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love and lift all you’ve been given // Catholic media created with you in mind, Bible study spinach that taste like cake. What’s an “evangelista”? Find out at

love and lift all you’ve been given // Catholic media created with you in mind, Bible study spinach that taste like cake. What’s an “evangelista”? Find out at


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love and lift all you’ve been given // Catholic media created with you in mind, Bible study spinach that taste like cake. What’s an “evangelista”? Find out at




01_Are We at the End?

Yes, we are at the end. But not the end, end. There are still quite a few events that Scripture tells us about that have not yet occurred. But we are closer than ever before, as for the first time in history there is a global economic system coming online early this year, and because of Covid nations are cooperating in ways they never have before. But before the end, some glorious things will happen too. Thank you to my newest Friends of the Show, Mark R; Michele F; Connie E; and Diane F;...


07_O Emmanuel, The O Antiphons

The vowels necessary to pronounce the sacred Name of God, revealed to Moses in the burning bush, are found again in the Hebrew name of Jesus, Emmanuel, with the addition of the consonants from the verb “to save.” "In this way, while the Name of God is so holy, mysterious, and pure that it cannot be pronounced by a human mouth, the addition of Christ’s divine will to save mankind “translates,” that is, transfers, the sanctity of God to our level as creatures and at last makes it possible for...


06_ O King of Nations, The O Antiphons

"In a word, the kingdom of God is the manifestation and the realization of God’s plan of salvation in all its fullness. The kingdom of God is not a concept, a doctrine, or a program subject to free interpretation, but is before all else a person with the face and name of Jesus of Nazareth, the image of the invisible God" (Redemptoris Missio, 15, 23). The kingdom you live for is the kingdom you're building. The kingdom you're building is the kingdom you experience. If you're not experiencing...


05_O Radiant Dawn, The O Antiphons

O Oriens: O Radiant Dawn. What does it mean that Jesus is the Sunrise? O Radiant Dawn, splendor of eternal light, sun of justice: come, shine on those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death. Isaiah prophesied, "The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shown" (Isaiah 9:1). Thank you to my newest Friends of the Show, Michele VW; Theresa VP; Jake T; and Elizabeth B, for loving and lifting me! Friends of the Show get...


04_O Key of David, The O Antiphons

Warning! This show is so hot it about burned down my office! O Clavis David: O Key of David, O royal Power of Israel controlling at your will the gate of Heaven: Come, break down the prison walls of death for those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death; and lead your captive people into freedom. Isaiah prophesied, "I will place the Key of the House of David on His shoulder; when he opens, no one will shut, when he shuts, no one will open" (Isaiah 22:22); and "His dominion is vast and...


03_O Root of Jesse, The O Antiphons

O Radix Jesse: O Flower of Jesse's stem, you have been raised up as a sign for all peoples; kings stand silent in your presence; the nations bow down in worship before you. Come, let nothing keep you from coming to our aid. Isaiah had prophesied, But a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse, and from his roots a bud shall blossom. (Isaiah 11:1), and A On that day, the root of Jesse, set up as a signal for the nations, the Gentiles shall seek out, for his dwelling shall be glorious....


02_O Adonai, The O Antiphons

O Adonai: O sacred Lord of ancient Israel, who showed yourself to Moses in the burning bush, who gave him the holy Law on Sinai mountain: come, stretch out your mighty hand to set us free. Isaiah prophesied, "But He shall judge the poor with justice, and decide aright for the lands afflicted. He shall strike the ruthless with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked. Justice shall be the band around his waist, and faithfulness a belt upon his hips"...


01_O Wisdom, The O Antiphons

Wisdom is the first and highest gift of the Holy Spirit. It makes the soul responsive to God in the contemplation of divine things. Where faith is a simple knowledge of the articles of Christian belief, wisdom goes on to a certain divine penetration of the truths themselves. Built into wisdom is the element of love, which inspires contemplative reflection on these divine mysteries, rejoices dwelling on them, and directs the mind to judge all things according to their principles (Catholic...


Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage

Join me, Christopher West, Scott Hahn, Edward Sri, Fr. Calloway, Fr. Larry Richards, Fr. Patalinghug, Fr. Pacwa, Jason Evert, Fr. Spitzer, Ralph Martin, Sisters of the Immaculata, Christine Wood, and a slew of other top-notch Catholic speakers for the The Spiritual Rosary Pilgrimage, FREE ONLINE event starting this week of the Feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary and finishing on the 7th of October, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary! Join over 50000 pilgrims ready to celebrate...


