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Our mission is to make and send disciples equipping them to become more like Christ and to see, champion, and bring forth the kingdom of God in every area of culture.

Our mission is to make and send disciples equipping them to become more like Christ and to see, champion, and bring forth the kingdom of God in every area of culture.
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Our mission is to make and send disciples equipping them to become more like Christ and to see, champion, and bring forth the kingdom of God in every area of culture.






Discipleship Pt.1: Defining Discipleship

In many of our local churches, we think of discipleship as sitting in a coffee shop with one other person talking about the Bible. But, is this true discipleship? What if we challenged you with a different idea of what it means to disciple others? In this podcast, we explore what discipleship means and what it looks like in our day-to-day lives. Join us to think through discipleship together.


Rule of Life

New year means new goals; intense workout plans, fad diets, or schedule changes make up the average American’s resolution list. This impulse to start fresh isn’t bad. The problem is that most of these resolutions don’t always stick, and more often than not they don’t really help our characters. This podcast explores creating A Rule of Life, or a rhythm of life that allows you to abide in Jesus and be formed by God’s Word and Spirit, instead of a classic resolution. We discuss what A Rule of...


What's Advent and why does it matter?

Advent is celebrated in churches around the world for centuries, but a lot of us have no idea why it’s actually important or what the consequences would be if didn’t have it. In this podcast, a new team on the Christian Formation podcast explores what Advent is, whether the church should observe Advent, practical ideas of how to observe Advent this Christmas season.


Why Church Membership?

Within the gospel story, we find our connection to God and connection to Gods people, the church. This week on the podcast, we will look at the role of membership in this communion to Christ, and what our commitments are as the church.


Empowering College Students

Providence Church is going to make a BIG move to The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) campus, which means a new opportunity for both college students and the church body. This podcast explores how the church can best care for students in this time and offers advice for college students during these critical character-forming years.


Vision 2019

The Christian Formation Podcast was birthed through some youthful angst and hopefully a dash of obedience to God’s guidance. In 2018 we decided to begin a process of discussing life and bible issues as a means to put good content in the ears of our church family. The youthful angst, you may ask, is the bit inside us that believes we have something to say that no one else is saying. Thoughts to solidify and put through the airwaves. Teaching to condense and download in our friends. The hope...


God's Heart for the Poor

There are countless things that my parents taught me while growing up. They taught me how to tie my shoes, my dad taught me how to drive a stick shift, and my mom at least attempted to teach me how to cook. Out of all those things, small to big, the one I am perhaps most grateful for is the way they taught me that serving the poor is part of being a Christian. They led by example and frequently served with our church in different ministries in the Denver area. It was evident, even without...


Stories of Practicing the Presence

The discipline of silence and solitude brings with it a mixture of emotions and perspectives. As a church within a church planting movement that prides itself on championing the gospel, it might seem as though we would be sacrificing too much in the pursuit of something like, “experiencing God.” Yet the testimony of the church throughout the ages and the example of Christ himself is that silence and solitude are not in conflict with the preaching of the gospel, but an integral part of the...


Scripture Memorization

If you would have asked me a year ago if I had any verses memorized, my response would have been anything but impressive. I probably could have rattled off John 3:16, if for no other reason than I’d seen it at sporting events so many times, but that was about the extent of my abilities. You can probably imagine my reaction then when I was asked if I would memorize Psalm 6, to be recited to the congregation on a Sunday morning. Naturally, I procrastinated until the week that I was to recite...


Stewarding Independence

I (Gabe) wanted to write an opinion piece that would pair well with our fourth of July week. There are many blogs I wanted to write. ('religious leanings of founding fathers,' 'the pagan history of fireworks,' 'how to be missional this fourth of July,' or something along those lines) But, I think the timely word for Christians this 4th of July week 2019 is to consider our concept of independence and reflect on how those concepts might be in line with or contradictory to the Bible.


Bangkok Update 2019

Greetings Providence Church family. It has been only about 6 months ago that we talked through some of our ideas and our heart to start a center next to Assumption University here in Bangkok. We started to see some interest among the international students on campus, then started a Bible study and thought – what if we were to have a center right next to the campus? It seemed like a good idea, and that God was opening doors, as there was a building for rent right next to the campus. But it...


Why Worship Nights?

Every month, our Church gathers to sing, pray, and read the Bible. We call these times Worship Nights, because we believe them to center our attention (our worship) on Christ. But recently I (Gabe) have been asking myself, what is the difference between a worship night and a Sunday morning church gathering? What, if any, is the difference between gathering on Sunday morning and gathering in someone’s house to do relatively the same thing? To compare these two is like comparing apples and...


Lewis: The Apologist

Lewis: The Apologist Polarizing, yet popular. CS Lewis has been read, quoted, debated and nuanced for the last half-century. Our previous post was devoted to giving background to Lewis and introducing one of his most famous works, Mere Christianity. But who was Lewis as an apologist? Apologetics is a defense of a certain set of beliefs. You can have apologetics for the effectiveness of CrossFit, a religion, a political ideology, or why the ’96 Huskers truly were the best college football...


C.S. Lewis — Mere Christianity

Some of CS Lewis’s most famous quotes reside in one of his most famous works: Mere Christianity. However, I must admit that while I skimmed through this book as a new Christian years ago, I have not read it since. Quoted from it, absolutely. Engaged with the actual work, not exactly. This January, I picked up Mere Christianity for a class I’m taking on its author, CS Lewis. I had as much familiarity with vaguely remembering of an argument about Jesus being liar, lunatic or Lord. Yet as I...


Faith & Work (A Brief Conversation)

If we have ever thought about how Christianity intersects with our career, we most likely have asked the question “How does God fit into my work?” For many of us, if we think about being a faithful Christian at work that most likely means we feel the pressure to evangelize. But what if there is a better understanding of the mission of God and our work? Instead of asking how God fits into our work, we want to reframe our thoughts to see how our work fits into the story and plan of God....


The Heart of Discipline

To be disciplined means to train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way. If I want to work out more, I must be disciplined. If I want to eat better, I must be disciplined. If I want to learn how to play the guitar, I must be disciplined. But will I achieve these things if I simply put my mind to the task? An important piece missing from the above definition is motivation. We like to think we can simply discipline ourselves to do anything, but I’ve been trying to learn...


Heart Issues

In an ever-polarized world, there is an internal polarization that we all feel to be true. While often our society is divided on issues of politics, race, gender and border control, there is a deeper division that we experience and share only with those closest to us. That is the division between our heart and our mind. It seems as though we are sent mixed messages between following our heart and following our mind. Regardless of your religious leanings, you are probably prone to place one...


Observing Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of the season of Lent. For many of us, this season may mean little more than faint memories of noticing some coworkers walk around with dirt on their foreheads, going to fish fry’s on Fridays, or seeing the sanctuary draped in purple for a few Sundays. However, the season of Lent is not merely a ritual of the traditional churches we once attended, but a historical practice of the Christian Church for almost 2,000 years. Therefore, we want to...


Who You Truly Are

This week we consider how our identity informs how we live.


Serving Immigrants & Refugees

Shane and I both grew up in the church and were blessed to feel the need for Christ early in our lives. Shane had a more devout idea of his life calling than I did as a child. He saw himself building houses in Africa, while I wanted to be single and run a farm for displaced cheetahs. Nothing against cheetah farmers, but God has since given us a calling as a couple, and now as a family, to invest in a population close to His heart: immigrants and refugees. There is a strong and clear biblical...