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Why Be Grateful? (first aired 11-23-14)

Saying "thank you" is the first manner we learn, and we know it is polite to thank the one who gives us something. But what about the impact of gratitude on the grateful one? Does thankfulness make a difference for the one saying "thank you?" Cinthia explores reasons to be grateful, including the impact gratitude can have on our physical and emotional well-being and the character of God Himself.


The Greatest Comeback of All Times

Do you ever long wistfully for a time when your life seemed full of potential, when it seemed your life would be filled with meaning and you would truly make a difference? Just because we start counting ourselves out doesn't mean God does. Sometimes, when we think a person has passed his prime and is beyond the age when people can make something of themselves, God is just getting started. Whatever your failures, whatever your age, whatever your circumstances and however life has happened,...


Where There Is No Vision, There Is No Hope

How much hope do you have left? Is your hope strengthening or waning? Our culture likes to tell us to reach for the stars and make our dreams come true, but reality often steps in to crush our highest and deepest hopes. The Bible, however, acknowledges that life is often crushing, and it seems to associate hope with attachment to things bigger than ourselves —God, His law, the Truth as He communicates it to us, etc. Cinthia explores what it means to place our hope in Jesus rather than in our...


Mission Recovery: Interview with Ron Smedley

Is addiction being adequately discussed in church? Ron Smedley is a pastor, as well as the Executive Director of Mission Recovery, a project of S.A.V.E. (Survivors and Victims Empowered) that seeks to advocate and educate regarding addictions, including opiate addictions. He has also been a parole officer and a caseworker with Child Protective Services, and is currently a trustee on the local school board as well as serving on several other boards for non-profits. Today he joins Cinthia to...


A Life of Listening: Interview with Dr. Leighton Ford

In a world of soundbytes, really listening to each other can seem a dying art, one that takes more energy and time than we want to allow. But we have a God Who listens to us, Who truly attends to us. Following His example requires learning how to listen to Him and to others -- and even to ourselves. Today's guest is Dr. Leighton Ford, a man who some say has mentored more people (especially Christian leaders) than anyone else alive! He and his wife Jean began a ministry to Christian leaders...


What Has to Die In Order For You to Live?

We hold on so tightly to the things we think give us life. We fear loss and change, and we desperately cling to our own self-definitions. But so often God knows we are hanging onto the things that kill us, thinking they are our salvation. He longs to give us life, real life, but to do so He has to kill parts of us that are choking the life out of who we were meant to be. Today Cinthia revisits an excerpt from her book God Wants You Truly Living, Not Walking Dead. Are you willing to let God...


Are You Just Tired? Or Actually Weary?

Our culture tends to value accomplishment, busyness, and a fast pace. We may not always get the sleep we need, and describing ourselves as "tired" is common. Tired, however, is different than weary. Weary is a deeper problem, and it needs a deeper remedy. If you feel beaten down, if apathy is creeping into your life, if pain and loss of hope are nipping at your heels, join Cinthia to consider what kind of refreshment your heart, mind, and body need today.


Is It God or Coincidence? Interview: Rob Ekno

Have you ever wondered if events in your life were orchestrated by God or happened coincidentally? Rob Ekno, who once lost a thriving broadcasting career to drugs and alcohol, is celebrating 28 years of sobriety this fall! Today he joins Cinthia to discuss his book Is It God or Coincidence? Coming to Grips with the Unexpected Wonders in Life. Sometimes life is confusing, but Rob Ekno encourages us to be open to see God at work in our lives.


Interview: Ruth Graham- Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself

Forgiveness is one of the toughest issues we face in life, whether we are struggling to forgive ourselves, people we love, or people we never want to see again. Today Cinthia is delighted to welcome Ruth Graham for a discussion of her book Forgiving My Father, Forgiving Myself. Ruth Graham describes her own realization that she knew nothing about forgiveness after a visit to men on death row at Angola Prison, as well as what she learned about what forgiveness is and is not. If you have ever...


