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Coaching For Women To Become A Goddess

Coaching For Women To Become A Goddess




Coaching For Women To Become A Goddess




78. Follow Your Creativee Flow: Interview with Kylie Morris

In the last few weeks since I got back into exercising (postpartum), I have been totally in love with my beautiful yoga leggings and tops from Flow Yoga Wear. As I grow older, I love to express who I am, what I love and how I live my life. Perhaps I am becoming more fearless (after delivering 2 babies through intense labour, I feel I can take on just about ANYTHING!) and I want to enjoy life more moment by moment. Doing yoga and writing my books fuel my creative expressions and wearing...


77. Good Habits for Sustainable Success and Higher Productivity

If you read any successful entrepreneurs' biography or listen to interviews about their success secrets, you will inevitability come across the notion of good habits or rituals that help them to gain clarity, energy or productivity. I love the science behind good habits and I am always open to trying new tools and systems. There are a few evidence-based habits that I find particularly useful and I would like to share them with you today. I have personally used them myself and fine-tuned them...


76. Sacred Soul Journey: Interview with Tatz Holmes

Do you sometimes wonder why you have a repetitive pattern in your relationships or life choices? Have you ever considered what is going on in your subconscious mind? Or how does intuition work? You may be intrigued by these topics but don't want to get into a "witchy-woo" type of conversation or simply find that too confusing to follow. I always like to put both science and spirituality together when it comes to learning and exploring these topics. It gives us a more holistic perspective....


75. Artemis Archetype: The Activist and Protector

Artemis is the Greek goddess of moon and hunt. In archetypal psychology, she is described as the archetype of an activist and protector. Women who have this archetype are drawn to nature and many of them care deeply about issues related to the environment, animals or women’s rights, children and those who need help and fair treatment. Artemis women also tend to become more spiritual as they mature and attracted to the moon energy. Many Artemis women I know from my business communities are...


74. Connecting Our Body and Mind: Interview with Camila Sunshine

If you are a busy mum or career women, you can certainly relate to this scenario. It is almost 3 pm, your stomach is making noise, your back is sore and your mind is super tired. You just realised you haven't had lunch because you have been sitting in front of your computer for hours stressing about one thing or another. Your mind goes: "Oh dear, I really need to take better care of myself" Then, you got a phone call or SMS or email or someone knocks on the door. Once again, the idea of...


73. Athena Archetype: How to Stop Being Over Controlling

If you have Athena as your most active goddess archetype, you are likely to be someone who is highly productive, organized and strategic. Women who have this archetype tend to value highly on their intellect, strong mind and rationality. They see the bigger picture and hence they have the patience for goals or projects to come into fruition. You can see why Athena women often achieve a great deal of success, both in career and their personal life. However, all these advantages also bring in...


72: Goddess Circle and Women Retreats: Interview with Belinda O’Dea

This is our follow up interview after our first podcast on Yogic Lifestyle and Living in Alignment episode. I wanted to talk to Belinda more about Goddess Circle, Women Rite of Passage, and building a community of women supporting other women. We also touched on the beauty and joy of women retreats she leads in North India, South India and Japan that include travel, yoga and wellness. Belinda O'Dea is a heart-based certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher in Hatha, Mantra, Tantra, Vinyasa and Yin...


71. How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Embrace Imperfection

Have you ever wrestled with the feeling of “not good enough” or “feel like a fraud”? If so, you’ve probably experienced the imposter syndrome. Those feelings are shockingly common but people just don’t often talk about them. When I was training to be a coach and learning how to self-publish my first book, I found the feelings of self-doubt and notion of imposter syndrome are very common among my peers. I think it is normal and even healthy to be mindful about the quality of our work....


70. Embrace Adversity with Heart & Courage: Interview with Alexandra Gould

My guest today is Alexandra Gould. I came across Alex’s Facebook post online in a personal development /life coaching group, and I was blown away by her courageous journey with a very serious health challenge since she was six years old. Alex had over a dozen facial surgeries since she was a teenager, but nothing I've heard came from a victim mentality, only a brave and beautiful mature woman. She embraces her own vulnerability and adversity with such honesty and grace. I just had to...


69. Women in Transition: Finding Pleasure and Joy at Every Age

As women, we all go through at least several transitions in life, some are brought on by biological and emotional changes, some may be due to new circumstances. In fact, they are all invitations to a transformation at different stages, in which I call that your Hero or Heroine Journey. Each journey leads us to encounter an unknown part within us or external to us. I first started to share what I have learned from different teachers and personal experiences regarding our transitions in my...


