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Coaching For Women To Become A Goddess

Coaching For Women To Become A Goddess




Coaching For Women To Become A Goddess




113. From Fear to Freedom: Interview with Yvonne Winkler

In this interview with Yvonne Winkler, the CEO of Lotus Consulting, we hear an uncommon story of a young girl who fled from oppression to freedom. Then, as a young woman, how she left a highly regarded job to discover true fulfilment on her own terms and to become the woman she is today. We talked about how "starting over" requires courage, trust and the ability to let go of the securities we believe in. A common thread we found in our stories is that when you trust your heart and act from...


112. Women Starting Over in Dating: Interview with Cindy Drummond

Starting over is never easy, but it is always necessary if we want to change or grow in our lives. I had a conversation with Cindy Drummond, the author of Reflections of the Dating Pool, about her journey to start over after a shocking discovery and the road to support other women. Cindy is also the creator of Women Only Weekend (WOW) events and co-host of Words of Wisdom online gatherings. Part of her journey was about "start before you are ready" where she went on 50 dates in a year in...


111.How to use a podcast to build your brand and business: Interview with Mary Chan

Do you know there are now over two million podcasts on iTunes, as compared to about one million in 2020? That goes without saying that it is one of the fastest-growing media content formats. A podcast is often long interviews that offer the opportunity to show your personality and expertise, while a blog has only a few hundred or a couple thousand words. Not only it offers the time to explore, explain and expand on a topic, the conversation in a podcast often goes deeper as it progresses and...


110. Breathing, Yoga and Life Purpose: Interview with Deborah Rubin

There are certain things in life we may take for granted. For many of us, breathing is one of those things. We see that as an automatic and instinctive mechanism, but there is so much more to it. If we breathe more fully and efficiently, it can enhance our health and sense of well-being. In my conversation with Deborah Rubin, we talked about how we both fell in love at first sight with yoga, and we also discussed our view on life purpose, soul contract and how to enjoy our evolving life...


109. Evolutionary Astrology – Interview with Lisa Jones

For the last few years, I have been observing the moon cycles and my energy flow in order to plan my work and life more strategically. I have talked about that specifically on how to improve productivity, creativity and vitality in my previous episode. However, it is only recently that I dove into Astrology as I found myself became more aware of the impact of planetary movement on my internal emotions and external circumstances. As a result, I got Lisa Jones to read my Birth Chart and...


108. Feng Shui Your Home into a Power House: Interview with Patricia Lohan

Years ago, I read a book about how to use Feng Shui to improve the energy flow, including how to call new romances in life. I thought to myself, why not? It would be a pleasant change to rearrange some furniture in my bedroom and to add a few new decors too. Indeed, not long after that, I got into a new relationship. You can imagine how thrilling it was for me when I interviewed Patricia Lohan, an international Feng Shui Expert, to hear her saying that was what she did to meet her...


107. Connecting People Through Circle Dialogue – Interview with Ame-Lia Tamburrini

Last year, I had the pleasure of participating in a Goddess Circle, which was also a Circle Dialogue. Since then, I have been a firm believer that this ancient practice is one of the best ways to create a safe space for meaningful conversations. Therefore, when I met Ame-Lia Tamburrini, the founder and principal of Hum Consulting, who facilities and teaches about Circle Dialogue, I leapt into the opportunity to interview her for my podcast. For many years, Ame-Lia has been engaging with...


105. Divine Feminine Wisdom Part II: Think, Act and Becoming like a Goddess

Today's podcast and video feature Part II of my Honouring Your Divine Feminine Wisdom: Free Course. Follow from last week's conversation on why Goddess Archetypes can deepen our understanding of our subconscious pattern, helps us with acceptance and awareness of our relationship dynamics, as well as women's cycle of life, the four seasons. Part II of the conversation focuses on expanding what we know of ourselves and invites us to think about how can we live more strategically, to honour who...


104. Divine Feminine Wisdom Part 1: Goddess Archetypes and Women Cycle of Life

This a special edition of my podcast and video. In fact, this is a two parts series of a FREE online course on Honoring Your Divine Feminine Wisdom. I will share with you how to tap into this divine power and experience more harmony, improve your productivity and prosperity. You can listen to my podcast or watch the video here. Today I am sharing with you Part I of this series where I will start with the archetypes - why knowing our inner patterns or blueprint can be so helpful to overcome...


103. Divine Feminine Leaders: Interview with Celeste Hartwell

In this inspiring interview, you will hear from Celeste Hartwell on how can we bring in the feminine energy (intuition) into the masculine structure (action, strategy) to find balance and to fulfil your vision. No matter whether you are working in a corporate environment or you are an entrepreneur, you can relate to our conversation on why women have a tendency to play small or deflect compliments. You will learn about why it is vital for us to understand and acknowledge our worth, not when...


