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Learn to clear your energy + communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones on the Other Side, with Julie Jancius @angelpodcast, the Angel Medium + Reiki Master. Book your Angel Reading with Julie today at

Learn to clear your energy + communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones on the Other Side, with Julie Jancius @angelpodcast, the Angel Medium + Reiki Master. Book your Angel Reading with Julie today at


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Learn to clear your energy + communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones on the Other Side, with Julie Jancius @angelpodcast, the Angel Medium + Reiki Master. Book your Angel Reading with Julie today at






Dreams That Bring Powerful Messages

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real? Our guest today, Mary, has had several of these. Today she's sharing details of two very vivid dreams she's had, and the powerful messages that came from them. One of the messages that came through in her dreams is gratitude. Mary and I discuss how gratitude is not just something to practice on Thanksgiving. I believe that gratitude is a doorway into a different vibrational frequency more aligned with the other side. Practicing gratitude daily is...


Sure Signs From Grandparents

Are you open to the possibility of receiving messages from your Angels? When our hearts are open to the possibility of signs, that's when Spirit is really able to come through and help us. Our guest today has remained open to hearing from her Angels. Kathleen joins us to share her Angel stories filled with signs from her grandparents on The Other Side. It begins with a story from her wedding day, where her grandmother showed up in a way that left no doubt it was her! Do you have an Angel...


A Thanksgiving Story and Prayer for JayFay

Michelle Fraser joins us for a special edition of the podcast. Michelle is sharing a story of hope and resilience. Her and her family were serving food and clothing to the homeless on Thanksgiving day, as they did every year. On their way home, Michelle and her family were in a car accident on the highway. This accident resulted in a life threatening brain injury for her daughter, JayFay. Michelle shares about her daughter's injuries, what happened in the months to follow, and how JayFay...


Angels, Orbs, and a Strong Knowingness

Today we have Janine back on the show to share ANOTHER incredible Angel story! Janine was on the podcast last week, so be sure to check out that episode if you haven't already! Friends, there's a few different ways we know spirit is with us. We either hear something, see something, feel something, or get a knowingness. Today Janine is telling a story of an experience she had when she knew her Angels were with her. It involves orbs and the best part is that she has it all on video! You can...


Say Goodbye to People Pleasing and Take Ownership of Your Life with Annie Henderson

Do you consider yourself a people pleaser? People pleasing may come with good intentions, but there comes a time when you need to take priority of your own needs. Our guest today, Annie Henderson, is a recovering people pleaser. She is sharing how she made a shift in her life at the age of 30 to take ownership of her life and her happiness. Annie M Henderson is a Coming Out Coach for LGBTQ+ and families struggling with their child coming out and need some guidance along the way. Annie...


Memories From The Other Side

Friends, we have beautiful Angel stories for you today! Janine is on the show sharing some very special experiences she's had. She tells us all about how she has memories of being on the Other Side before she was born here on Earth. She also shares stories of a near death experience as a young child, meeting an Angel, and having an out of body experience. Janine describes the love and peace she felt on the Other Side. Stay on until the end of the episode for a special reading as well! If...


Turning Loss Into Joy

Has your business or career been affected by the pandemic? Our guest today, Freda Maletsky, knows all about that. Freda is an Oakland based visual artist fully embracing this time of rest during the pandemic to surrender, release and learning how to go with the flow. Freda shares her inspirational story of how losing her job when the pandemic hit became the greatest gift. She began getting nudges from Spirit, prompting her to slow down. She finally listened, and learned how to be still,...


Our Angels Walk Among Us

I've heard this kind of story time and time again, and never grow tired of it. It starts with someone in a time of need, big or small, and a stranger appears to help them in some way. The person turns to thank them, and quicker than they appeared, the stranger is gone, almost as if they've vanished into thin air. Today Sasha has two Angel stories just like this one. Her Angel showed up to help when she needed it. Sometimes people experience these moments and just write it off, but Sasha...


Lifequakes, Transitions, and Our Emotional Response to Them with Bruce Feiler

Have you ever considered how big of an impact the transitions we go through in life can have on us? Our guest today, Bruce Feiler, is an expert on life transitions, and what he refers to as lifequakes. Friends, I have to tell you...this is one of my all time favorite interviews! Bruce Feiler is one of America’s most popular voices on contemporary life. He is the author of seven New York Times bestsellers; the presenter of two primetime series on PBS; and the inspiration for the drama...


