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Show Up As A Grown-Up (Originally aired 6-7-20)

Do you ever suspect that our society is low on grown-ups these days? We tend to believe we are entitled to consistently pleasant feelings and that someone is to blame if these aren't happening. We get confused about the difference between things that "feel" true and things that actually are. Cinthia explains that these ways of thinking tend to be hallmarks of childhood, not signs of a healthy adult approach. Just as we don't want little children trying to handle adult problems, we can't let...


The Difference Between an Excuse and an Explanation

Excuses drain our power by encasing us in reasons we cannot change; excuses are a problem. But sometimes a "no excuses" mentality gets too thorough and starts banning explanations in addition to excuses; then we have a different problem because explanations can sometimes help. So how do we stop living under the delusion of our own excuses while still embracing the understanding that can accompany insightful explanation? And, when navigating relationships and making decisions about whom to...


Be Your Own Change Agent

We look for all kinds of things to help us change. Most of us, however, already know a few ways we could change our lives for the better. So why don't we change? Today Cinthia explores what it looks like to be your own change agent, as well as to consider what is getting in the way of change for you. If you know change would be a good thing but are still stuck, join Cinthia to look at how to become your own agent for change.


The Naked Crabs

Have you ever felt like a crab without a shell -- naked, vulnerable, having lost your old sense of protection without yet having formed a new one? It's no secret that change can be difficult, and some changes are harder than others. But change is unavoidable, and we have to figure out how to navigate it. Whether you're dealing with change right now or just know it will be here again in the future, join Cinthia to explore what it means to grieve well and embrace hope in the face of change.


Self Acceptance (originally aired 10-14-18)

What would it mean for you to accept the things you can't change? Would it change the battles you pick? Alter the way you fight those battles? Give you peace as you work toward something better, or help you enjoy what you already have? Cinthia explores her frequent statement that acceptance is the key to all our problems, and she specifically examines the very difficult task of accepting ourselves. If you struggle with self-acceptance, let this episode help you.


How to Secure Your Self-Esteem

Have you ever struggled with how to feel good about yourself when you look at the outcome of your own choices? If you've listened to Cinthia for long, you've heard her talk about how our value is unchanging, established by the One Who made us and Who loves us unconditionally. But learning to value ourselves like He does is not the same as saying we will always feel good about our choices. If we want to make good decisions, we're going to have to develop some character and integrity. So what...


A User's Manual for Humans

Today Cinthia explores the gift of guidance. Doing life as a human is not always intuitive or self-explanatory, especially when we are struggling to mature. Join Cinthia to look at how the Ten Commandments and the greatest commandments in the Bible and the lists of deadly sins historically discussed in the Church, as well as the corresponding virtues, can provide us with guidance on the journey.


I Do Me, You Do You, We Do Us

Immaturity doesn’t always recognize itself. Sometimes we assume that, having completed the first eighteen years of our lives and acquired adult bodies, tasks, and roles, we must be adults in every sense of the word. Cinthia explains, however, that growing up and growing older are two very different things, and learning to take responsibility for ourselves is a major hallmark of emotional maturity. So how do we gauge our own maturity needs? How do we make sure we are not emotional children or...


I Feel Lost, With No Vision

Do you ever wonder whether you are fulfilling your life's purpose? Have you experienced times when you felt lost and without vision or purpose? How does God view you in your uncertainty, doubt, or confusion, and what are you supposed to do about it? Today Cinthia discusses what it's like to feel lost and offers some guidelines for those who feel this way right now. She even shares the lyrics to a song she wrote during one of her own similar experiences. Join her to explore what it means to...


The Gift of Peace

Have you ever had someone reject a compliment or other gift you wanted to give? Today Cinthia discusses the parting gift Jesus left us before His death, resurrection, and ascension: His peace. We tend to have so much trouble acknowledging and enjoying this gift, often gravitating toward worry and negativity. How do we access this gift? How do we open and enjoy it? Cinthia explains the role of trust in helping us reject worry and access the gift of peace God gives us. She also discusses the...


