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Calvary Bible Church is a small church from Greig, NY. We are a bible believing, King James Version only church. Pastor Jim Jenkins has been the pastor here for 33 years. Feel free to e-mail us at We would love to hear from you.

Calvary Bible Church is a small church from Greig, NY. We are a bible believing, King James Version only church. Pastor Jim Jenkins has been the pastor here for 33 years. Feel free to e-mail us at We would love to hear from you.


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Calvary Bible Church is a small church from Greig, NY. We are a bible believing, King James Version only church. Pastor Jim Jenkins has been the pastor here for 33 years. Feel free to e-mail us at We would love to hear from you.






Be Thou My Vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish. He that keepeth the law, happy is he. When a child of God or the church which he is a part, adheres to the Word of God, the vision is there. God continuously grants us the light to show us where we are supposed to be. It is not the pastor's job to cast a vision for the church. Pastor's are called to be under shepherds. He's supposed to preach the word. Are you making yourself available to God for Him to show you His vision? Pastors are held to a...



Evangelism: The act of sharing the Gospel with someone, assisting them in seeing themselves as a sinner against God and a soul who can be saved, telling them what God did to provide for their salvation, and leading them to join themselves, once saved, to a local Bible believing church. The method of sharing the Gospel is not evangelism. The sharing of the Gospel is evangelism. The foundation of everything is based on one thing, the Bible. It's okay to be like a child, just don't be childish....


God of All

If God is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all. Four instances where the phrase God of all is used. The first two are in Jeremiah. Judah had fallen captive to Babylon. Jeremiah was in prison. God made a promise that His judgment against Judah was not permanent.


Going Through the Demolition

God has a perfect view of us in mind, where He's growing us. We will be changed in a twinkling of an eye, to be just like Him. As He allows us to see glimpses of Himself, as He is, in the word of God, He grows in minute details, to be a little more like His image. He is eternal. These days that we're living in are not the best ones in human history. But we are still here. We are remnant. We are still living in the New Testament age. We are living in the last days of the New Testament church....


The First Cry From the Cross

Things that God spoke into existence, is in higher and higher order. In spite of the fact that we have sinned against Him, and hated Him, the more His love for us is magnified and how intricate that is. The only way to see that love is to recognize our sin. We can be completely immersed in His love. There is no way to describe the expanse of His love for us. Jesus was in His death, exactly how He was in His life. Before time began, Jesus knew that all this was going to happen. When He came,...


Love Lifted Me

Grace Bailey sings "Love Lifted Me" for special music Sunday morning at Calvary Bible Church.


To Be Known as We're Known

God created us with a plan. He knew every day before the first day started. We are not going to know Him the way He knows us. If they do not believe and listen to what God said through Moses through the law, they can have a person come back from the dead and it wouldn't matter to them. Ungodly people look at God of one of two things, a Santa Claus or genie in a bottle, OR a big meany who hurts people. But the reality is that God is the one true God who loves us and gives us what we need. We...


Three Little Words

Valentine's day. I love you are the words that Jesus has spoken to us. He desires that we say that to one another. We should say them to Him. No one took the life of Jesus from Him, He chose to be sacrificed so that we can be saved. God will save us by grace by His son's blood. I love you is not the only set of three little words that we are looking at today. The second set is, "In the Beginning". GOd is the prehistoric one. He was around before the world existed. He did not come into being...


Going to Law School

Paul was an eye witness to the risen Christ. He encountered Jesus in the form of a brilliant, blinding light. He ask who it was and Jesus responded. There is a difference between unsaved and lost. Everyone is born unsaved. Lost is when you recognize it. When the Holy Spirit of God, speaks to our hearts, then we are given the gift of being lost. That is when something can happen. Many people do not know that they're "lame" and if they do, they don't know why.


The Same God

What Paul does, is show that Jesus' earthly ministry is still relevant today. He's the same God today as He was in the Old Testament. He doesn't do the same things like telling people to build an ark, or march around Jericho. Jesus took the feast of the Passover and applied it to the new covenant.


The Good Shepherd

Our expectations are not going to be fulfilled every time. When we have a temptation to walk up to someone and say, "If you only knew how angry or how much you frustrate me." ... what we really should be said, "Oh do you show me how self centered I am." What we're doing is plugging into them and that shouldn't be our source of power. We have wonder working power, we should plug into Him. He is the one that does meet our every expectation. Jesus has drawn a line that separates THE Shepherd...


Power in the Blood

Samuel Bailey sings "Power in the Blood" for special music Sunday morning at Calvary Bible Church.


False Gods

It is a comparison. If our love for God is the "white tissue" and we hold it up to our family, it should be black. Our love for God is should be incomparable. God is sovereign, He is in control. There are things that He does that we will never understand. And that's ok. They were playing "whack a mole" with the false gods. Every new one that would pop up, they would worship them. God, rightfully so, was sick of it. Zechariah 14:2 references what happens when we honor false gods rather than...



In 1945, Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met on this day to plan the final phase of WW2. Where there is to be a victory, there needs to be a planning session. Christians can gather many men for wisdom, but if God is not head of the table in that War Room, there will be folly. Not having a vision causes the people to perish. For peace and rest as a Christian, it all comes back to the word of God. God, His Word, and the Holy Spirit are involved in our day to day lives. As we plan for success...


Finishing of Acts 2

Jesus did many miracles, especially on the Sabbath to show that God put his seal of approval on His son. God's blessing was on the ministry of Jesus and also on the founders of the New Testament Church. We don't have present day gifts of as old (tongues, healing, etc) ... God does heal people, but it's not a gift. The word of God is our final authority, we don't need apostles anymore. Death could not hold Jesus captive. Repentance is as much as turning away from sin as it is to turning...


The Straighter the Path, the Greater the Peace

We have a God who has given us something to do. The straighter the path, the greater the peace. It takes the spirit, not a grater. We as the soldiers in the Army of God, whenever there is a road in poor condition, it needs to be fixed. If we trust God with all our hearts and not lean on our own understanding, He will make the road straight. John the Baptist preached repentance under righteousness. God even guides us with His eye. It is through His word. The holy spirit will make the word...


Mars Hill

Paul was such an ardent preacher of the gospel, nothing was stopping him. This was a special time in history where the Greeks were invited to become a part of the vine. The will of God is not conducted using the means and methods of our advisory. God is using us turn the world back upright but we will be accused of turning it upside down. Their superstition made them follow blindly any god that they could. They had left someone out, so they made him a place. The Bible is the owner's manual...



It's a whole different ballgame when a religious person needs to be saved. When you think you're ok because you were born into a family that goes to church each week and you participate in all the church activities, you sometimes think that you think you saved but you're not. We come to stand in the grace of God the moment we are born. Once we have access to His grace freely in Him, it's always enough. We have a glorified body that we can be looking forward to and we can rejoice in that...


Call Upon the Name of the Lord

There are no apostles on earth today. Vomit of the soul. When we vomit, our body senses something in our system that it needs to get rid of. It's unpleasant. So is sin. We have to go through these things to get rid of sin so to speak. It's violent and intrusive. When God's holy spirit speaks to our soul and shows us the sin that we've embraced, He allows our bodies to get so sick of that, that when we are finally heartbroken because of our sin, we don't want that in there anymore. We come to...


The First Command

No matter should befall us, God has a purpose and a plan for it. We should be comforted by this. Nothing allowed by God is intended to destroy us. The devil is only an errand boy that is serving the will and purpose of God. The first command (not commandment) in scripture is, "Let there be light." in Genesis 1:3 ... this is the first command recorded in scripture. Water was actually created before that. We know that the holy trinity was all involved from the very beginning. Before the...