Loving Your Enemy: The Antidote for Loneliness

Loneliness is about more than how many people we have around us or what level of contact we keep with others. The relationships we have with ourselves drastically influence the relationships we have with each other, which means that the work of reducing loneliness may need to begin inside us. Today, Cinthia encourages us to look at what’s really going on inside us. Are we judgmental of ourselves and others? Do we get angry about the things that disturb God, or are we fighting and ranting...


The Church, Relationships, and Generation Z: Interview with Josh McDowell

Loneliness has reached pandemic proportions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies are showing loneliness, suicide, and other troubling relationship-oriented problems to be skyrocketing. Today Cinthia is thrilled to talk with Josh McDowell about the impact of the current circumstances on Generation Z. The two note that our society’s emotional state going into the pandemic contributed to this but also discuss ways that contributing to the lives of others, even while locked down and isolated,...


Irritating and Annoying Habits People May Not Know They Have, Part 3 (orig. 5-12-19)

When is it appropriate to confront someone else's annoying habit? Is it healthy to self-censor regarding our own habits? Cinthia continues her discussion of irritating and annoying habits we and others may display that inadvertently get in the way of social enjoyment, relationship intimacy, or business success.


The Book of Job: My Name Is Suffering

Pain has been part of life on earth since Adam and Eve ate the fruit. Sometimes it becomes so intense that we wonder where God is or how such pain can exist when a loving God is ultimately sovereign. Today Cinthia discusses the Book of Job and what God does with the suffering that plagues His creation.


I Am the Same Yesterday and Today and Forever

Object constancy is the ability to trust relationships to survive despite conflict, absence, or other difficulty. This doesn't come easily for everyone, especially if it didn't develop well in childhood, and some people may find themselves thinking a relationship is over anytime they have a fight. Others seem to act as though the relationship is irrelevant whenever their partner is out of the room. But Jesus told us that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and that He is with us...


Anger and Domestic Violence, with Interview: Michael Clark

Have you ever met anyone who just seemed angry all the time? Have you ever been that person? Have you ever pushed anger down to the point that it was running your life without even being acknowledged? Anger is a healthy, normal emotion, one that is given to us by God for a purpose. It's a great place to visit but a terrible place to live. Today Cinthia discusses what to do with our anger so that it helps us and those around us instead of destroying us and them. She is joined in the latter...





Critical Thinking Skills Bring Peace, with Interview: Michael Brown

The term "critical thinking" is popular in education these days, but actual critical thinking often takes a back seat to villainizing each other, ranting, and even name-calling. Christians, unfortunately, are vulnerable to this, too, and we are currently divided over a number of issues, not the least of which is Donald Trump. Is he sent from God? Is he the enemy? Today Cinthia discusses what it means to think critically, then talks with Michael Brown about his ideas concerning evangelicals'...


Loving My Enemy: Why Am I So Angry?

What made Jesus angry? What makes you angry? Anger is normal and healthy; God feels it and gave us the ability to feel it for a reason. But living with ongoing, unresolved anger can be harmful, and anger can begin to inordinately influence our health, relationships, decisions, and lives. Today Cinthia discusses the purpose of anger, what it does in our bodies and brains, warning signs that anger is playing too powerful a role, and managing anger well.


Fear and COVID-19 AND Interview: Bruce Bruinsma

COVID-19 has struck fear into the hearts of people across the nation and around the world, and those considered to be in "vulnerable" populations may especially receive the message that they should be afraid. For some of us, though, fear is a familiar foe. Today Cinthia begins by looking at fear in general and is then joined by Bruce Bruinsma, author of Retirement Reformation and leader of a movement by the same name. Mr. Bruinsma asserts that, instead of conforming to the portrayal of...


You Have the Liberty to Be Free

How free are you? Do you truly experience liberty? Liberty and freedom are big concepts with big implications for politics, but they are also important concepts for those of us seeking to live our best lives, be our own best versions, and generally manage ourselves and our lives in healthy ways. Victor Frankl, for example, lived for years in concentration camps and found that he and other captives experienced differing levels of internal liberty, despite being equally deprived of their...