His Kindness Helps Us Change

Do you ever fear being kind to yourself? Does it seem like loving behavior toward yourself might enable bad behavior and harshness might be necessary to inspire change? Building on last week’s discussion of dying to the things that are killing us, today Cinthia discusses dying to self-hatred and the belief that self-flagellation is the best way to remake ourselves into what we should be. In this episode, Cinthia discusses what kindness is and is not (Hint: It’s not extreme self-indulgence or...


God Wants You Truly Living, Not Walking Dead

Sometimes we hold onto things, things we can't imagine life without... things that are, nevertheless, killing us, stealing the life God wants us to have. Letting go involves a dying process. But the dying processes God uses are not those that leave us without life; instead, they lead us into a life we could never have imagined. Today Cinthia not only discusses her 2011 book but tells the story of how it was written. Writing on one continent as she prepared to speak on another, Cinthia...


The Red Sea Rules

We all face those times when life becomes painful, scary, even terrifying. Do you ever wish your education had included some kind of instructions for how to deal with these times? How to survive? How to thrive? Today's discussion is about Robert J. Morgan's book The Red Sea Rules. Only God can part the waters. Let's talk about what to do in those moments when we are waiting, hoping, not seeing a way out... We are not the first people to stand aghast at the edge of the Red Sea.


Take Care of the One He Died For!

Does self-care sound selfish to you? Or do you know it's important but tend to let it slide as you focus on other things? We know we shouldn't focus only on ourselves, but what is the difference between true humility and self-neglect? And how does neglecting self-care really impact those around us? Today Cinthia explores a topic that is sometimes misrepresented and misused. Join her to consider how appropriate self-care can honor the sacrifice Jesus made for us and enable us to serve others...


I Trust You

Do you ever find trust difficult? As humans we often struggle to trust ourselves, others, and God. But aren't there good reasons why we might not want to trust someone? How do we know when it is safe to trust? Why do some people find it so difficult? Can we develop trust if we have issues in this department? If we have faith in God, is that the same as trusting Him? Today Cinthia explores trust, including when trust is or is not an appropriate risk, how we learn to trust, the difference...


Relationship Green Flags

There are lots of magazines, talk shows, podcasts, books, friends, and family members eager to talk about what goes wrong in a relationship. But one of the most important things we can learn to recognize is what a relationship looks like when it's actually HEALTHY. We need to do more than just avoid the bad; we need to recognize the good and to become healthier relationship partners ourselves. Plus, the best way to spot relationship red flags is to know what the green ones look like so we...


I Want to Know What Love Is

Do you know love when you see it? Do you know how to love well, and do you practice it? Love may seem basic and uncomplicated since we give it in one form as children. But loving well as an adult takes more maturity than we realize. John 3:16 connects God’s love with the gift of His Son to die for us, which tells us that His love for the world involves tremendous sacrifice; our love is a response to His and a reflection of His. Join Cinthia to explore what it means to love and why it...


Do Not Be Afraid

If peace is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, why do so many of us struggle with it? Even as followers of Jesus, many of us continue to feel, think, and live as though we are at war with ourselves and/or the people around us. We assess situations and obsess over what could happen. We hold onto grudges toward ourselves and others. We view life and the world as things we have to manage constantly as though we have enough control over the world that our worry keeps disaster at bay. We trust...


Is God to Blame?

Have you ever struggled to figure out why something was happening to you -- whether you or God or someone else was to blame? Suffering tends to get us looking for causes and making giant leaps to explain the mysteries of the universe, sometimes rushing in where angels, as the saying goes, fear to tread. Furthermore, we know that God refines us in our suffering, a fact that often causes us to see Him as the cause of our pain rather than the One Who brings good through it. When Job suffered...


Are You Brave Enough to Be YOU?

"You follow me," Jesus told the other disciples when they wondered what Jesus had planned for John. Such simple instructions, but following Jesus as ourselves rather than looking around at everyone else can be more difficult than we imagined. Do you ever wish you could follow Him as someone else? Do you wonder if He has a path for you, if He even likes you? Cinthia asserts that it takes courage to be the person God created you to be but that He made you the only one who can do it. You need...