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Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 13th June 2021

A good gift says something about the heart of the giver. This is why fridge doors across the world are covered with substandard kids’ artwork (‘this is for you, mum!’) and why the gifts that mean most to us are often not the most valuable ones! Gifts are about relationships and the most valuable thing a person can give anyone else is themselves. That’s what marriage, parenthood, friendship and service are all about. In John 3:16, Jesus tells us that God gave the world his only Son. That...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 6th June 2021

This Sunday is our annual Elders' service and is led by Carole Winter and Ian and Elizabeth Mackenzie. We also farewell one of our longstanding members Margaret Murison after 61 years living in our parish.


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 30th May 2021

“For God so loved the world….” Jesus says in John 3:16 – the most famous verse in all the Bible. But do we really believe him? Many of us were brought up to think that God only loves the ‘good people’ (whoever they are), or ‘folk like us’, or the ones who are consciously trying to live in step with him. Jesus pushes us beyond that this morning. He reminds us that it’s the WORLD, not a narrow section of it, which is the object of God’s love. And whatever God has to say to us about how...


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 23rd May 2021

This is normally the time of year we start digging out, or buying, sunglasses. According to John 3 there’s another essential piece of eye-wear we need to get our hands on - God goggles. A way of viewing the world, others and ourselves from God’s perspective, not merely our own. “No-one can see the Kingdom unless they are born from above” Jesus tells Nicodemus in John chapter 3. In other words, if you want to get in on what God’s doing, you’re going to need to get yourself some God...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 16th May 2021

Psalms that talk about enemies, and the need to be delivered from them can leave us a feeling a bit disengaged. Life’s not like that for most of us. But fear, anxiety, despair, illness and guilt are enemies too – things that can have the power to overtake and stifle our lives. How does God help us when those things cast a shadow on our hearts? Psalm 59 tell us.


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 9th May 2021 - Christian Aid Sunday

This morning marks the start of Christian Aid week. We’ve all had a difficult year because of the pandemic, but we’re only now beginning to see how much more difficult it is in countries which aren’t blessed with the kind of infrastructure we have in the United Kingdom. Why should we care and why should we help? The simple answer is that as Christians we’re called to bless the world with the same love we’ve been loved with – God’s agape (unconditional) love. This kind of love is about the...


Belhelvie Church - Sunday 2nd May 2021

Whether we believe or not, all of us will have an ‘image’ of Jesus in our mind. What are those images actually based on? Do they take full account of his humanity as well as his divinity? In today’s story, from John chapter 2, we see what happens when God goes to a wedding. Spoiler alert – it’s both very human and very divine.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 25th April 2021

Today’s reading from John’s gospel takes us into the world of our assumptions – the views and attitudes we hold without ever questioning them. “If we assume, we don’t have to get into the messy business of finding out the truth because we think we already know it. If we assume, we don’t have to ask or listen, or have our assumptions challenged because we think we already understand perfectly well. Just like Nathanael knew perfectly well there was *no way* the Messiah could come from...


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 18th April 2021

What do you want?" Jesus asks two of John's disciples who start following him one afternoon. On the surface, it's an ordinary question that led to an afternoon of conversation. Looking deeper, it's a profound question that asks us what we're really looking for in life. Love, security, happiness, purpose, and relationships are all good things in and of themselves, but when we make the pursuit of those things our prime goal it's easy to go wrong. Jesus offers us a different pathway - he says...


Belhelvie Church - Moderator's Service April 11th 2021

Paul's on holiday this weekend, so we hope you enjoy this alternative service curated by this year's Moderator, Rev Dr Martin Fair.


Belhelvie Church Easter Sunday Service - 4th April 2021

Hallelujiah! Christ is risen! Welcome to our Easter Sunday service where we’ll be thinking about what God likes to do on the first day of the week, what it means that the tomb was empty and why Mary wasn’t far off the mark when she mistook Jesus for a gardener. We’ll also be looking at some snaps folk have sent in that show new life in our own parish. Hope you can join us, and Happy Easter! For kids – A couple of songs and some craft activities from the ever fabulous Fischy...


Belhelvie Church - Good Friday Service 2nd April 2021

We know what glory looks like. It looks like shining, power and triumph. How then, can Christ call the cross his 'glorification' in John's gospel. What kind of strange glory is this?


Sunday 27/03/2021



Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 28th March 2021 - Palm Sunday

So it’s Palm Sunday and after the tickertape parade ‘gentle Jesus meek and mild’ throws over the moneychangers’ tables and drives the animals sold for sacrifice out of the Temple Courts. Why was he so angry, and what was he trying to say?


Sunday 21/03/2021



Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 21st March 2021

Many of us had big plans keep busy and active in lockdown. I wonder how many of your goals you managed to achieve over the last year? Yet because this has been such a long stretch, a more important question is how lockdown has affected how you are and who you’re becoming in these challenging times. Today’s reading in John (John 1:10-18) is about change; and the change that Jesus offers us is one that is never forced upon us, but one that we have to choose. It’s in opening our lives to him...


Sunday 14/03/2021



Belhelvie Church - Sunday 14th March 2021

You’re not called to live anyone else’s story. You’re called to let the light shine through YOU – your personality, your character – to God’s glory. John the Baptist, Isaac Newton, a famous album cover and a few signposts are pointing the way this Sunday as we continue our studies in John's gospel.


Belhelvie Church Service - Sunday 7th March 2021

We know the score here in the North East – 3 days of sun and then the haar rolls in! We love the sunlight when it come, and we miss it when the clouds get in the way. John tells us that light came into the world in Christ – and today we’re thinking about what that actually means. What does Christ do for us as light, and how can we get in on it? For Kids – Jesus as the light of the world


Sunday 28/02/2021