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Presenting Authors, Business Leaders, Church Leaders, Counselors, Leading Speakers, and Society Leaders ... Using Media to Share the Gospel

Presenting Authors, Business Leaders, Church Leaders, Counselors, Leading Speakers, and Society Leaders ... Using Media to Share the Gospel


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Presenting Authors, Business Leaders, Church Leaders, Counselors, Leading Speakers, and Society Leaders ... Using Media to Share the Gospel




Gun Control with Rick Norling

Everything is being challenged today. We are pulling down statues and renaming lakes and schools. We want to do away with the Electoral College, and we want the Second Amendment to go away. The Second Amendment that gives Citizens the Right to bear arms and was originally a provision for the Citizenry to protect themselves against rogue governments that wanted to force their will upon the people. This gave the people the right to fight back and not be victims of the powerful. In this...


Sorry, Jesus Ain't a Gentile!

Jesus had long blond hair and blue eyes … right? You know, like in all the Euro-centric pictures and movies. Wrong! Jesus (Yeshua) was thoroughly Jewish. In this episode, The Truth Barista explains that without understanding Jesus' Jewish context there is much we 21st Century Jesus Followers miss. Regardless of our ethnicity or race, we're not allowed to make Jesus in our image. We must start with a 1st Century Jewish frame of reference to get a more accurate picture of Jesus’ Life,...


The Third Temple with Pastor Chris Heeb

One of the strongest Symbols in the Bible is the Temple. Its mention is always associated with Worship and Sacrifice, and throughout Biblical History God has had a Temple. In this episode, Larry looks at the timeline in the Bible as it describes the various Temples and his guest is Pastor Chris Heeb from the Crossroads Chapel. Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests.


Owning a Christian Business

In this episode, Bob Willbanks interviews Peter Demos, a restaurant owner in Tennessee. Peter shares that through God's Grace, he learned that his business was his ministry and it is an incredible mission field right in front of him. Peter helps us understand that we’re not just a business run by Christians, we're a Christian business. How does Jesus define success? He tells us to go and share the Gospel. We can’t be a businessperson on Monday, and a Christian on Sunday. We share the Gospel...


Self-Awareness with Larry Kutlzer

Self-awareness always asks questions. Do I put God and His Word first in my life? Do I try to manipulate God by the things I Believe? Do I gather all I can in life for myself, or do I Sacrifice all I can for others? Do I Forgive people when they have betrayed me, or do I live in mistrust of everyone? Do I accept Truth when it confronts me, or do I find fault or excuses to ignore it? Do I really know what I Believe and what I don’t? Self-awareness questions are very penetrating, and if you...


Your Child is Not a Slate for You to Write On.

Parents need to see their children through their child's eyes rather than their own. Sometimes, we parents unintentionally put our children in the place of the parent … they don't want to be the parent, they want to be the child. In this What’s Right About You episode, David McKnight helps us understand that it’s our job, as parents, to help our children bring out their story. If we read their story, we can help them write their story. Their story … not what we think their story should be....


Abortion and the Church with Reverend Brian Walker Part 1

In this episode, Larry’s guest is Reverend Brian Walker. He is the Co-Founder of Everlasting Light Ministries, a ministry born out of victory over the shame and torment of abortion. He, along with his wife, Reverend Denise Walker, are also dedicated to ‘The Rich in Mercy Abortion and Miscarriage Recovery’ a safe, non-judgmental program for participants to be healed and made whole again through the Merciful Love and Power of Jesus Christ. Brian is one of those ministers who is the real deal....


Abortion and the Church with Reverend Brian Walker Part 2

In this episode, Reverend Brian Walker continues the discussion with Larry on Abortion and the Church, and victory over the shame and torment of abortion. This is Part Two of ‘Abortion and the Church.’ Challenging the Culture with Truth with Larry Kutzler and Esteemed Guests.


Inspiring Your World ~Communication and Trustworthiness

What creates healthy relationships? In this episode, Shawn Morrison helps us understand that communication and trustworthiness creates healthy relationships. Shawn explains that when relationships start to fail, the first things that fail are communications and trustworthiness. Communication means more than talking, it means listening and acknowledging the other person and be present in the moment. Both heart and mind need to be engaged in communication. Shawn also explains that...


Prayer with Brenda Kilber and Carol Madison

Prayer doesn't just change things … it changes us. If we are diligent in seeking God, slowly and surely, we become better people. ~Joyce Meyer If all it takes is Prayer to make changes, then why don’t we Pray more and be more diligent about Prayer in our Churches? Why do we seem to only Pray when there is a disaster? When there is nothing more anyone can do, our last-ditch effort is to Pray? In this episode, Larry asks his guests some honest questions about Prayer. Brenda Kilber is...


