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Saint Thomas Episcopal Church welcomes all seekers, searchers and doubters

Saint Thomas Episcopal Church welcomes all seekers, searchers and doubters


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Saint Thomas Episcopal Church welcomes all seekers, searchers and doubters






What Fretting Takes Away

The Psalmist cautions us against fretting about the intentions or actions of others in Psalm 37:1-12, 41-42. Fretting doesn’t just distract us from what’s important; it steals from us the energy we need to be part of the world around us. What are some of the tools that Christ has given us to let go of the need to fret and to turn ourselves outward in love once again?


To be Counted Amongst the Blessed

When Jesus gives his Sermon on the Plain in Luke 6:17-26, it is easy for us to retroactively interpret these blessings and woes so as to receive the former and evade the latter. But as we listen more intently to Jesus’s words and the very meaning of blessedness, we are all challenged to not presume a state of ease and comfort as we await the Kingdom of God. What does it mean to you to be blessed? Is it something that is earned, or is freely given? Something that is reserved for the few, or...


What Would You Leave Behind?

As we witness the beginning of Peter’s transformation from fisherman to disciple in Luke 5:1-11, we are called to put ourselves in Peter’s place to ask the question: If Jesus were to appear to us today, would we be willing to leave our lives as we know them behind? What would we lose? What would we gain? If you had to ask God for the strength to leave your world behind, both the good and the bad, what would that look like? In what ways may God have already prepared us for this challenge?


Facing Jesus as Truth-Teller

If Jesus is willing in Luke 4:21-30 to openly challenge his own hometown’s sense of comfort and belonging through the use of Scripture, what does that mean for all of us as we both struggle with our own sense of identity and witness God’s grace spilling outside all predefined boundaries of human community? If we were to listen, what would Jesus as truth-teller be telling us right now?


When We Are All Set Free

After Jesus reads from the prophet Isaiah in Luke 4:14-21 and declares the fulfillment of this Scripture, are we as surprised as his fellow Nazarenes to hear this Good News? What are some of the ways in which the poor, the blind and the oppressed, in body and in spirit, still feel excluded from the continual Jubilee to which Jesus has invited us all? How can we re-extend that invitation to renewal?


You Are Invited to a Banquet of Abundant Love

As we can clearly hear the words of a mother dutifully directing her son to save a wedding celebration in John 2:1-11, you are called to bear witness to the extravagance of joy, hope and love that Jesus pours out for all of us. What is Jesus directing us to do in response?


Is God Audible Amidst the Ordinary?

As we celebrate the baptism of Jesus in Luke 3:15-17, 21-22, we long for signs from God that are as direct and as powerful. You are asked to examine more closely some of the truly most miraculous aspects of Jesus’s baptism, and to explore how God may be trying to connect with and speak to you in your everyday life.


Our Epiphanies: Discovering Christ Amongst Us

In our celebration of the Epiphany, as captured in Matthew 2:1-12, you are invited to reflect upon just how powerful a force it must have been that pulled three Magi to travel to, worship and bestow gifts upon a child they had never met. And you are challenged to ask yourself what epiphanies are happening in and around you that are calling you to see God made manifest in Christ Jesus. As an exercise for you, pick a word that speaks to you and that centers you in Christ. Choose to meditate...