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Weekly sermons - non-denominational, evangelical church in Trenton, Ontario, Canada

Weekly sermons - non-denominational, evangelical church in Trenton, Ontario, Canada




Weekly sermons - non-denominational, evangelical church in Trenton, Ontario, Canada




Is It True That You ____ ____ ?

In this weeks message Pastor Travis talk to us about our identity in the message called "Is it True That You ___ ___ ?" The world system and what the enemy would want to do for harm would want to change your identity as a believer/ Christian, but we have a true identity in Jesus Christ That same world system wants to rename you and define you and we see that through the history books systems of the day and popular culture has tried to label the Christian Faith, but God has defined us and...


Know The Season

In this weeks message Pastor Travis talks to us about Knowing the season we are in. We have been Purchased. I am free from the kingdom culture of satan, and you should be free from his kingdom and his culture as well. We are in this world, but we are not of this world. We cannot live in fear because that's from the end time strategy of the devil. God Loves using Underdogs.


The Law Of Faith

In this weeks message Pastor Jacques talks to us about The Law of Faith. Faith is not a Muscle, It is a Law. Our Salvation is by the grace of God through faith but works come after.


The Power of Communion

In this weeks message Mrs. Joan Jones brings us a teaching about Communion. Jesus say seven discourses Using the two words I AM. I am the Bread of Life, I am the Light of the World, I am the Open Door, I am the Good Shepard, I am The way The Truth and The Light, I am The Resurrection and the Life, I am The True and Living Vine. Jesus took the Cup and said "this is the cup of the new covenant shed in my blood for the remission of sins." Faith is a fruit of the spirit. Faith is a gift of...


Winning the war Within (Overcoming Fear)

In this weeks message Pastors Peter and Anita talk to us about Overcoming Fear, Synonyms of Fear: Anxiety, Stress, Worry Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Belief: An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists, trust, faith or confidence in someone or something. Fear is not just an emotion sometimes it is a spirit sent to torment us. The way the spirit torments us is through our...


Winning the War Within (Overcoming Occultism)

In this weeks message Pastor Peter talks to us about Overcoming Occultism. The word Occult or Occultation is an event that occurs when one object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. Occultism spiritually speaking is when something blocks the view of or presents itself in the place of Christ, who is the Saviour of the world and is the Truth, it tries to shift your view or tries to shift your understanding of what is right and replace it with error.


Winning the War Within (Overcoming Envy & Jealousy)

In this weeks message Pastor Travis talks to us about Overcoming Envy & Jealousy. Envy and Jealousy wants you to compare yourself to other people, Putting your eyes on others and taking your eyes off of God. You will never be happy on a path that God has not paved for you. True Joy is in the place Gos has for you. Stay tuned to 77.7fm Don't listen to 66.6fm


Winning the War Within (Overcoming Rejection)

In this weeks message Pastor Paulette shares with us about Overcoming Rejection. God's mission and vision will not change simply because man rejects Him and His children. Rejection: When a Person or a group excludes an individual and refuses to acknowledge or accept them. What you are not changing, You are Choosing.


Winning the War Within (Overcoming Self-Pity)

In this weeks Message Pastor Travis talks to us about Overcoming Self-Pity. Self-Pity Definition: it is an emotion directed towards others with the goal of attracting attention empathy or help, and one in which the subject feels sorry for themselves or feels pity for themselves. If you want to be in the perfect will of Christ Jesus be thankful. He will open the doors that need to be opened and close the doors that need to be closed.


Winning the War Within (Overcoming Accusation)

In this weeks message Pastors Allison & Chris talk to us about what accusation is and how to overcome it. Accusation is seeking to rob you of your identity. Accusation wants to take what God says about you and wants to rip it away and give you back, This is what you really are. How we overcome accusation is knowing who we are in Christ Jesus. We need to bring back who we are in God and who we are as His. We need to know God and who He says He is.


Winning the War Within (Overcoming Bitterness)

In this weeks message Pastor Travis talks to us about Overcoming Bitterness and how we can do that in our lives and the healing it can bring if we do it properly and Biblically. It's not always easy to walk out our salvation and to grow in our faith and we're going to endure hardship but we are to do it as good soldiers. There are two dimensions to Bitterness, 1) What others have done to you and 2) What you have done to others .


Winning the War Within (Steps to Freedom)

In this weeks Message Pastor Allison talks to us about How to walk out the Steps to Freedom and what that looks like. When we walk out these steps to Freedom, We need to do it with humility. There are 8 R's that make it easier to understand how to walk out the Steps to Freedom, The are really like a walking out of the process of Sanctification. These are the 8 R's Recognize, Responsibility, Repent, Renounce, Remove, Rejoice, Replace, Restore.


Winning the War Within (Overcoming Passivity and Procrastination)

In this weeks Message Pastor Peter talks to us about Passivity and Procrastination and ways to overcome them. There are two types of lies projected lies and the other is survival lies. Projected lies are the lies that people speak to you, or over you and project them on to you. you can choose whether or not you will receive those lies. Survival lies are lies that we tell our self, they are things that we believe about our self. We create these lies as coping mechanisms so that's why we...


Winning the War Within (Understanding & Conquering The Battlefield)

In this weeks message Pastors Chris & Allison talk to us about (Understanding and Conquering the Battlefield) We are not Fighting or ( arguing ) with people, Our battle is not against our spouse, neighbors, kids, friends, or Pastors. Eph: 6:11-12. 11) Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12) For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age,...


Winning the War Within (Rooted in Love)

In this weeks message Pastor Travis and Camilla share a message with us about being Rooted in Love. God is Love If you have not experienced Gods perfect Love, don't be hard on yourself but get excited that means there is more to come. We are supposed to love God, we are supposed to love ourselves, and we are supposed to love others.


Winning the War Within (Know Your Design)

In this weeks message Pastor Travis talks to us about Winning the war within (Know your Design). Its important that we understand our design because the enemy understands your design, and if we do not understand our design the enemy can take advantage of us and he can move us off the path and plan that God has for us.


Pentecost 2021-The Power of Covenant

We apologize for the difficulty with the sound this week. We were outside and it was windy. We are working to resolve these issues. Thank you very much for listening and for your understanding. In this weeks Pentecost Sunday message Pastor Travis talks to us about the Power of Covenant. Covenant means : A written agreement or a promise usually under seal with two or more parties, especially in performing an action, for example Marriage.


The Threefold Test of Faith

In this weeks message Pastor Travis Talks to us about how God is calling us to move forward in the light and not into darkness God wants us to walk out the righteousness that He has imparted into us. We are a Three part being Spirit, Body & Soul Show love with acts of kindness.


Our Mother's Day Message

In this weeks Message Pastors Anita Fox & Paulette Kinmond share time with us for our Mother's Day Message. Pastor Anita : God does not save us from destruction and then ask us to go somewhere where we will be destroyed. When we have things in our lives we need to get rid of we can make space and experience freedom and we are able to fill it with what God has for us. Psalm 103:12 Pastor Paulette: God has called us into different servanthood activities, He has created each of us for such a...


Adjusting Your Lens

In this weeks Message Pastor Travis is talking to us about adjusting our lens, Saying God we need eyes to see you more clearly than we have ever seen you before. Please excuse the audio this time as it was recorded outside and unfortunately it started raining.