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Engaging reflections with motivational messages of faith from a Catholic viewpoint, for those with little or no faith, or those seeking spiritual growth from a faith foundation. Clear, concise, understandable commentary.

Engaging reflections with motivational messages of faith from a Catholic viewpoint, for those with little or no faith, or those seeking spiritual growth from a faith foundation. Clear, concise, understandable commentary.


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Engaging reflections with motivational messages of faith from a Catholic viewpoint, for those with little or no faith, or those seeking spiritual growth from a faith foundation. Clear, concise, understandable commentary.




Lord, We are Perishing! (Podcast, 057, OGW)

Where is God in the midst of this pandemic? Did he cause the Coronavirus to punish us? Why doesn't he stop this and save us? These are good questions and today I talk about the one reason God is allowing us to go through this. Be sure to check it out in today's edition of Opening God's Word! I also invite you to check out my blog at for more inspirational and informative discussions. I hope you have a blessed day in God's Word! Janet Cassidy...


Pepperoni Love

Do you love others like you love a pepperoni pizza, or do you practice a selfless love like Jesus did? What Jesus did for us, and what he asks us to do for each other, goes far beyond the way we think of love today. Today I look at how our seemingly ordinary acts of service can be transformed into acts of genuine, sacrificial love. I hope you have a blessed day in God's Word! Janet Cassidy


Step out of Line! (Cassidy Comments, Podcast 026)

Would you have the courage to "Step out of Line" if you were faced with an unbelievable decision? In today's episode of Cassidy Comments, I'll explain what I am referring to by "Step out of Line" as I tell the story of a holocaust survivor whose quick, life or death decision, impacted generations. It is a good opportunity for each of us to pause and consider the need to prepare ourselves now for whatever we may face as disciples of Christ. I hope you will tune in and find some inspiration...


Are you Carrying a Heavy Cross? (Podcast, OGW, 055)

Do you feel like you are bearing a cross that is simply too heavy to bear? Are you wondering where you can find some relief? I have a little story for you that I think goes well with today’s gospel reading from Luke (Chapter 9, Verse 23). I hope you will tune in to listen; it’s called The Cross Room. In today’s reading Jesus tells his disciples (and you and me), “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” I look at this as our Lenten...


Deathbed Forgiveness? (OGW, 054, Psalm 81)

What happens if someone, on their deathbed, asks for forgiveness for a lifetime of sin? What if they have been living without paying any attention to God? Should they be forgiven? In today’s podcast I reflect on Psalm 81 to answer those questions and to raise a few more . . . Are you burdened by past sins? Do you think whatever you have done is unforgivable? When we put all of this together, we see that God in his great wisdom has anticipated these questions, and our needs, and readily...


What are YOU Fussing About? (OGW, 053)

In today’s first reading from the Second Book of Samuel, David is doing a lot of fussing. He is living in a cedar house while God is traveling around under a tent of cloth. Listen in as we are told what God’s response is to all of this fuss David is making. What will happen after David is gone? And then ask yourself what you are fussing about that may be of your own doing, not of God? Tune in for another engaging scriptural reflection that just might have you asking, “What am I worrying...


Feeling Gloomy? (OGW, 052)

Do you ever feeling like you are living in a vacuum, where you are “walking in darkness” and gloom is casting a shadow over you? In today’s podcast I talk about Chapter 8-9 in the Old Testament Book of Isaiah which describes what happens to all of that darkness and gloom with the appearance of Jesus Christ. I hope you will visit me at for a little encouragement. Don’t forget to subscribe and share with a friend! Have a blessed day in God’s Word! Janet Cassidy...


Our Common Language (OGW, 051)

As I was writing out my Christmas cards this year, I was saddened by some of the people that are no longer with us. Flipping through the pages I see the address of an old friend from high school who died this year. Her name has been in my address book for years, but she passed away without our ever being able to reconnect. The names and addresses of beloved family members that I hold close to my heart, including special aunts and uncles, as well as long ago neighbors, bring back sacred...


Change, Who Me? (OGW, 050)

Today’s reading follows both the Baptism of Jesus (which we will celebrate January 12th) and the temptation of Jesus by the devil in the desert. In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 4, Jesus learns that John the Baptist has been arrested so Jesus goes to Galilee. He has left Nazareth and gone to live in Capernaum “by the sea.” Here’s what I want to focus on: Jesus takes up the words of John the Baptist when he says, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Of course, the kingdom is at...