102. Profit of Kindness: Interview with Jill Lublin

In this interview, you will hear from the renowned publicity strategist, international speaker, consultant, and four times bestselling author Jill Lublin on why being kind is more important than people realised. She shared with us her view on Return on Investment, where all things are transactional, versus if we can focus on Return on Kindness instead. Simply put, when you are a kind company, you get better publicity and having kindness in business, it actually brings you more business. I...


101. How to get unstuck in life: Interview with Teri Kerr

Do you feel stuck in your life right now? Are you wondering what is your life purpose or if you are on the right path? Sometimes we feel we are playing small or not on the "right track", and other times, we may feel we are going through life in motion, but not exactly present or becoming the best version of ourselves. If any of these describe your current state of mind or feeling, then this interview may be a great pick-me-up to energise you and give you some clarity that you need. I...


100. Yoga and The Art of Balance: Interview with Rebecca Barrett

I am super thrilled to release this podcast episode as marks the number 100 episodes of my #ConversationsThatMatter podcast. My guest in this episode is Rebecca Barrett, my yoga teacher who has completely changed my attitude towards yin yoga. I started her classes just 6 weeks after I gave birth to my second child (baby Noah) and I absolutely love her style of teaching, which always involves an aspect of yogic philosophy in the mix. If you are interested to know more about yoga, how it helps...


99. How to improve your creativity and productivity

If you are a multi-passionate person like me, someone who has several deep curiosities or interests in life, then staying in your lane will be challenging. To feel fulfilled, we must tend to our inner desire, but where is the time? Or further to that, how can we do it all? How can we channel our creativity fully? Perhaps you don't consider yourself as a multi-passionate person but somehow you feel your life is stagnated or "stuck". Then, you may also want to look at where are you expressing...


98. The Great Conjunction and Beginning of a New Era!

I had all the plans to end 2020 with a couple of new posts, giveaways and special videos, but all went into the ditch when my husband and the little ones went under the weather. Then, we had to change our holiday plans and rebooked everything. We didn't get to see our parents this year, but we are just really grateful that they are all healthy and well. This is what I have learned from this year. We need to keep our heads above the chaos and see from different perspectives. To understand...


97. Simple Self-Care to Manage Stress: Interview with Rita Garnto

If you have a family to look after or a job to attend to or a body to take care of, you may feel stress at any given day for many different reasons. Yes, in fact, I imply everybody on this planet is susceptible to get stressed! That's why this episode on stress management and good self-care practices is useful for everyone. My guest for this week's podcast is Rita Garnto. Rita is an author and educator. She had a 20-year career in western healthcare as a Registered Respiratory Therapist and...


96. When your desire is larger than your belief

If your desire is larger than your belief, it means you don’t actually expect what you want is going to happen. In fact, if it does, it will kind of catch you by surprise. I heard about this saying in a video related to the Law of Attraction. It instantly sticks on my mind. So how does it play out in terms of manifesting what we want? Is it counterproductive then? We attract things through what we believe in, or in other words, through vibration proximity. I remember what the late Dr Wayne...


95. How to create your desired lifestyle without feeling guilty or burnout: Interview with Rebecca Swanson

Many women I know have this problem: We want to establish or grow a career or business we love, at the same time, we want to maintain a healthy and happy family life as well. But then at some point, we just feel exhausted, out of steam, overwhelmed or completely burnout. So how can we "have it all" without giving up our passion, purpose or worst, losing our minds? Where do we start? What are we missing? If you are someone who wants to feel fulfilled both from the inside and outside, then...


94. My list of “Stop, Start and Continue” during a time of uncertainty

Personally, I find this quarter of 2020 a very sobering time. The pandemic, social unrest and natural disasters all make this year tough for many of us. I’ve heard many heartfelt stories from my high school friends and work colleagues who live various part of the world. Nothing is “normal” and everyone I know is affected in all different kind of ways. My son has just turned 6 months old and despite the fact that I have little control of my time, and the needs and desire of this tiny little...


93. The Gift of Loss: Interview with Karen Chaston

Many of us have suffered different effects of the pandemic in 2020. There are days where it is hard to make sense of it all or think about what to expect for 2021. That's why I found my interview with Karen Chaston is super timely, as it helps us to get a different perspective when it comes to tragedy, suffering and life lessons. In July 2011, Karen’s life changed forever when her son died unexpectedly. It is without a doubt a mother's worst nightmare. Within 15 months, Karen resigned from...