The Church and the Veteran

Veterans miss the Brotherhood, a mutual agreement between the group … you love the group more than you love yourself. In this episode, Rick Norland offers help for Churches to help Veterans. Most people don’t understand what the Veteran and their family goes through. Churches need to be more aware of the needs of Veterans and their families … not only while the Veteran is deployed, but also when they return home. Veterans and their families are a whole group of people who are hurting that...


Nehemiah Reset with Bruce Lau

It may come as a surprise to you that many pastors do not entirely have a Biblical worldview. They may start with the understanding that God is love, and that Jesus came from God, but will then deviate from what the Bible teaches about human behavior. Helping people get along better in our society is a noble endeavor, yet Jesus was not so concerned about what the culture of His Day taught … His Concern was what God said. That is the problem we still face today. In this episode, Larry’s...


Learn to embrace God in the middle of the suffering.

In this ‘Thinking Out Loud’ episode, Walt McFadden discusses suffering. We really don’t know what’s in our heart until we are in a crisis, and we can’t get out of this life without having some form of suffering. When there’s no place to go, we can run from God or we can embrace God. Walt helps us understand that our suffering can bring us closer to God, if we embrace Him in the middle of our suffering. He is in the midst of our suffering when we suffer, all we need do is embrace Him. God can...


Women in Ministry with Jamie Morrison

Women in Ministry has always caused some Believers to have strong feelings on both sides of whether women should play a prominent role in the Church. Yet, there are women mentioned in Scripture who played a prominent Leadership Role. When the Holy Spirit came upon the Believers, He was given to the Church … both men and women. Does this mean women were given license to become Leaders in the Church? Or, were they just Messengers as needed by the Holy Spirit? In this episode, Larry and his...


Be a Man?

God has given men a role, and that role is a role of leadership in the Church, in the family, and in society as a whole. But are men leading? Are they standing up? Are they being a Godly man? Jim Hansen, along with Pastor Bob Coughlin, Director of Men's Ministry at Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, helps us understand the Godly role of a man, how they can be a Godly man, and how they can lead as a Godly man. Jim Hansen, CEO of EngageSDG, has been concerned about the lack of teaching on...


Racism with Larry Kutzler

Today, a racist is a person who is in opposition to ideas or policies of the political left. If you are against open border immigration, you’re a racist. If you criticize a person of color for any reason, you’re a racist. If your political views don’t go far enough to distribute wealth and opportunity to everyone, you’re a racist. If you disagree with the political left, you’re a racist … end of story. However, the left doesn’t get to define racism … God does. Ultimately, racism is a crime...


Being Female in the Image of God

What does it look like to be female and to reflect God’s image of femininity? How has God been a Mother to you? It’s a somewhat messy but vital topic both in our culture and in the Church. Join Kaylin and Christy in a candid discussion of what it truly means to be female, and in unearthing the profound meaning of ‘ezer kenegdo.’ In this episode, you will hear God’s Heart for you in whatever capacity or stage of life you find yourself in. Kaylin and Christy’s mission is to strengthen moms to...


The Resurrection

So, let's talk about the Resurrection. People are afraid of death, but there is so much beyond death if you understand the Resurrection … it is the epitome of Hope. In this episode, the Truth Barista asks what did Jesus say about the Resurrection?Jesus said when He comes back on the Day of the Lord, there is going to be a Resurrection. A Resurrection of the Dead. The Dead in Righteousness and the Dead in Wickedness. The Righteous Dead will go one way, and the Wicked Dead will go another....


I Never Knew You with Larry Kutzler

Conviction is part of what the Holy Spirit does in our lives. The Holy Spirit makes us self-aware of how we are Following Jesus and His Teachings. In the Book of Matthew, Jesus addresses religious people … people who thought their religious affiliations and their religious works would be enough to make an impression on Jesus. The problem, of course, is that Jesus is not impressed by works … He is impressed by people who do God’s Will. In this episode, Larry addresses the idea that Jesus will...


Traits of a Leader ~Energy and Perseverance

In this episode, Shawn Morrison helps us understand that energy gives us the will and capacity to do what we know is right, and how we are to direct that energy. Shawn also helps us to understand we will encounter hardship, but perseverance means we continue on anyway even when it’s not comfortable. Shawn explains that without perseverance we quit our vision, without perseverance our vision is limited, and without perseverance we can lose our vision. Inspiring Your World with Shawn...