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Presenting Authors, Business Leaders, Church Leaders, Counselors, Leading Speakers, and Society Leaders ... Using Media to Share the Gospel

Presenting Authors, Business Leaders, Church Leaders, Counselors, Leading Speakers, and Society Leaders ... Using Media to Share the Gospel


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Presenting Authors, Business Leaders, Church Leaders, Counselors, Leading Speakers, and Society Leaders ... Using Media to Share the Gospel




Voices of Prophecy with Larry Kutzler

Most of us are fairly tired of receiving updates on the COVID-19 virus, but I feel it is important for a short commentary on it. Recently, I was asked about who I follow in terms of prophecy, and I said the late David Wilkerson is a trust voice in my life. Of course, there are others, but overall, I follow my reading of the Scriptures … especially when it comes to prophecy. We have to personally own what has been Written rather than the word of a gifted teacher. Gifted teachers can error in...


Two Pastors and a Virus with Walt McFadden and Tom Parrish

COVID-19 has affected everyone in our country. The church was not able to meet while the quarantine was in effect, and most churches complied with the orders not to meet. Are the fears justified? Most would say yes, but the longer this scare continues many pastors and conservative leaders have their questions. In this episode, Larry talks with two pastors about the church and the spiritual messages they see coming out from the quarantine time out. Challenging the Culture with Truth with...


Mom Matters Too, Self-Care

Christy and Kaylin dive in and dissect a significant and sometimes controversial topic: Self-care. As moms we are exposed to a variety of views about this topic. In this episode of The Mom Podcast, we dig into Jesus’ words and examine the heart of God for moms. Be encouraged as you join the discussion! Kaylin and Christy’s mission is to strengthen moms to be fully loved and fully free, and to equip them to parent the next generation in this same love and freedom. They desire to fulfill...


You’re Good

You think your good. I’ve got bad news … you are not good. God created everything and said it is good. Then God created man and said it is very good. And then right away, man messed everything up. Most people think they're pretty good. That’s the kind of message they hear in church … that they’re so good. We want to be told we’re good, we don’t want to be told we’re a sinner. That's one of the key problems with the church today ... telling us we’re so good. Pastor Walt helps us to understand...


Character with Larry Kutzler

We all know that it is easier to say something about having character than it is to live character out. Character will always cost you something. Faith is the substance of our having Relationship with God, but character is the billboard everyone reads about your faith. People of faith can say they believe in God, but their personal lives are a mess and tells a different story about their faith. Character is essential for people of faith to develop and maintain. Join Larry in this episode as...


Sexual Sin with Larry Kutzler

One of the ways we can evaluate a society’s value about people is to note how the society views sex. The first assault on sex was how we devalued marriage between husband and wife. In movies, we saw how easy it was to have sexual relationships and that set a pattern for how people relate to sex through casual sexual encounters. Then the assault moved on to include same sex relationships. Now, we now have moved on to the acceptance of having sex with children. All of this is a direct...


I Feel Overwhelmed and Hopeless

Parenting is hard. It takes everything we have ... and then some. What happens when we get to the point of feeling totally overwhelmed and hopeless? On this Connected Families Podcast episode, we discuss these overwhelmed feelings, pull them apart, and ask what we can do about them. Our guest today is parenting coach and Connected Families co-founder, Lynne Jackson. Lynne clearly remembers the times she felt overwhelmed and hopeless as she raised her three rambunctious kids. She will bring...


The Journey with Larry Kutzler

The Apostle Paul was a very spiritual man. He learned much of his insight through the suffering of bringing the Gospel to a hostile world. Once again, we live in a post-Christian world where many of the prominent ideas of our day are not based upon a Judeo-Christian foundation. Join Larry in this episode, as he talks about the journey of living a Christian life in a post-Christian era. Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests. Visit CitySites Urban Media


A Course Correction Sign? with Larry Kutzler

During this Coronavirus outbreak, we want to hear from God and be proactive in how we make the kind of changes He is directing us to make. In this episode, Larry talks about the course correction that we sense God is presenting to us. Are we listening? Are we paying attention to the signs of the times and to the Scriptures as they speak to us? Larry challenges us to make the changes that are necessary to grow in Christ and be courageous in walking through to the other side of this...


