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A collection of sermons from Chris Lantz, Pastor of Clyde Christian Bible Church. Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.

A collection of sermons from Chris Lantz, Pastor of Clyde Christian Bible Church. Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.




A collection of sermons from Chris Lantz, Pastor of Clyde Christian Bible Church. Seeking the Kingdom with Others; Serving the King and Others.




Broken Folks at The King's Table (2 Samuel 9)

Tying together threads from throughout the life of King David (and filmography of Julia Roberts), Chris looks at the story of King David extending faithful love, kindness, and grace to a crippled potential enemy. It's a story at the very core of the Gospel we believe and proclaim. Stay tuned for a beautiful song from Angie and Tegan, and then hear how our dear friend Sharon describes various church members to her grandkids. Chris is......


Easter Sunday 2021: The Tomb, The Room, and Beyond

He is risen! He is risen indeed! For Easter 2021, we examine the events of the first Easter weekend using one of Chris' patented cheesy wordplays, focusing on the resurrection scenes surrounding the Tomb, the Room, and beyond. On this, the most important of days, we ask... how do these scenes impact our faith today? Contains portions of "Low in the Grave He Lay (Christ Arose)", Written by Robert Lowry in 1874 Both words and music belong to public domain Performed by Angie and Tegan Lantz


Jesus the King (Good Friday 2021)

As we examine the last couple days of Jesus' life (Preparation, Condemnation, Crucifixion) we find that Good Friday reveals Jesus to be a very different kind of King, a King of footwashing, faithfulness, and fallenness that leads to fruitfulness. A King that looks like the cross. And as we put ourselves in the place of Pilate, we ask crucial questions of the crucified King. Special thanks to all our excellent readers! Stay tuned for some hard-hitting theological questions for this very...


"The LORD Gave Victory Wherever He Went" (2 Samuel 8)

With God at His side, all David does is win win win, no matter what. These victories are confirmation of the covenant promises God had just made to the king one chapter earlier. But the victories are also problematic in their own way. Is victory in the Kingdom of God just about crushing enemies and collecting riches and building empires? Or is there a greater King with a greater victory to offer? Come for the inside look into Chris and Angie's marital fights; stay for the message of peace,...


I Will Build You a House, Part V (David & Jesus)

David wants to build God a house, but God builds one for David instead. Thankfully, this covenantal house is open for each of us as well! Today we examine how the covenant with David further expands this house of covenants. But more beautifully, through the prophets and the New Testament, we'll ultimately see how Jesus represents a totally new blueprint for a totally new house, built upon and perfecting all the ancient covenants that came before. Please stay tuned for some quick thoughts...


I Will Build You a House, Part IV (Covenant Men: Failure & Faithfulness)

Chris takes a deeper look at the lives of the first three men God covenanted with: Noah, Abraham, and Moses. Along with being heroes, an interesting pattern develops in each of their stories. After God gives His promises, the receiver proves himself lacking in faith. Will this affect the covenants God makes with His people? Or will He prove Himself faithful, regardless of the failures of our heroes in the faith? Stay tuned for a little chat about lambs with one of the sweetest little...


I Will Build You a House, Part III (Noah, Abraham, Moses)

David wants to build God a house, but God builds one for David instead. God has built a house for all of His children, and each covenant He makes is the addition of a new room to that glorious House. After taking a brief tour through the layout of his own home (complete with threadbare 70's carpets and Taylor Swift singalongs), Chris takes us on a tour through the first three covenantal rooms that God has built for His people; three crucial steps for our own salvation. Make sure you stay...


I Will Build You a House, Part II (1 Samuel 7:18-29)

David wanted to build God a house, but God flipped the script and promised to build David a house instead. In this sermon, we take a look at David's excellent and instructive response. David behaves like a Kindergartener demanding a fulfilled promise, which is actually a good thing! Find out how David's response of deference, doxology, and demand can inform how we approach our loving Heavenly Father as well. Stay tuned for some deep theological conversation regarding teenagers and clean...


I Will Build You a House, Part I (1 Samuel 7:1-17)

Sometimes, a small thing that brings you joy turns out to be an item of extreme worth, like a ten-dollar ring selling for $850,000. A similar thing happens to David in 2 Samuel 7; he wants to build a house for God, for reasons both noble and self-serving. But what YHWH gives Him instead exceeds David's wildest expectations. That's typical of our God, Who appraises us of incredible worth and gives gifts beyond what we can imagine or desire! Also includes the worst-planned performance of "The...


The Undignified King (2 Samuel 6:14-22)

As David dances rapturously for the arrival of God's presence, he looks foolish and undignified in the eyes of those concerned with properness and reputation. Jesus took this a step further. His entire ministry was bringing God's presence to lost people, making Jesus look even more foolish, reckless, and undignified in the eyes of powerful people. Dangerously so. And (for those of us who have been spiritually, physically, and socially saved by His ridiculous love), beautifully so. Find out...


