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Learn to clear your energy + communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones on the Other Side, with Julie Jancius @angelpodcast, the Angel Medium + Reiki Master. Book your Angel Reading with Julie today at

Learn to clear your energy + communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones on the Other Side, with Julie Jancius @angelpodcast, the Angel Medium + Reiki Master. Book your Angel Reading with Julie today at


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Learn to clear your energy + communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones on the Other Side, with Julie Jancius @angelpodcast, the Angel Medium + Reiki Master. Book your Angel Reading with Julie today at






How to Understand Inner Peace with Constance Kelloug

Throughout our lifetime, we seek inner peace. Today on the show, we have author, teacher of inner body meditation, and founder of Namaste Publishing, Constance Kellough on to tell us exactly how to seek the inner peace we are looking for. Her first publication, The Power of Now introduced Eckhart Tolle to the world. Since 1997, she has gone on to publish more groundbreaking, inspirational books by such authors as Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Michael Brown and Dr. David Bercelli. These books and many...


An Angel Story About Sharing the Gifts You Are Taught with Intention

Jackie shares her Angel stories from when she was a volunteer for the Angel Reiki School and her mom came through. We also discuss releasing your egoic mind and learning from others. If you would like to be a volunteer for the Angel Reiki School, you can write a review for the Angels and Awakening Podcast on Facebook, Google, or Apple Podcasts! Do you have an Angel story? Email it to We would love to feature YOU on the podcast! The Angel Membership: For...


How Affirmations Help You With Your Negative Thoughts

We think thousands and thousands of thoughts per day. Would you be surprised to know that for most people, the majority of those thoughts are negative? How do these negative thoughts affect us? Today we are here with holistic expert and licensed marriage and family therapist, Lenaya Smith Crawford and she will be answering these questions and more. We get comfortable in the predictability of our day, which is why so many people get stuck. It’s scary to make change, yet so important in...


An Angel Story of Understanding You're on the Right Path

If you love hearing Angel stories of people receiving signs from their loved ones, then you don't want to miss this episode! Xenia is on the podcast today sharing the most incredible story of getting signs from her grandfather on the Other Side. She made it very clear to him that she needed a big sign for validation, and he did just that in many different ways. I also give my best advice on asking for validation and signs from your loved ones. You can check out Xenia's nonprofit...


Igniting Your Inner Gifts with Wildland Firefighter, Thomas Wurm

Our guest today is a beautiful soul. Thomas Wurm is a wildland firefighter by trade and a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis, and Mental Emotional Release. Seeing wildland fire in the wilderness and living so close to death on the fireline. Thomas has learned many spiritual lessons which led him to write Awakened By Heart-Fire: Wildland Fire Stories and The Secrets to the Universe. Thomas shares how he connects the fires with Spirituality and how he trained his mind to stay calm in...


An Angel Story of Opening up Communication with the Other Side

Laura lost her incredible brother from suicide. She shares the challenges her and her family faced following his death and their overwhelming sense of grief and sadness. Her brother has communicated to Laura and her family in various ways. The signs he brings to Laura's family is helping them work through their grieving. Friends, if you have lost someone to suicide, they are absolutely in heaven at peace. If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please seek professional...


Staying Resilient Despite Hardships with Madam Nselaa Ward

Today we are here with a story that has truly touched my heart. Our guest is Madam Nselaa Ward. Some people know her as the former notorious Attorney during Black Lives Matter who defied the system, or one of the Top Female Slam Poets in the World, or the Professional troublemaker for the National Organization for Women, the largest Women’s Organization in the world. People that have heard her speak in person know that this wasn’t always her story. Before she became Nselaa Ward, Juris Doctor...


A Story of Trusting Your Angels to Protect You

Dr. Catherine Wilkins is back on the show again today! Dr. Catherine Wilkins is the author of The Soul's Brain: The Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition. You can find her previous episode here. Today we are talking all about Angels and intuition. Dr. Wilkins shares how she has welcomed Spiritual gifts since she was young. Listen to hear her perspective of her Angels as a child. She also tells an incredible Angel story of when she was driving and how Archangel Michael protected her. Do...


Being an Empath in a Corporate World with Candice Thomas

Today's guest and I have a lot of similar philosophies. Candice Thomas is the author of the book The Success Sense: Intuition For Entrepreneurs and Professionals. Using her signature programs, she teaches leaders how to use their intuition to create life-changing results for themselves, their clients, and their communities. Candice has been featured on the Mind Love podcast, Tiny Buddha, Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Bustle, Brit+Co and other media. Candice and I are diving into one of...


