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Daily Mass Readings and homilies from Balally Parish, Dublin, Ireland.

Daily Mass Readings and homilies from Balally Parish, Dublin, Ireland.




Daily Mass Readings and homilies from Balally Parish, Dublin, Ireland.








Readings and Homily: Friday, 11th December 2020

Matthew 11.16-19 Jesus contrasts peoples’ attitude to John the Baptist and attitude to himself.


Readings and Homily: Friday, 4th December 2020

Many spiritually dead people walk our streets today. We pray that the Christmas child may rekindle their spiritual life.


Readings And Homily: 29th November 2020

A great monastery had diminished. A Rabbi used a cell, close by the monastery, his presence was detected by the monks. The Abbott seeked out his advice. People had lost faith in God; what were they to do? His advice: the Messiah is one of the monks. The monks behaviour towards each other changed; one […]


Readings and Homily: Friday, 27th November 2020

Feast of St. Fergal / Virgilius from Co. Meath who became Bishop of Salzburg, Austria (c. 774) A noted mathematician and astronomer who believed the world was round. St. Luke c.21. Jesus said “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”


Remembering Our Dead: Alive In Christ

Brendan gave us a beautiful reflection on how we should remember those that have died, at the end of today’s Eucharist. Hear his reflection once more and bring your loved ones closer to your heart and the heart of Jesus; “Everyone loves to be remembered. But if we want to be remembered, we have a […]


Readings And Homily: 22nd November 2020

We are a ‘Christ-Centred’ people. We remember the tweleve members of the Noamh Olaf’s GAA club who died in the past year. This club is a beacon of Hope for all, particularly young people; it has a strong ethic of support and care for people.


Readings And Homily: 21st November 2020

Father Emmett invites us to explore the differences between ‘real’ Christian behaivour and ‘fake’ Christian behaviour. The King of the Universe, Jesus Christ, will judge me on the ‘real’ love I have demonstrated. Model yourself on Jesus. This week, reach out to someone, with your love, with the love of Jesus, present in you.


Readings And Homily: 20th November 2020

Father Padraig assuers us that life will never be conquered by death. Jesus will always have the last word. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty


Readings and Homily: Friday, 20th November 2020

God said “My Temple will be called a house of prayer. But you have turned it into a den of thieves”!”


Readings and Homily: 15th November 2020

Father Padraig explains that the third servant can be viewed as a ‘whistleblower’ who did not want to be drawn into a life of criminality. He suffered for his honesty. But his action was right and he will be rewarded by his ultimate master, God.


Readings and Homily: Friday, 13th November 2020

“In the Autumn of our lives, we will be judged on the love we have shown.”


Readings and Homily: Friday, 6th November 2020

The Feast of all the Saints of Ireland, our ancestors who kept alive a deep Celtic spirituality and passed on to us the gifts of Faith, Hope and Love which inspire us still today.


Readings And Homily: 31st October 2020

Father Emmett explains that all of us are called to be a shining light, a beacon of Hope, in the world, no matter what ‘stained glass’ colour of light we individually transmit. He asks us to pray for the a beatitude, a gift from God that will help us to lead a truly happy life, […]


Readings and Homily: Friday, 30th October 2020

Jesus did not hesitate to cure sick people on the Sabbath, knowing he was being judged by the self-righteous Pharisees and lawyers. We should be slow to judge others.


Readings and Homily: 25th October 2020

Father Dermot states that the system of Direct Provision, in Ireland, is shameful. Thankfully there has been a commitment given to correct this situation by 2023. Everyone we come across is our neighbour, including all persons that have come to the country we call our own. May we hear the words of Jesus Christ anew, […]


Readings and Homily: 24th October 2020

Readings and Homily: 24th October 2020 Father John Delany tells us a wee bit about himself. He also explains that a person who lives according to a multitude of prescribed rules, for the sake of the rules, themselves, is in danger losing touch with the purpose and the meaning of the rules. Father John finishes […]


Readings and Homily: Friday 23rd October 2020

Bear with one another in complete charity. Become aware of the good way of life, how life should be lived, for you are all members of the one body, one spirit, and you are never truly alone.


Readings and Homily: 18th October 2020

Father Dermot identifies our current, need to ‘go out’ and meet people. The Church’s mission is to bring all people to Jesus Christ. Currently, the world is seeing a very unique desire for solidarity in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. However, will this desire be realised? The world is at a crossroads; will we return to […]


Readings and Homily: 17th October 2020

Father Paul Ludden encourages us all to help bring about God’s Kingdom on earth through leading people to Jesus Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit.


Readings and Homily: Friday, 16th October 2020

“Do not be afraid; you are worth much more than many sparrows”. Jesus tells us there is nothing to fear if we trust in God and live by His words.