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Weekly sermons from Connection Church in Astoria, Queens, New York City. Connecting People to Jesus and one another!

Weekly sermons from Connection Church in Astoria, Queens, New York City. Connecting People to Jesus and one another!


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Weekly sermons from Connection Church in Astoria, Queens, New York City. Connecting People to Jesus and one another!




God's Vision Requires the Holy Spirit

Pastor Austin preaches on how the Holy Spirit has a necessary role in carrying out God's vision for our lives. Support the show (


Fear The Lord - Acts 5

The story of Ananias and Sapphira opens up difficult questions. A couple of things we see clearly in this Scripture and throughout the Bible are (1) God will not be mocked, and (2) we are to fear the Lord. God has established a new temple within the people of God and not a building. It is an awesome reality to know the presence of God lives within us. Support the show (


Philippians 4

Larry Mayberry & Austin West tag team on a sermon discussing the Philippians 4 text. Baptism Sunday Apologies for the poor audio in the first couple minutes. Support the show (


Lean On The Spirit In Times Of Trouble

On this message Brandon Doyle (guest speaker) talks about leaning on the Holy Spirit in times of trouble through the life of David's experiences in the Book of Psalms. Support the show (


Filled With The Holy Spirit: Experiences Vary But Results Are The Same

Filled With The Holy Spirit: Experiences Vary But Results Are The Same Support the show (


Holy Spirit Transformation

Holy Spirit Transformation Austin West continues our Holy Spirit series where we learn how the Spirit moves is transforming our lives. Support the show (


Stop Living By Your Own Power

Live your life by the power of the Holy Spirit. This also causes us to live in the presence of God. The time to live in God's presence and power is not just in the future in heaven, but the time is now. Support the show (


Follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit

Continuing our sermon series on the Holy Spirit, we learn that following the leading of the Spirit is important to every and in every aspect of our daily lives. Support the show (


Step Back So God Steps In: Receiving the Holy Spirit

We are to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised the Spirit to us and delivered on his promise ten days after he ascended to heaven. Living by the power of the Holy Spirit is not an automatic part of the faith, but we are to step back and let God step in by receiving God's gift. We will continue exploring the Holy Spirit for the next few weeks and discover his role and power in our lives. Support the show (


The Work of The Holy Spirit

Jesus gives the Holy Spirit, but what is the purpose of the Holy Spirit in our lives? Pastor Daniel share from John 16 who Jesus explains how the Spirit will work in our lives. Support the show (


The Gift Of The Holy Spirit

We start a brand new sermon series focused on the Holy Spirit. We start with how the Holy Spirit is a gift from God to comfort, help, and advocate for us. God lives within those who believe in Jesus and follow him through obedience. Join us as we explore how to live by the power of the Spirit. Support the show (


Jesus Is With You!

What do you think Jesus is doing when you're in the act of sin? Does he turn away, shake his head in disgust, or threaten to give up on you? No... he advocates for you. 1 John 2:1-2 show us the heart of Jesus that speaks up on our behalf when we sin. Certainly, God's goal for our lives is for us to turn from sin in every way. John writes this NT letter so that we might not sin (1 John 2:1), but where our sin increases God's grace increases even more. Praise Jesus, the righteous...


Jesus is praying for you right now!

Support the show (


Holy Rest:Spending Time with God & Put into Action

Holy Rest:Spending Time with God & Put it into Action. Austin finishes our Holy Rest series with how to spend time with God and how to put holy Rest in action in our everyday lives. Support the show (


Holy Rest: Consuming God's Word

Austin continues our Hoy Rest series where through consuming gods Holy Word we can find rest in our lives. Support the show (


Holy Rest: Eliminate Distractions

We continue on our Holy Rest series where guest speaker from Sweve Church talks about eliminating distractions in our lives. He lays out three key principles. Support the show (


Elijah: We Are Victorious

Elijah: We Are Victorious The final message in our Elijah Series - the ups and downs of obeying God. Support the show (


Elijah: Fire From Heaven

Elijah: Fire From Heaven 1 Kings 19 Support the show (


Elijah: God's Timing

Elijah Gods Timing 1 Kings 18 Support the show (


Elijah:Pray With Power

The third sermon in our Elijah series talk about having prayer in our power Support the show (