An Angel Story of Intuition, Angel Numbers, Loss, and Spiritual Awakening

Angie is a beautiful soul joining us to share her Angel story about her dad and daughter. She lost both of them on separate occasions after having dreams of their passing. She has always had a strong inner voice and is continuing to develop her Spiritual gifts. Do you have an Angel story? Email it to We would love to feature YOU on the podcast! The Angel Membership: For years, Spirit has been helping me develop a program that walks you through your spiritual...


1 Year Anniversary of COVID Lockdown and Finding Healing

Today, March 8, 2021, marks one year since the beginning of the COVID shut down. Friends, this is a reminder to you to be extra gentle and kind to yourself and others this week. We've all been through so much this past year, and many have lost loved ones. Margaret joins us on the podcast today. She tells about the passing of her mother and all the amazing signs from The Other Side she saw before she passed. Margaret also lost her husband from COVID in 2020 and I'm grateful to have her...


How The Angel Reiki School Helped Jump Start a New Career

Maria is a beautiful soul who is sharing her story with us today. Maria and I had a session together awhile ago and then she went on to sign up for the Angel Reiki School. She also has the gift of visualization and fills us in on how she came into and developed these gifts. Maria tells us why she felt called to join the Angel Reiki School after her mom was diagnosed with dementia. She has created her own chakra greeting cards, and donates 20% of the proceeds to dementia research. You...


Angel Stories Inspired by the Angel Membership

If you have been thinking about joining our Angel membership, or are curious to learn more about it, this episode is perfect for you. Today I'm joined by some of my members from my Angel Membership. Each person is sharing their incredible Angel stories that they have experienced since they started the membership. We're also discussing the process of learning how to manage your thoughts, becoming more confident in accepting messages from your Angels, and how our Angels work with us in...


An Angel Story Of Realizing You're Right Where You Need To Be

How do you picture God? Everyone has their own vision. Kristina shares the moment when she imagined God's presence during a time when she needed clarity and comfort. Kristina's story begins when she was furloughed from her job in 2020, which ultimately led to great opportunities. Her story is a perfect example of trusting your intuition and accepting blessings in your life. Do you have an Angel story? Email it to We would love to feature YOU on the...


Your Soul's Brain: An Interview with Dr. Catherine Wilkins

Dr. Catherine Wilkins joins us today, and she is absolutely brilliant. Chiropractor, Veterinarian, Founder of Fractology and author of The Soul's Brain: The Neurology and Logic of Your Intuition, Dr Catherine Wilkins is passionate about conscious intuition. Fractology grew out of her own need to resolve the conflicts in her own life between science and intuition as she was born an intuitive cuckoo in the nest of a scientific family. Turning her science-mind onto the processes of intuition...


An Angel Story of Unconditional Love From Pets

Today's Angel story is so beautiful and the perfect example of a pet's unconditional love. Cynthia had a beloved cat for 19 years who was her meditation partner, therapist, and greatest companion. When he became sick, she performed reiki and meditation with him. This helped, but she also knew he needed to let go soon. Since his passing, Cynthia has received many signs and synchronicities from him. Friends, there are so many people who have animals in their Soul family. If you've had a pet...


A 1:1 Session and Bringing Through Angel Messages

This episode is a special treat. I'm sharing a 1:1 session that I had with one of my incredible clients, Shannon. Shannon works in organ donation, and is such a kind-hearted beautiful soul. In this reading, many of her loved ones come through to give her messages about her past, present, and future covering topics of family, love, healing, and work. Every reading that I do is completely different because each soul needs different messages brought through to them. If you are listening and...


An Angel Story of Visions, Loss, and Healing

Kari is on the show today sharing several beautiful Angel stories. She has always had a special connection with her grandmother, and this became stronger when Kari faced great losses in her life. Kari lost her baby girl at 37 weeks and experienced visions and a strong knowingness before finding out the news. She now knows that it was her grandmother who brought in those visions to help prepare her for her loss. Friends, this happens sometimes. Spirit will talk to you through your...


Miki Agrawal on Disrupting Your Thinking To Make Powerful Shifts In Your Life

Friends, you are going to love today's guest! We have Miki Agrawal on the show today. Miki is a serial social entrepreneur who was named “Fast Company’s Most Creative People”, “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and INC’s “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs.” In addition to building her companies THINX, TUSHY, and Wild to a collective valuation of over $200 Million, she is a #1 best-selling author of Do Cool Shit, a step-by-step guide to building your dream business and now...


A Transformational Angel Story

Have you ever gone through a challenging time in your life and felt like you were close to losing your faith? You're not alone. Many people find themselves in this situation. Our guest today, Frank, is one of them. He went through a complete transformation of healing. Frank shares his story of when he hit a hard time, but was determined not to lose his faith in God. He began to pray every day, rather than just praying when he felt like it was needed. For him, it made all the difference....