. That means here and now - before you leave this early scene. Yes, you NEED the forgiveness of sins - it's not an...


Assurance of Salvation

Do you have a time when you first came to know Christ as YOUR Saviour? Were you ever awakened to the fact that you are a sinner in need of having your sins forgiven in order to be right with God? Have you ever received Him as your own personal Saviour and Lord and experienced the joy of salvation? We hope that you have. Well, today’s broadcast is directed towards believers and is concerned with something that unfortunately may later come into our lives. Doubts. Yes, doubts. Such as “Am I...


Ready to Forgive

Psalm 86:5 is a lovely verse. "For Thou Lord art good and ready to forgive, and plenteous in mercy unto all them that call upon Thee." Do you believe it? Are you harbouring some notion that God is NOT good? That God is out to get you or to make your life miserable? Or that God is somehow reluctant to forgive you? If so, you need to change your mind about the God of the Bible. What does this verse say? God is GOOD. God is READY to forgive. God is PLENTEOUS in mercy. The problem is not with...


God's Remedy

People often look at today’s sad world and ask the question, “Why doesn’t God DO something about it?” Well, He has! God has provided a remedy for the ultimate cause of all our sorrow – sin. First, God ‘commands’ – that is, He has made His wishes known – that all men and women should repent – or turn from their sin. Secondly, God ‘commends’. That is, He has commended or expressed to us His great love in giving His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ to be our substitute. And finally, He ‘calls’....


At the Foot of the Cross

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most amazing location in all the world is at the foot of the cross of Christ. It was there that emotions ranged from horror to peace, from guilt to forgiveness, from terror to calm, from hatred to love, from unbelief to faith in God. One of the figures who stood at the foot of the cross was a Roman centurion who was a front row spectator to the greatest event in history! What he saw and heard caused a response in his heart that changed his life and his...


Now is the Time

The gospel message has not changed over time. People still need to have their sins forgiven in order to go to heaven. They need to receive spiritual life from God that they cannot attain on their own. The gospel preached by the apostle Paul contained the same elements as the message is comprised of today. And he depended on the power of the Word of God to reach the hearts of sinners, just as we do today. Yes, trusting Christ should be the only sane response to the gospel message.There is far...


Heaven's Last Call

Have you ever heard the call of God? Sometimes we don't realize that we're hearing it. The circumstances in life contain the call of God to us - both good times and bad times. Sometimes it's a whisper, sometimes it's a shout. Have YOU ever been made aware of God's call to YOU? But God's call comes mainly through His Word. He touches our hearts with truths that we all know to be right. We know that there is something wrong with the world - with US! We feel the guilt of our sin. We long for...


What Faith Looks Like

You've probably heard people say that they have 'great faith'. But surely, that is can be very deceptive. A vague, undefined notion of 'having faith' or 'being spiritual' or 'believing in a higher power' has no substance. It is merely a state of mind. Or you may have great faith in an unworthy object - for example, a boat that is filled with holes. Will that faith help you when the boat begins to sink? No, it was an unworthy object for your faith. Neither is faith something you hold onto...


How God Speaks

The main way that God speaks to us is through the Bible. So, if you want to hear what God has to say - well, read the Bible. It is the most enduring book ever written. But there are many other ways that God can communicate Himself to man - in creation itself - the beauty and order of the universe and world around us. Another way is through His goodness - those good things in your life for which you feel a sense of thankfulness to the giver. And then, of course, there is conscience. There are...


The Power of Your Choice

The magnificent power of the creator Himself can be seen from the far reaches of the universe to the invisible atomic building blocks of our world. But God's power extends to far more than creation. He has the utmost power in the courthouse of heaven - the power to condemn and the power to pardon. But the sinner has power as well - the power of choice. The power to believe what God says and to trust the Saviour for themselves. What will yours be?


Our Blessings in Christ

The clear and simple Gospel message embraces two opposing realities - judgment for sin or an eternal blessed future in heaven. For the Christian, judgment is passed already - we are set free by the blood of Christ. But this is only the beginning of a an eternal lifetime of discovery - of learning more about Christ and the ‘great salvation’ that was obtained for us on the cross of Calvary.


Angels and Shepherds

"While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night" is one of the most familiar Christmas carols we hear at this time of year. How simply and beautifully it retells the amazing Christmas story to us! A 400 year silence was broken with those wonderful words, 'FEAR NOT'! And what was their glorious and urgent announcement? The promised child had been born! The Son had been sent! The Messiah had finally arrived to put away sin. And this Messiah was Himself a good shepherd, a great shepherd.


A Name Called Wonderful

Isaiah wrote over 700 years ago in Chapter 9 and Verse 6 the following words: “For unto us a child is born; unto us a Son is given." We know that this child, this Son, was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself who was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. But He didn’t begin his life there. The Bible says that He was the Creator of all things, the eternal Son of God. He was really born. He really died. He really rose again. And He will ultimately rule the universe as King of Kings and Lord of...


Joy to the World

The Bible has a wonderful theme throughout it - JOY! This week's message takes a look at the familiar Christmas carol "Joy to the World" and explains how it is that people like you and me can enter into a secure, meaningful, and everlasting relationship with the God of heaven - through our Lord Jesus Christ - and come to know the joy that He wants us to have.


Evolution - A Theory in Crisis, Part 3

For the last 2 weeks, we have been looking at 14 so-called proofs of evolution and basically dismissing each one of them in the face of closer examination. These included the three ‘great facts’ upon which Darwin rested his theory. In today’s part 3 of our series we will look at 8 problems that evolutionary theory faces in its attempt to explain the processes by which all the life around us originated without a designer God. Lastly, three pathways to a different way of looking at things are...


Evolution - A Theory in Crisis, Part 2

Last week, we looked at 14 so-called proofs of evolution and the problems that they entail. Today’s broadcast is a continuation of this presentation where the supposed 3 ‘great facts’ that prove evolution are taken up explaining the difficulties with each one. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that such problems exist. God’s Word never contradicts the realities revealed by honest science. The problems with these so-called proofs for evolution is that man has already concluded what he...


Evolution - A Theory in Crisis, Part 1

Evolutionary theory is the assertion that all living things have a common ancestor from which they evolved through numerous successive changes over billions of years to produce the complexity of all life that we see today - a ‘bacterium to Beethoven’ concept. It is widely accepted, but not by all scientists. In fact, there are many, many problems with the claims of evolution. Today's message is the first of a three part series that examines the 14 main 'proofs' of evolution. If you are a...


Christ in Psalm 23

The book of Psalms is one which Christians love to turn to for comfort, strength, and encouragement. Every human condition from despair and failure to joy and adoration can be found there. What a solace the psalms have been to Christians down through the ages! I’m sure that every Christian is familiar with David’s word in Psalm 23, “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” As familiar as we are with this psalm, there are many wonderful truths buried there for us to discover with each and...


Come Unto Me

The Bible's message of the gospel basically contains two fundamental truths. First, it involves a warning - a very strong imperative for listeners to take stock of their lives and acknowledge their great need before God. Yes, it's about facing your sin and the consequences of it. Secondly, there is the gracious invitation of God to sinners to trust Christ to put away their sin. The Lord Jesus says to us all, "Come unto Me and I will give you rest". Are there any restless souls among our...