68. Hero Journey 101: Where are you?

What is a Hero Journey? You may have read about it from movie reviews or in creative writing articles or classes. The term was first penned by the late mythologist Joseph Campbell in his book “Hero with a Thousand Faces”.After studying many years of myths across different cultures and ages, Campbell recognized a pattern or structure of the myths and he created the term a Hero journey to describe the transformation our hero experienced before reaching his ultimate destination. From a...


67. Date Like a Goddess: Interview with Katrin Dürkoop

Years ago when I was single and ready to date again, I came across a book called “Calling In The One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas. It is one of the books that I've learned a lot from and I can honestly say that it has helped me to open fully to love and become a woman ready to date! It changed my approach to find and keep a long-term relationship as well! I am a firm believer that if you would like to find a fun, loyal and caring partner, you have to become such a person yourself in the...


66. Goddess Wisdom: Use Law of Attraction for Deliberate Creation

Recently I have been trying out a “feeling good” experiment. The idea is very simple, I try to enjoy everything I do, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. Unless I feel good emotionally, I don’t begin the task as I consider myself “not ready" yet. And when I am on the task, I actually enjoy what I am doing. This may sound counterproductive, but in fact, it didn't “waste” any more time than how I used to procrastinate or dragging on. I found myself completing my tasks quicker and enjoy...


65. Yogic Lifestyle and Living in Alignment: Interview with Belinda O’Dea

When our body is out of alignment, we often experience pain or discomfort. When our mind loses connection with our spirit, we miss the clarity and the deep sense of knowing. Living in our 21st century often means we become more reactionary and working at a pace that is hard to keep up without losing our spiritual centre. That's why yoga or meditation are becoming increasingly popular as many of us have experienced these effective practices. They help us to get still, stay calm & centred and...


64. How to Create Multiple Streams of Income: Become a Creative Entrepreneur

In a time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to create multiple streams of income based on our existing knowledge, skills and experience. This podcast will outline my top 3 ways to leverage what we already have in our business or capacity to create passive income from creating long term assets. As I coach and help women to become goddesses in all aspects of their life, finding success and abundance through their work is definitely one of these aspects. Especially during this...


63. How to Breakthrough from Dark Night of the Soul: Interview with Taniya Hussain

When we have an unhealed past and trauma in our lives, we often find difficulties in moving forward. We may experience plenty of self-doubt, anxiety and stay at a place where many may call the "Dark Night of the Soul". In order to have a breakthrough, we would need to work on healing our wounds in the past. In my interview with Taniya, we talked about the power of women helping other women, and why it is so important to have a breakthrough before we can fully pursue our dreams. Taniya...


62. 10 Tips to stay positive during the time of uncertainty

As many of us are in lockdown and social isolation mode during this pandemic time, I find the ability to stay positive and keep our mind focus on things we can control become more important than ever. Therefore, I have put together these top 10 Do-s and Don't-s for you to help you to navigate this challenging and uncertainty time. I hope you will find them useful and share them with your friends too! DO NOT read the news first thing in the morning or last thing at night. The best way to...


61. How do we know it’s time for more actions or it’s time to surrender to the universe?

We hear a lot about how we must take actions in order to achieve our goals in any motivational books or personal growth seminars. On the other hand, we also know about the importance of surrender. Sometimes, the way how things turn out is not up to our desire or control. If we are fixated to a certain outcome, we may suffer for that reason. So where do we need to draw the line? When should we pull back and surrender to the universe? I was listening to a podcast last week and the hosts...


59. Is it too late to change, start over or dream big?

In this podcast episode, I will share with you why it's never too late to change or dream of having a better relationship, career or health! A Frequently Asked Question On Self-Development Recently I ran a "Becoming A Goddess" seminar at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and I talked to some attendees after my talk. For me, becoming a modern-day goddess is about embracing a more wholehearted way of living. That means focus on personal growth and self-development. What are the things really...


58. What can your archetype tell you about your romantic relationships?

Today we are going to talk about the implication your archetypes may have on your romance and long term relationships. This is part of my new podcast series "Becoming a Goddess", in which I talk about Goddess, Archetype, Hero Journey, Feminine Power and how they all tie in and help you to gain a deeper understanding about yourself and decisions pattern you have. Two weeks ago on my podcast, I talked about goddess archetypes and how they may influence your career choices and motivation. You...