God’s Presence: A Fire That Consumes and Comforts (2 Samuel 6)

In 2 Samuel 6, God's Presence is brought into the center of Israelite life once again, as King David brings the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem. It's a great day of celebration and praise... and tragedy. The God enthroned upon the Ark is a consuming fire, Who burns away those who presume to enter His presence in an unworthy manner. If this is Who God is... should we be welcoming His Presence into our lives? Isn't He too dangerous? And what does the prancing, jubilant King have to teach...


godfights4us (2 Samuel 5:17-25)

King David's battles against the Philistines teach us something essential about the Gospel. There are some detours: Chris examines his email address, and why he hates it so much. He leads a song that may cause your ears to bleed. He discusses the evolution of hockey in video games. But it all leads to what Chris believes is the fundamental core of Jesus' mission: to lovingly fight the battles that His people cannot fight themselves, to His glory. It should change how we see ourselves, our...


He Built This City. He Built This City on Love and Hope. (2 Samuel 5:6-16)

There is no more significant city in human history than Jerusalem. In today's passage, David claims the Holy City of Peace for Israel (finally). It gives us an opportunity to examine the positive and negative history of Jerusalem and its connection to both Israelite identity in Scripture, and our own faith journey today. Buckle up for LOTS of word nerd stuff. And burning diapers. Also, apologies to any Jefferson Starship fans out there.


The Shepherd's Heart of God (2 Samuel 5:1-5)

David will finally be inaugurated as King of all Israel, which is a major turning point in Israel's history (as evidenced by the presence of the number 40). Today's passage examines why this moment is so crucial: it illuminates the purpose of David's Kingship. Along with Psalm 23, Ezekiel 34, and John 10, we see how important it is for leaders in God's Kingdom to exhibit the Shepherd's Heart of God. Join us to hear more of what that Shepherd's Heart looks like. And stay until the end for an...


"Must the Sword Devour Forever?": On Power and Politics (2 Samuel 2, 3 & 4)

Chapters 2 to 4 of 2 Samuel are chock full of gruesome details underlining the human tendency towards violence in the pursuit of political power. It is fitting that this passage follows a week that saw supporters of President Trump engage in similar means of securing and retaining power, through the insurrection at the American Capitol. But in the midst of all these power dynamics is David, who will become king not through violence, vengeance, and grabbing power. Instead, he will show...


This is the End: Lamenting and The Lord's Anointed (1 Samuel 31 & 2 Samuel 1)

Well, we've come to the end of a few things: the end of 1 Samuel, the end of Saul's life, and the end of a very challenging year in 2020. In this sermon, some surprising responses to Saul's death prompts us to follow David's example and lament the struggles facing the LORD's anointed ones. Thankfully Bill's upbeat communion message adds to Chris' lament! Thank you to all who showed vulnerability and shared (or allowed Chris to share) some very real struggles and griefs.


Gotta Have Faith... and Grace! (1 Samuel 30)

Faith and Grace. Two elements crucial for any anointed person in God's Kingdom, whether it's ancient Israel or modern North America. After summarizing the previous three chapters (plus a communion thought on the God of Life), Chris then explores the contrast between Saul in his lowest point, and David in his. David finds his strength in His God, expressed in active faith and experienced in active grace. Find out what David's pursuit of the pesky Amalekites might mean for our faith...


Seeing & Hearing Someone... From Beyond the Grave! (1 Samuel 28)

Buckle up, because things are about to get weird in 1 Samuel. We've got desperate kings, terrified witches, and dead people who talk. But as Saul uses unlawful means to try to get in touch with YHWH, it only shows how much he has refused to see or hear from his God. Don't make Saul's mistake. Don't talk to dead or illegitimate things; inquire of the Living God. Here's some thoughts on how! Big thanks to Jelle for his communion thoughts (which connect to Remembrance Day and our sermon...


Online Church: Declared Innocent? (1 Samuel 27 & 29)

Welcome back, for a taste of online church at CCBC! This Sunday we hear an excellent communion message from Andrew Hoetmer, discussing the background to the hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus", and his own past and present prayer life. We then dig into the story of David among the Philistines, in chapters 27 and 29. There, David acts like a bit of a scoundrel, and ends up in a desperate predicament. How will God deliver him from it, if he is less than innocent? And how does this story...


Online Church: Taking the Spear (1 Samuel 26)

Step into the wonderful world of online ZOOM church with your friends at CCBC! Hear some of Chris' thoughts on All Saints Day and reflect on David's communion message about laying down our lives for Christ. Finally, listen as the story of 1 Samuel 26 teaches us how David is like Jesus (yet again) because He refuses to grasp His deserved glory, but instead gives grace to those deserving death; and how we are like Saul (yet again) because we put out identity in external items that tend to...