Halloween Angel Stories

Just in time for Halloween, our guest today is telling us stories of her experiences with ghostly energy. Since she was young, Kayla has connected with Spirit. It began with visitation dreams, and turned into seeing Spirit in a way that really frightened her. Kayla shares how she asked God to show her Spirit in a different way. We discuss the difference between ghostly energy and Spirit energy. I also share my tools and tips for what to do if you ever feel frightened by the presence of...


A World Prayer and Free Energy Healing Session For You

{9:40} Meditation begins With all the stress and tension people are feeling today, I am sharing a recording of a recent live event I held. It includes a meditation, prayer, and visualization exercise to help you clear your energy. My hope it that it energizes you with love and high vibrational frequency! Don't forget, our last free live Zoom event of 2020 is on Tuesday, November 3rd. You can sign up by entering your name and email here. Then you will receive an email with the link...


An Adoption Angel Story

Author Amalia Andrade is joining us on the show again today! Amalia is the author of the new book Things You Think About When You Bite Your Nails: Strategies for coping with fear and anxiety. You can head to the previous episode to hear her interview all about anxiety, grounding, and expressing emotions. Amalia is sharing her powerful Angel stories involving her aunt, who passed away from ALS. Her aunt has been one of the most important people in Amalia's life, beginning with playing a...


Anxiety, Grounding, and Feeling Your Emotions with Amalia Andrade

Do you struggle with anxiety? If so, you're definitely not alone. This year has seemed to trigger anxiety in many people, even those who have not experienced it in the past. Anxiety can cause you to feel paralyzed and hopeless, but there are ways to work through it. Our guest today, Amalia Andrade, is speaking on this topic! Amalia is an author, originally from Cali, Colombia. She studied literature at Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá. She’s been drawing forever. She’s written...


Intuition, Dreams, And The Other Side

Philip Goldberg joins us on the show again today! Philip has been studying the world’s spiritual traditions for more than 50 years, as a practitioner, teacher, and writer. His latest book is Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times: Powerful Tools to Cultivate Clarity, Calm and Courage. Philip and I are talking all about an important topic today: intuition. I strongly believe that when we grow our intuition, we are growing the connection with the other side. Philip shares some best practices...


Spiritual Practice for Crazy Times with Philip Goldberg

There is no doubt that we are living in crazy times. It can be challenging to feel at peace and in high vibration. However, it is possible to practice spirituality and take action in helping to change the world around you. Today's episode is all about showing you that deep spirituality it not incompatible with our duties and responsibilities in the world. I'm welcoming Philip Goldberg onto the show today. Philip has been studying the world’s spiritual traditions for more than 50 years, as...


Angel Story: Appreciating Subtle Signs From The Other Side

Today, Danielle is sharing two touching Angel stories as well as important messages for all of us to remember when it comes to receiving signs from our Angels. She shares about a visitation dream that she experienced from her father. This dream gave her validation that her dad is okay and at peace. We discuss a bit about visitation dreams, and what to do if you have hoped and prayed for one, but have yet to experience it. Danielle also reminds us to slow down and appreciate the...


Scientific Proof That We're Connected To Our Angels with Dr. Norm Shealy

We have a very special and brilliant guest today. His name is Dr. Norm Shealy. Dr. Shealy is a neurosurgeon, creator of TENS, Gamma PEMF, and author of Conversations with G-A Physician's Encounter With Heaven. Over the years, he has thoroughly studied vibrational frequency. As a neurosurgeon, he has pieced together the science behind energy healing. Today, Dr. Norm Shealy is sharing his scientific and Spiritual findings, as well as stories of his communication with Angels In this...


Angel Story: When Your Angels Guide You To Help Others

Shay is sharing four beautiful Angel stories on the podcast today. He starts with an incredible story about a time that his two year old son ended up in the hospital. Throughout the episode, Shay goes on to share other stories of how Angels have helped him and his family. He even describes in detail how he sees his Angels. Shay has special gifts, and he now knows that Angels have guided him to use those gifts to help others. It is a nice reminder to all of us that our Angels are all...


It's Not Your Fault, I Believe You

Today our special guest is Karli Johnson. She is best known for her tedx talk, where she uses humor to help with healing from traumatic events. Karli is a sexual assault victim and survivor, and grew up experiencing several different traumas. She now works with various organizations to support important groups such as minorities, the LGBTQ community, and sexual assault victims. In this episode, Karli and I chat about: How to connect with...


Angel Story: Following Signs From the Universe

Friends, all the time, you hear me encourage you to listen to your inner voice. The more open you are to following your intuition, the more you'll recognize the signs that the Universe sends to you. Our guest today, Dave shares how he has come into his own Spiritual Awakening by learning to open his heart and his mind. As a result, he has received many signs from the Universe to help guide him in times of need. Dave shares how he grew up thinking his father was not alive, but later in...