Episode 3 Genesis 2:24 The Marriage Model

Based on a study of Genesis 2:18-25, we uncover together the "Four Steps for Marrying" God had in mind in the beginning for marriages of all cultures in all times. Some of them may surprise you! The Eden Podcast is where we think again about the Bible on women and men. We start with a correct understanding of what happened in the Garden of Eden back in the beginning. Bruce C. E. Fleming is founder of the Tru316 Project and a former Academic Dean and Professor of Practical Theology. He...


Safety vs Change with Shawn Morrison

We have been encouraged to stay inside and distance ourselves from people. Good advice from our health officials on how to stay safe during this COVID-19 outbreak. But what does God say about this outbreak? God would echo be safe, but His overarching message would be how about making some changes? Join Larry and Shawn Morrison, the Founder and Executive Director of Good in the ‘Hood, as they talk about as we cry for safety, God cries for change. Visit Good in the ‘Hood Challenging the...


Sabbath with Jay Christianson

Why is Sabbath an important observation for Believers in God? Why was Sabbath in the Ten Commandments? In this episode, Larry talks with Pastor Jay Christianson, Founder of HighBeam Ministry, on the topic of Sabbath. Listen in as they unpack the meaning of this practice in our faith journey. Visit HighBeam Ministry Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests. Visit CitySites Urban Media


Prayer Makes the Difference with Greg Pagh and Terry Schuveiller

In this episode, Greg Pagh of Bless Minnesota shares that Bless Minnesota began as a calling to adopt and pray for every street in the entire state of Minnesota. Terry Schuveiller of the Crossroads Chapel shares that the partnership between Bless Minnesota and the Crossroads Chapel is a blessing for both ministries. They share that it is prayer that makes the difference, and that prayer is foundational to everything we do as Christians. Prayer should always lead to action, and we need to...


Are We Listening? with Larry Kutzler

There are so many voices today talking about being safe, and scaring people concerning the COVID-19. Fear is ruling our day, and there are few voices that are asking the question, “what is God saying to us?” God is always speaking to us, but are we listening? In this episode, Larry tell you what you are not hearing concerning the crises in our day. Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests. Visit CitySites Urban Media


Culture of Hate with Larry Kutzler

Abortion advocates fight hard to convince the public that their fight is justified and noble. Yet, you will notice that their fight is always about the rights of the woman … never about the rights of the child. Shouldn’t all parties involved in a pregnancy be included in a decision such as abortion, especially the child whose life is at stake? In this episode, Larry talks about how abortion is an act of hate. Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests. Visit...


Striving to Abide

Jesus said “Abide in Me as I abide in you.” Striving means make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. Abide means to continue, or remain with, or be beside someone or something. The key to a joy-filled, spirit-saturated, Christian life is abiding in Christ. So, how do we do that? Listen in to this lively and enlightening discussion and you’ll find out how! Bob Willbanks is a former businessman whose transformation in Christ made such an impact on him, that he started a ministry...


Vision with Larry Kutzler

Some say you cannot live without a vision. Vision defines your life. If vision defines your life, what does your vision look like? Does your vision get you up in in the morning? Does your vision maintain your momentum throughout your day? Well, in this episode, Larry talks all about your vision. Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests. Visit CitySites Urban Media


Homelessness with Ken Peterson

With sky rocketing costs of housing, many people are losing the battle of having a place to live. Homelessness is an issue for every community in America today. Streets are full of people who are marginalized, including the working poor, those with mental health issues, those who have alcohol and drugs addictions, and those who have plainly just given up. In this episode, Larry talks with a man who has worked hard to bring relief and hope to those who call the streets their home. Ken...


Helping Hands with Shawn Morrison and Shawn Jones

Jesus said the poor will be with us always, and throughout Scripture we are encouraged to help those in need. They lack resources … spiritually, educationally, occupationally, security, and food. In this Crossroads Chapel Podcast episode, Shawn Morrison, Executive Director of Good in the ‘Hood, and Shawn Jones, President of the Crossroads Chapel, share how their Ministries help those in need by offering resources, food, and even shoes. We might not be able to eliminate poverty but we are...


Addiction & Recovery with Terry Francis

Visit the Crossroads Chapel