New Beginnings (OGW, 049)

My reflection for today’s episode of Opening God’s Word gets its inspiration from the scripture reading for today—the prologue of the Gospel of John. We’re talking about beginnings! As you contemplate the past year and the one to come, I hope you will also be inspired by Psalm 96 to sing a new song to the Lord! Have a blessed day in God’s Word! Janet Cassidy


Do Not Love the World (OGW, 048)

Oh my! Is today’s reading from the First Letter of John really telling me I cannot love the world? Am I not allowed to love beautiful sunsets and sandy beaches? And what about my family? My family is in the world. Am I not supposed to love them either? In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word I clarify this passage by putting it into perspective as I consider the “enticements” this letter warns against and the importance of doing God’s will. After you have listened to this episode, I would...


Speaking Up (0GW, 047)

Merry Christmas! Are you afraid to speak up when you find yourself in a conversation with someone about faith? Do you feel that you don’t know enough? Are you afraid that you will look rather stupid? Are you concerned you might get into an argument? Do not be afraid! In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word I talk about the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 10, and how to find the courage to speak up! Please be sure to share this episode with a friend. Today’s topic is of concern to many of us...


Living in Exile, (OGW, 046)

In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word I talk about the hymn O Come O Come Emmanuel and the idea that we are living in exile from God! I hope this will give you a little “food for thought” as we inch our way ever closer to Christmas! Have a blessed day in God’s Word! Janet Cassidy


Uh oh ~ What are You Doing? (OGW, 045)

What will God find you doing when he comes again? That’s the question I explore today as we reflect on last Sunday’s reading from the Letter of James. I hope you will give this some serious thought because it can have a great impact on how we set our priorities and even the choices we make. Don’t forget to subscribe and share with a friend! I hope you have a blessed day in God’s Word. Janet Cassidy


Four Words from the Angel (OGW, 044)

In today’s gospel from Luke, Chapter 1, we hear four life-giving words from the Angel Gabriel. Words that we can cling to. Gabriel is very busy in the readings this week. In today’s reading he tells Zechariah that he and his wife Elizabeth are going to have a baby in their old age. As you might expect, this is quite surprising to Zechariah, but even more surprising is what happens to Zechariah after he gets the news! In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word you can find some encouragement...


Listen Carefully! (OGW, 043, Mt. 1)

Joseph had to listen carefully to the angel in his dream as Mary was betrothed to him and it was discovered that she was pregnant! What was Joseph to do? I’ll go over this passage today in the latest episode of Opening God’s Word and talk about Joseph’s response to Mary’s pregnancy. As we move through this 3rd week of Advent, I hope you are paying very close attention and anticipating the miraculous event coming next week – the birth of Christ! Don’t let yourself be distracted! Don’t let...


Making Lists (OGW, 042)

In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word we’re talking about lists! Opening to that first chapter of Matthew we find “The Genealogy of Jesus.” For many of us this might simply look like a list of names of unknown people, but that is not how it would have been initially received. Let’s talk about the significance of this list and make a relatable list of our own family history. I hope you are having a wonderful Advent and that you have been opening your mind and heart to the wonders of this...


Are You a Fence Sitter? (OGW, 041, Mt. 21)

In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word, I am encouraging you not to be a fence sitter. Maybe you have questions about the existence of God or faith in general; today’s scripture passage puts our questions (and our answers) into perspective. The leaders in the time of Jesus questioned his authority, and when he responded to their question with a question of his own, they got stuck. I want to be sure that you don’t get stuck. What questions do you struggle with that keep you sitting on the...


A Surprise Image of Mary (OGW, 040)

Surely the image on Juan Diego’s tilma must have surprised him! Because today is the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we are talking about Mary, the Mother of Jesus again! If you don’t know the story of Mary’s visitation to Juan Diego, be sure to check it out! The blessed Mother’s image on the tilma (a cloth) can still be seen in Mexico City at her shrine. A couple of things about Mary: She was 100% human. We honor her, we do not worship her. She is not a god. Mary is our mother, our...


Feeling Lost? (OGW, 039, Mt. 18)

Are you struggling with past sins? Have you rationalized your personal life so that you are comfortable and happy, even though you know it is not wholly aligned with God? Do you think you are a bad person, unworthy of forgiveness? Does God even care about YOU? In today’s episode of Opening God’s Word I talk about this and about the purpose of Christmas and the role of Jesus by using today’s reading from the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 18, about the Lost Sheep. If your feelings of guilt are...