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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.


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Church with Jesse Lee Peterson streams live via YouTube on Sundays 11am PT from Jesse's nonprofit organization, BOND ( Edited audio podcasts (and video) go up Friday evenings.








Are You the Sum of All Your Highs and Lows? (Church 2/16/20)

Church 2/16/20: A 15-year-old and his father gave a testimony about Jesse Lee Peterson’s counseling. Don’t trust “experts.” Jesse asked his Biblical Question to gym guys: Are you the sum of all your highs and lows? Do you create your own thoughts? It’s difficult for millennials to accept reality. All people with fear have excuses. Forgive your mother and father. Have no expectations. In God there are no highs and lows, but perfect peace. God wants to create love through us, and will take...


Are You a Cadaver or a Lamb? (Church 2/9/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, Feb. 9, 2020: Jesse starts out telling mothers that it's evil when you treat adult kids as though they're still your children. Today marks the 30th anniversary of BOND! We're planning a celebration September 26th. Jesse talks with first-time visitors about forgiving mothers, relationship with a beta male boyfriend, apologizing to a Japanese ex-husband. We talk about the talents and shortcomings of millennials and Zoomers, and how boomers, whites and...


Kobe's Death; The Flesh Is Mama Spirit (Church 2/2/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, February 2, 2020: At the beginning and end, we talk about the Biblical Question: At what age should a father and mother stop parenting their children? Jesus came to divide the family. Many newcomers talk about forgiving fathers and mothers. We discuss the Silent Prayer, or observation versus meditation. It’s a spiritual battle: Antifa is doing anti-police protests in NYC (and Oregon), saying the MTA public transportation is racist for charging. The world is...


Marriage & Work Relationships (Sunday Service 3/8/09)

BOND Sunday Service, originally streamed March 8, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson leads a discussion on relationships, with several married men and women, as well as single guys and gals, speaking up about their experiences. They talk about love, and husbands who don't want to be bothered by their wives when they first get home from work. One fellow told on his coworker for not wearing a uniform as the boss wanted, and then pressed the issue further by talking with the colleague who'd seemingly...


What Do You Need to Endure? (Sunday Service 3/1/09)

Sunday Service, originally streamed on BOND website March 3, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson speaks on the corruption of government education, United Nations, the division and weakness of Christians, and the attack on white men and families. At one point he mentions singer Chris Brown who got in trouble for fighting and hitting his then-girlfriend (or whatever) Rihanna. The people talk about life and relationships, as well as the theme for the year 2009: Endurance. What do you need to endure? Hake...


What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? (Church 1/26/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, January 26, 2020: Overcoming thoughts and emotions; Why a man should not marry an educated woman; Biblical Question: What does it maean to be a Christian? Kobe Bryant died! BLOG POST: https:// Original Church video stream: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's...


Are You a Good Slave? (Sunday Service, 2/15/09)

BOND Sunday Service, originally streamed February 15, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson takes questions from the people. They talk about the year's theme: Endurance. We deal extensively with a lady's trouble in her marriage. The question comes up: Are you a good slave? We also deal with the question: Do you know what you want? We touch on the Bible as well. A woman who's been part of BOND for some time expressed difficulty with her marriage, her being self-righteous at times and judging her husband....


Why Men Romance Women (Church 1/19/20)

Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, January 19, 2020: Jesse takes questions and feedback from men and women and discusses his Biblical Question of last week: Should a man romance a woman? When men don’t romance women, the women feel empty. Men do it because they make the woman their god. You shouldn't do it. We also talk about an Aaron Hernandez documentary, the failure of parents, and how the world misleads you. Toward the beginning a lady asks about the notion that only God can forgive, and...


Romance a Woman? Live in Spirit and Truth? (Church 1/12/20)

Church from Sunday, January 12, 2020: Jesse Lee Peterson asks his new Biblical Question of the week: Should a man romance a woman? He gets extensive feedback, talking about sex and how women and men see things differently. Then he gets to his Biblical Question from this past week: Do you live in Spirit and Truth? Amid the conversation, we deal with mothers, daughters and sons, marriage, smoking pot, doing edibles, and finding true peace. BLOG POST:...


Are Whites the Only Racist People? (Church 1/5/20)

At Church Sunday, January 5, 2020, a young man Duran talks briefly. We then talk about mothers letting go of their children and the Biblical Question: Are whites the only racist people? Jesse points out examples in the world of the Old Testament (Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union, singer Sam Smith, so-called “hate crimes” and “anti-Semitism” laws). A 19-year-old conservative straight man with four gay parents visited us from San Francisco! A 30-year-old man from New York believed he should live...


