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Sunday 21/02/2021



Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 21st January 2021

This Sunday – Overtures and what it takes to say a Word, the Trinity, Stephen King’s Gunslinger, knowing you’re loved and remembering the face of your Father. All this and more from the first few verses of John. Hope to see you there.


Sunday 14/02/2021



Sunday 07/02/2020



Sunday 31/01/2021



Sunday 24/01/2021



Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 17th January 2021

Today's is the last of three services led by the Moderator, Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 10th January 2021

Morning folks. This is the second of three services led by the Moderator, Rev Martin Fair. With the feast of the Epiphany just past, we're thinking about the Wise Men and their finding Jesus in the most unlikely of places.


Service by Moderator, Rt Rev Martin Fair - Sunday 3rd January 2021

This year's Moderator, Martin Fair, is kindly providing three online services for use throughout the Church of Scotland at the turn of the year. This is the first.


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 27th December 2020

A lighter bite this morning on our last service of 2020. A few tasty story morsels to enjoy. Happy New Year!


Belhelvie Church - Watchnight Service 2020

Thank you for tuning in to our Watchnight service.


Belhelvie Church - Community Carol Service

Such a shame we can't be together in the leisure centre as usual, but here's a wee service in the same spirit. Hope you enjoy it! Every blessing for Christmas and the New Year! Paul


Belhelvie Church Nativity Service - Sunday 20th December 2020

Welcome to our Nativity Service. We hope you enjoy it! We're also thinking about the O Antiphon 'O Oriens' this morning - where Christ is anticipated as the Morning Star. What were the prophets getting at when they made that connection? Watch on to find out. Special guest appearances by Emperor Boris Augustus, several sheep, a LITERAL baby in a manger (thanks Lauchlan!), some dubiously/fantastically costumed 'wise' men, dancing angels, staring shepherds, a Potterton Mary and Joseph and a...


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 13th December 2020 - Advent 3

This Sunday’s Antiphon is ‘O Clavis’ – thinking of Jesus as the Key. What does he set us free from? What does he set us free for? This morning we’re looking at the big picture – Christ’s liberation of humankind - but also bringing it down to the level of everyday life: what do we need ‘freed’ from and how do we live well in the world?


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 6th December 2020 - Advent 2

This Sunday we’re thinking about the antiphon ‘O Radix’ – which means the Root. Christ was the new shoot from the family line of David and his father Jesse, and sprung up at a time when Israel really lacked hope. Are there new shoots appearing in your life at this time, or do you wish that there could be? If so, today’s service has something in it for you.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 29th November 2020 -Advent 1

This morning is the First Sunday in Advent and over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at some ancient prayer hymns called the ‘O Antiphons’. Each one is lifted from an Old Testament allusion to the coming Messiah – the King, the Key, the Light, Wisdom and so on. The Old Testament prophets didn’t know the name of the one who was to come, but they knew the character they longed to see in the Messiah. On the other side of the first Christmas we are blessed to know his name! Jesus,...


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 22nd November 2020

What do Billy Bailey’s dancing, Hermine’s Jelly Cake, Niagara Falls, a newborn baby and 9/11 have in common? I’m not telling you. You’re just going to have to tune in to our Sunday service to find out…..


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 15th November 2020

The writer Anne Lamott says that all her praying can be summed up in three words – ‘Help, Thanks and Wow!’. Today we’re thinking about thankfulness. Sometimes it comes naturally, sometimes (like now?) we have to look hard and dig deep to find things to be thankful for. Wherever you’re at just now – we’d love you to join us for worship this morning, trusting that the God who is with us will draw near to us as we draw near to him. With Kids – Craft idea – Make...


Belhelvie Church Remembrance Day Service - Sunday 8th November 2020

Today we begin with a short Act of Remembrance which we worked on with the local Scout groups and our thanks to the leaders and the young people for pulling this together so effectively. This includes the reading of names on the war memorial and the two minutes silence. Our Remembrance Service follows and we're reflecting on four real-life experiences of war from the perspectives of a child, a young bride left at home, a veteran and a nurse serving in a field hospital. The common thread that...


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 1st November 2020

Today we're looking at Psalm 40; prayer; asking for help and why it's hard; why the help we want isn't always the help we need and why God's surprisingly ambivalent about the whole sacrifice thing but is passionate about being in relationship with us. Plus a bit of U2 thrown in for good measure.