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Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 58 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 58 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.




Anchorpoint Radio promotes Gospel awareness on 58 radio frequencies weekly across Canada as well as on satellite TV. Our mission is to provoke deeper thought upon life's key issues and to offer the only sure answer to man's deepest need - the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.






One Thing

In the Gospel of Mark Chapter 10 we find a very interesting story of an encounter that a young man had with the Lord Jesus Christ. He asked, "What do I need to do to inherit eternal life?" Today’s message looks at what was fundamentally wrong with that question. But we will also learn about the tragic truth that it is usually only ONE thing that keeps a sinner from trusting Christ. How foolish it is to trade eternal life for one fleeting thing that you may hold so dearly today. Come to...


God's Great Banquet

There was a story that Jesus told about a man who prepared a great banquet feast – and the invitations all went out. “Come for all things are now ready!” But there were many refusals. A lot of them! Jesus said the man became angry and sent his servants out to bring in other people to his banquet instead. Well, His point was simple. The gospel message goes out to all – but then the refusals come in - excuses that will not hold up when placed before God. You see, God has also prepared a...


When I See the Blood

Many people know something of the Exodus story in the Bible – the story about how God delivered the Israelites from slavery by visiting Egypt with ten formidable plagues, the last of which was the death of the first born of all those who refused to obey the Lord’s instructions. But God told the Israelites to slay a lamb, a perfect lamb, and to put the blood on the lintel and side posts of the door to their houses. God told them that when He “saw the blood, He would pass over them” – meaning...


What Christ Has Done For You

Has Christ ever done anything for you? Think about it. The first verse of Isaiah 53 asks a similar question – “Who has believed our report?” That is, many people hear God’s report of His Son – the gospel message of how Christ died for their sins – but don’t believe it. Has Christ ever done anything for them? In unbelief, they would likely answer “No”. And they are wrong. The Lord Jesus was willing to go all the way to the cross for sinners. But all of Christ’s work would be to no avail if He...


Christ Can Give You Eternal Life

The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that we were all born sinners, spiritually disconnected from God because of sin. We start out spiritually dead – with low thoughts about God and high thoughts about ourselves. Since our lives are infected by sin we end up with broken relationships, self-destructive behaviour, sinful habits, bitterness, and confusion as to what life is all about anyway. The good news of the gospel is that the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to remedy this dire...


The Empty Tomb

It is hard to enter in to the devastation felt by Jesus’ disciples when they watched Him being taken, crucified, and left to die. All their hopes were completely dashed. They had trusted in Him as the long-awaited Messiah – and yet He died seemingly helpless upon a Roman cross. The Lord Jesus had told them that it would happen – it was why He came - but they just couldn’t take it in. So now, their world crashed in upon them. All hope was gone! What a desperate Saturday it must have been for...


How I Was Saved

Everybody enjoys hearing stories of instances in the lives of people when they were rescued, or their whole course of life was drastically changed, or they discovered some new thing. Today’s message is one of such stories – but it is more than an account of a life-changing event. It is an account of an Eternity-changing event! Yes, a story of salvation. Join us as evangelist Matthew Cain tells us about how he came to know the Saviour. He does this by relating it to the story of the publican...


The Real Pandemic

There are many Bible stories about how the Lord Jesus Christ healed the sick and dying. He was known as the “Great Physician” whose compassion and healing power attracted multitudes of sad and afflicted people. But not all people were drawn to the Saviour – in fact, the religious people were the greatest critics. They felt they had no need of Christ in their lives. He exposed their hypocrisy and sin – and they hated Him for it. Is it any different today? Join us as we look at “the REAL...


Foundation Truths

Well, it seems that in our day and age, there is so much of the very foundation of the Christian faith that is under attack, isn’t there? One sad reason for this is the fact that more and more of our children and young people are growing up without ever being taught the principles and truths of the Word of God. Many are not even sure who Christ is, let alone the Bible’s teaching about salvation and Christian living. In today’s broadcast, evangelist Marvin Derksen will take us back to the...


Who Can We Trust?