How to Be a Person of Openness (Church 12/29/19)

NOTE: SORRY FOR THE BAD NOISE FIRST 30 SECONDS! … Church, December 29, 2019: Young men are waking up and forgiving their mothers! Biblical Question: What does it mean to be a person of openness? Theme for 2020: Watchfulness. READ BLOG POST: Original video stream from this service: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10:...


Was Jesus Weak? (Church 12/22/19)

Church from Sunday, December 22, 2019: Should men show weakness? Was Jesus weak? An alpha male is weak to God, not the world. Do you judge? You better! Biblical Question: Are you an open person? BLOG POST: Original video stream from this service: Join us for Church with Jesse Lee Peterson (an open forum service) Sunday 11am Pacific Time (doors open 10: 30) from Jesse's nonprofit's current location at...


Do You Know God? (Sunday Service 2/1/09)

Originally streamed on the BOND website Sunday, February 1, 2009: At Sunday Service, Jesse leads a discussion with church attendees discussing the theme of 2009: Endurance. They also read passages from the Bible and talk about life. They also talk about the question: Do you know God? SUNDAY SERVICE FROM THE ARCHIVES! Video from this service: SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am...


Compassion or Dispassion: Which Is Right? (Church 12/15/19)

At the beginning of Church, Jesse Lee Peterson rants about girly cars that all look the same, and calls for manly cars. Jesse then talks briefly with a young lady Chris who looks totally different; she used to look like one of “those people” — goths, Jesse thinks. Welcome home! A young man asks about the fact he has never really liked eating meat, since childhood. Mark eats only fish and points out that meat eaters and vegetarians should not judge one another. THEN we get to Jesse’s Biblical...


Have You Taken on a False Identity? (Church 12/8/19)

At Church, December 8, 2019, we talked about when to “speak up” on issues of morality, and when not to do so — such as at work. A substitute teacher in Utah was fired for telling a fifth-grade student, a foster child, that homosexuality was wrong. It was around Thanksgiving, and the boy had said he was thankful to be adopted by his two new “dads.” BLOG POST: https:// We then discussed identity — taking on a false...


Don’t Judge Yourself as You Grow (Church 12/1/19)

At Church, December 1, 2019, Jesse talks with a brother and sister visiting from Canada — their parents were African immigrants. The people talk about forgiving and being honest with evil mothers, and not judging oneself when you fall into anger. A couple of old regulars at BOND return after being away for a while. People are like sheep — just look at Black Friday madness and people with a victim mentality. Lastly we deal with Biblical Questions about an unclean life vs honorable death, and...


Independence and Growth Is More Valuable Than Money (11/24/19)

Church on Sunday, November 24, 2019 BLOG POST: This streamed live video 11 AM PT on YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, DLive, Twitch, and Mixer. Listen to Church audio recordings on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Spreaker, Stitcher, and SoundCloud. We had some great questions about forgiving parents, mothers letting adult children go, and young men and women becoming independent. Jesse opens up briefly talking about how...


Endurance, Part 4 (Sunday Service, January 25, 2009)

Sunday Service from January 25, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson talks with the congregation about being conscious in the present. God said to be still and know Him. Pray so that the light of God can control you. Let your will die, and let His will take over. A lady talks about a car accident in which she was at-fault, and dealing with angry people. VIDEO: Sometimes the Devil reminds you of the scriptures, and interprets them for you. but God reveals to you. The...


Endurance, Part 3 (Sunday Service, 1/18/09)

BOND Sunday Service, originally streamed on January 18, 2009: Jesse Lee Peterson leads a church discussion on the theme of this year: Endurance. This was just before then-president-elect Barack Obama was inaugurated, a very dark time. VIDEO: FROM THE ARCHIVES! SILENT PRAYER: | AUDIO CHURCH Sunday 11am PT (1pm CT / 2pm ET)


What Do You Believe? (Church 11/17/19)

New babies! Working out at 70! Great Content of Character Series event in Fremont, CA yesterday! What do you believe? We discuss the biblical quotes: “If you confess with your mouth…” and “Faith comes by hearing…” People call the Bible the “word of God.” Let no man teach you! Jesse refuse to answer last Biblical Question: Was Christ created? Women’s Forum third Thursday of the month! BLOG POST: Join us for Church with Jesse...