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Dash is you. Dash is your life which should be filled with wise choices, adding life to your living, bringing forth total change for the total man, body, mind, and spirit. Freeing one to know their identity yielding direction, scope, purpose, and value - a new quality​​ of living.

Dash is you. Dash is your life which should be filled with wise choices, adding life to your living, bringing forth total change for the total man, body, mind, and spirit. Freeing one to know their identity yielding direction, scope, purpose, and value - a new quality​​ of living.
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Dash is you. Dash is your life which should be filled with wise choices, adding life to your living, bringing forth total change for the total man, body, mind, and spirit. Freeing one to know their identity yielding direction, scope, purpose, and value - a new quality​​ of living.






Dash Classics Vol. 2: Deciding What's Best Not Just What's Good

Dash Classics Vol. 2 Revisiting


Singing Your Thanks To The Lord

Singing has always played an important role in the worship of God. Why should God’s people sing? It is not merely, as some have suggested, to prepare worshipers for the sermon. Rather, we sing because it is an effective way to express our adoration, our supplication, our praise, or our testimony. Through song we praise the Lord and edify one another.


We Are Far Too Easily Displeased

Is God only good if your life is going the way you want it? While no Christian perfectly holds their tongue (James 3:1-10) and therefore Christians do erupt with grumbling and disputing at times, because God is at work in us, that diminishes in the individual Christian over time as they are conformed into the image of Christ. This week Dr. Dixon teaches that “We Are Far Too Easily Displeased”


How Is It Possible To Obey

God loves us, and He wants us to live blessed, peaceful, and thankful lives, so He commands us to be thankful, and tells us what kinds of things to think about. Now it is our turn to love Him and ourselves enough to obey. Let’s be diligent to obey God, and be thankful. This week Dr. Dixon is teaching, “How Is It Possible To Obey”


How Can We Be Thankful In All Circumstances

Is there something painful, disappointing or frustrating in your life that makes it hard to be grateful? How can you give thanks in your circumstances even when you can’t see anything good in them? Are you thankful no matter what? This week Dr. Dixon teaches “How Can We Be Thankful In All Circumstances”


Building Spiritual Habits 2.0

Habits are more than just discipline. They are based on REWARD. The secret of all spiritual discipline is not pain: It’s pleasure! Interested? By forming good spiritual habits we position ourselves in the paths of God’s grace. Habits free us from being distracted by our own actions and techniques so our attention can focus on God.


Life Lessons

We have to choose to let annoyances pass, to forgive, to be kind, to respect, to support, to be faithful. Sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s incredibly hard, but it is up to us to choose how we want to act, think and speak. Life can change in an instant. Make sure you appreciate what you have, while you still have it.


The Paradoxical Power of Humility

Humility doesn’t makes sense in our world. Humility calls for you to be courteous, respectful and patient in a world that is shrill, disrespectful and intolerant. So to be humble is to be unreasonable. Humility goes against the grain of reason because this virtue compels you to not think about yourself in a world that is obsessed with itself.


How Humility will Yield Happiness in your Life

Humility enables you to be honest with yourself, it impels you to commit to your full potential to God, and that prepares you to be filled with the Holy Spirit, this is the way to happiness. Build your life on the foundation of humility, because it is the way to happiness.


The Power of Humility

When we think about what it looks like to live as a Christian, we often forget many of the inner heart virtues that lead to the outward behaviors that would make our list. In the Beatitudes, which describe the character of the person who is a citizen of God’s kingdom, Jesus starts with humility. Humility serves as the root of our growth as believers. However, our growth can be stunted by allowing ourselves to become prideful and arrogant. Thus, on today’s podcast, Dr. Dixon gives us the...


Seize the Opportunity to Serve

Life is all about taking the opportunities God gives us and going for it! One day you and I will stand before Jesus and He’ll ask us, “What did you do with all that time I gave you?” “What did you do with all that truth?” “What did you do with those opportunities?” With these questions in mind, what would your respond be?


Part 3 | Why Are You Here? (Don't Look at Your Problems, Look at God)

Life is a series of problem-solving opportunities. The problems you face will either defeat you or develop you depending on how you respond to them. When we live by faith, we don’t look at our problems, we look upon God. God has everything under control and we live out what we believe in our actions, in our thoughts, and in our words.


Part 2 | Why Are You Here? (Pray Don't Panic)

When you face unusual circumstances or when God tells you to move unconventionally, pressure, fear, tension, frustration can build up, and you can begin to panic! When this happens, remember to fix your thoughts on God and pray first. For prayer is a tremendous stress reliever, it can be your safety valve.


Part 1 | Why Are You Here? (How to Turn Worry into Worship)

There's an old Greek proverb that says, "The bow that is always bent will soon break." What that proverb seems to be implying is that the bow that is always under pressure, that never has an opportunity to release or let go, will soon break into a million pieces. If there was ever a proverb that fits the society in which we live, this is it. What are the most common triggers for worry in your life? What impact has worry had on your life? How has it hindered you from fully trusting and...


God's Goodness Pursues You

God does not force anyone against their will. In His great goodness and long-suffering toward mankind, God draws and implores us toward His way – so that He, according to His own laws, can pour out His riches of goodness over us. The question is, do you want to be one of these people?


How to Take the First Step to Integrity

Let’s take a quick assessment test: What area of your life have you chosen to keep separate or hide from your family? How has it affected you spiritually, emotionally, and physically? Why would God want you to confess your sins when he already knows what they are? How can your sin affect other people, even when they don’t know about it? Think about this “Your Choices Determine Your Character. Choosing to live a blessed life involves you deciding to use integrity.


Six Ways to Work on Your Integrity

I have a few questions that I want you to ponder upon today: How do you keep from listening to or encouraging gossip? What promises have you not kept that you need to follow through on for the sake of your integrity? How would you change the way you act and perform at work if God was sitting in your boss’ office and checking up on your work? Chew on these three questions as you listen to today’s podcast with Dr. Dixon, the six ways to work on your integrity.


How to Pray God's Blessings

Do you want to know the answer to everything in your life? Listen closely ... it’s prayer! Prayer is communicating with God, our Creator. Prayer is aligning our will with His; Prayer is praising God and acknowledging who He is. Prayer is also humbling ourselves to make requests of Him and having faith He will answer them. When you pray, God moves on your behalf, and when God moves in your life, things get exciting. For prayer is the key to you experiencing God’s blessings in your life.


Three Ways to Maintain Your Integrity

Do you want to know the main key to a best life .... having integrity? Integrity is being honest and having strong moral and ethical convictions and making the best decisions in every situation. For example, when faced with a challenge or obstacle, what does your character - your integrity reveal about you? Do you use your integrity when no one is watching you, or is it an afterthought? Are you the type of person who will go against the grain with your integrity intact or go with the flow...


The Law of Increase by Association

God wants the best for your life, and that includes the people you associate with for example, if you connect with people who gossip, lie, manipulate, and have character flaws you’ll end up seeing their way of life rub off on you. On the other hand, if you associate with people who are pursuing and following after the things of God, you will see an increase in your life exponentially. So remember, who you connect with determines the outcome of your future, thus, you should choose your...