Both national and personal levels of uncertainty, anxiety, and mistrust have arisen over the past months as a result of the pandemic crisis the world is experiencing. What really is going on? Who holds the real answers? Who can we trust? All of these questions have been bouncing around for some time now and the answers seem to change with each news report. Well, there is really only One in whom we can place our full confidence and trust – and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the only...


For God So Loved

You know, the Lord makes some surprising statements in His Word. Sometimes, you just have to stop and think about them. For example, John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." But there are two amazing truths in this one verse - that God SO loved the world and that God actually GAVE His only Son. What a statement!


The Authority of the Bible - Part 2

On what basis can we hold the Bible as the authority in all aspects of our lives in the twenty-first century? This week’s message continues to examine the concept of Biblical inspiration and the manner of God's revelation to us. After all, we would understand nothing about God unless He reveals His mind to us. This He does through the solid foundation of Biblical teaching and the instrumentality of inspired writers. But the ultimate authority and power standing behind the Word of God is the...


The Authority of the Bible - Part 1

The Bible has always been under attack by unbelievers down through the ages. In fact, The Word of God and the authority of Christ himself was openly questioned by skeptics long ago. The human heart hasn't changed, and there still is a resistance to accepting what God has to say about people and about His Son. How is it that we can depend on the Bible's message for us today? Where does this authority come from? On what basis does the Bible claim our attention and allegiance? We trust that...


A Change of Mind

The problem with understanding the Bible for just about all of us is that we all come to the Bible with our OWN way of thinking. We've already decided what God is like and what we are like. Unfortunately, it is usually a very wrong assessment. In the gospel of Luke, Chapter 15 the Lord Jesus Christ tells a story that we know now as 'the prodigal son'. But there is more to the story than the son who left home for a far country and later returned to his father. You see, the Lord Jesus was...


The Lost is Found

The Bible is filled with accounts of individuals who actually had one-on-one dealings with the God of heaven. There are many of these fortunate individuals whose experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ were recorded for us in the New Testament. Today's message is about one of these tremendous experiences in the gospel of Luke, chapter 19. It may be a familiar story to you - the story of Zaccheus - a hated person in his community of Jericho - a tax collector and a cheat. Would Jesus have...


No Other God

God has made it clear and plain in the Bible that He is the only God there is. It is hard to be more emphatic. He says it more than once: "I am God and there is none else". And what kind of a God is He? Well, the Bible says that He is a just God and a Saviour. He does only what is right and just. That is a tremendous thing - but a fearful one as well. Why? Well, we are 'unjust' - sinners - people who have turned our back on God and gone our own way. Justice requires that we face our sentence...


Saved from Condemnation

One of the most well-known verses in the Bible - and you may know it - is John 3:16 – “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life.” A beautiful verse - the gospel in a nutshell. Well, today's message is based on the verse following John 3:16 - and here's how it reads, "For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved." An equally beautiful...


The Gospel

It's a common mistake for many people to think that there is something they have to DO to gain acceptance with God. An individual may rightly begin to realize a sense of need in their own soul - a need to have matters settled with God - a need to have their sins forgiven. Maybe you're at Anchorpoint today with a desire to have the salvation that the Bible speaks of. Or maybe, you are merely curious about these things. Either way, we're glad you've tuned in because today's broadcast will have...


Wise Men Still Seek Him

Who doesn’t like the old, familiar hymn with the catchy tune “We Three Kings of Orient are”? It conjures up images of bejewelled noblemen riding on stately ornamented camels, each with a gift in their hands. Well, the real story from the Bible is a lot different from that. Yes, there were “wise men” or magi that actually made that arduous journey in search for a King, a Messiah. But their quest was for something far deeper than to see the latest heir to the throne. They had heart longings to...


The Gospel According to Angels

We can become so familiar with the Christmas story that we lose the awesome wonder of that day! And so many people miss the message completely - a message brought to us from heaven by angels no less! Tremendous news of a Saviour given “unto US”! Why would God even do this for sinners who hated and rejected Him? And who still do! Well, the only reason is in God’s great heart of love for sinners like us. Yes, this gospel message of good will to mankind came from the lips of angels. We would do...