08_Care for Creation

“On this earth there is room for everyone: here the entire human family must find the resources to live with dignity, through the help of nature itself—God’s gift to his children—and through hard work and creativity. At the same time we must recognize our grave duty to hand the earth on to future generations in such a condition that they too can worthily inhabit it and continue to cultivate it.” —Pope Benedict XVI, Charity in Truth (Caritas in Veritate), no. 50 Friends of the Show get all...


Exalted Book Club, Wk 4

Someone asked a question that I forgot to answer Tuesday. I can't find the email with the page number on it, but it was a sentence in the book that said something like, "our spiritual descendants, the Israelites, Mary, and the apostles..." Obviously they can't be our descendants since they came first! That's a typo that neither I, nor any of the editors that went over the manuscript, caught. So sorry! Friends of the Show get all Premium Content! Thank you to my newest Friends of the Show:...



This highly detailed image of the Crab Nebula combines data from telescopes spanning nearly the entire breadth of the electromagnetic spectrum. The picture includes data from five different telescopes: the Spitzer Space Telescope (infrared) in yellow; the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (radio) in red; Hubble Space Telescope (visible) in green; XMM-Newton (ultraviolet) in blue; and Chandra X-ray Observatory (X-ray) in purple. Notice that the green color is all we can (could) see with our own...


06_Dignity of Work & the Rights of Workers

For us as believers the dignity of work comes out of the whole theology of creation. Work is part of human dignity and written in natural law. As the parables of the talents and vineyard illustrate, every human being is created and gifted with special privileges - physical privileges, spiritual privileges, mental privileges, economic privileges, social privileges - precisely in order to use and work in them as God's hands and feet on behalf of others, to make the world a more just and loving...


05_Option for the Poor

A basic moral test is how our most vulnerable members are faring. In a society marred by deepening divisions between rich and poor, our tradition recalls the story of the Last Judgment (Mt 25:31-46) and instructs us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first. “The poor not only suffer injustice, they also struggle against it! . . . [Solidarity] means that the lives of all take priority over the appropriation of goods by a few. It also means fighting against the structural causes of...


04_Responsibilities & Rights

"In human society one man’s natural right gives rise to a corresponding duty in other men; the duty, that is, of recognizing and respecting that right. Every basic human right draws its authoritative force from the natural law, which confers it and attaches to it its respective duty. Hence, to claim one’s rights and ignore one’s duties, or only half fulfill them, is like building a house with one hand and tearing it down with the other.” —St. John XXIII, Peace on Earth (Pacem in Terris), no....


03_Call to Family, Community, & Participation

The person is not only sacred but also social. "We have all known the long loneliness, and we have learned that the only solution is love, and that love comes with community" (Servant of God, Dorothy Day). How we organize our society -- in economics and politics, in law and policy -- directly affects human dignity and the capacity of individuals to grow in community. Marriage and the family are the central social institutions that must be supported and strengthened, not undermined. “The...


02_Life & Dignity, The Seven Principles of Catholic Social Justice

"Human persons are willed by God: they are imprinted with God's image. Their dignity does not come from the work they do, but from the persons they are." -St. JPII Friends of the Show get all Premium Content! Thank you to my newest Friends of the Show: Gaylene M; Robyn K; Marie B; Sergio O; Jill H; and Roger M, for loving and lifting me! LOVE the Word® is a Bible study method based on Mary's own practice: lectio without the Latin. Get the book based on Sonja's method in the right margin, How...


01_The Seven Principles of Catholic Social Justice

One of the most unique and attractive beacons in the Catholic Church is her well-defined, carefully articulated, deeply-held, and concisely packaged body of social teachings, a body of doctrine with which, the bishops say, "far too many Catholics are not familiar." In fact, they add, "many Catholics do not adequately understand that the social teaching of the Church is an essential part of Catholic faith." Our times have made us hungry for guidance on how to live social justice with...


08_Anointing of the Sick, A Biblical Walk through the Sacraments

Like all the sacraments, holy anointing was instituted by Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry. “This sacred anointing of the sick was instituted by Christ our Lord as a true and proper sacrament of the New Testament. It is alluded to indeed by Mark, but is recommended to the faithful and promulgated by James the apostle and brother of the Lord” (CCC 1511; Mark 6:13; Jas. 5:14-15). The anointing of the sick conveys several graces and imparts gifts of strengthening in the Holy Spirit...


07_Marriage, A Biblical Walk through the Sacraments

The Bible begins and ends with marriage. "Scripture speaks throughout of marriage and its 'mystery,' its institution and the meaning God has given it, its origin and its end, its various realizations throughout the history of salvation, the difficulties arising from sin, and its renewal 'in the Lord' in the New Covenant of Christ and the Church. 'From a valid marriage arises a bond between the spouses which by its very nature is perpetual and exclusive; furthermore, in a Christian marriage...