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019: How to Receive Revelation for Your Business with Mechanical Engineer Ron Derrick

Ron Derrick is the principal engineer, designer and consultant at Derrick Mechanical, a mechanical engineering firm specializing in metals mining, energy, industrial materials, heavy manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and other industrial support services. Ron lives in Arizona with Andrea, his wife of 25 years and they are the parents of seven children. What We'll Cover: The type of engineering Ron specializes in and how he went from being an employee to a one-man consulting, design...


018: Sanctified Ambition and How We Can Be Motivated By What Really Matters with Author Arvell Craig

Arvell Craig unofficially began his start in business at the age of 9, cutting "fades and fro’s" for neighbors, family and friends in Detroit, Michigan. This continued throughout elementary, high school and college. While still an undergraduate, he eventually laid down the clippers to take up slicing Photoshop files to build websites and marketing material for small businesses. Officially, Arvell has worked the past 16 years as a digital marketer and entrepreneur. He holds a B.S. in...


017: Embrace Your Inner Millionaire with OverFlow Coach Monique Caradine

Monique Caradine-Kitchens, author of How to Embrace Your Inner Millionaire: 8 Simple Steps You Can Take RIGHT NOW That Will Put You on the Path to Abundance, is known as the OverFlow Coach. She helps women fix their relationship with money so they can stop worrying about it, stressing over it, and chasing after it. She’s helped hundreds of women develop a foundation for lasting wealth through her step-by-step coaching programs and workshops. Learn more at www.MyInnerMillionaire.com. What...


016: The Divine Drive to Build a Business as a Calling with Mentor and Consultant Tony Bass

Tony Bass is the CEO of Super Lawn Technologies and Tony Bass Consulting. He works with lawn and landscape business owners who would like to double profits or double sales in 12 to 24 months and he isn't afraid to let his faith show in the process. He believes in business as a calling with the power to change the world. Tony loves his wife, his two kids, dove hunting with his dad and making videos for his students while he drives in his car. Tony and his family live in Georgia and like to...


015: Aligning Your Faith, Finances and Purpose with Financial Deliverance Coach Stephen De Silva

Stephen began his career in 1985 as a certified public accountant, where he excelled in auditing, tax preparation, and peer review compliance services. In 1995, Stephen formed his own professional corporation serving non-profit, pastoral, and itinerant ministries and organizations. In the same year, he joined Bethel Church of Redding to serve as chief financial officer and member of their senior leadership team. After two decades of learning and growing, Stephen has transitioned to create...


014: Healing Music Mends Our Brokenness with Singer-Songwriter Kathi Wilson

Kathi Wilson is a psalmist and songwriter who prayed for the gift of healing music. Her music is known for its healing effect on the mind, body and spirit. Drawn from the well of her own pain and suffering, Kathi’s music lifts up prayers to God and reminds us of His love for and commitment to us. Her music and work ministers to the brokenness in all of us. Join our conversation to discover more about the force of creation that drives this remarkable and talented woman. Learn more at...


012: D.I.S.C.O.V.E.R. the Secrets to Building Effective Teams with Consultant John Boyd

John Boyd is a team intelligence and employee engagement expert. A good part of the work he’s done over the years has been with tech companies. In fact, John says, “I love how innovative technology solves problems for business, and I enjoy being a part of teams of people that work together to bring those technologies to market.” John is the founder of Dyalogic, a consulting company devoted to helping teams of all kinds to adapt and unify by consistently discovering truth through dialogue...


011 – Working Together in Partnership with God with Mompreneur Crystal Obey

Crystal Obey is a copywriter, business owner and mompreneur of three who has been married to her husband Anthony for 15 years. Together they run CopyCouple.com, a copywriting and marketing strategy consultancy serving clients around the world, and Tony Crystal Labs, an online hair care education and hair care products business that is the perfect example of their marketing strategies in practice. Crystal and Anthony work together at home with their three young children, so Crystal is...


010: Social Media Matters and More with Expert Marketer Heather Heuman

Heather Heuman is a social media consultant, strategist and speaker who loves diving into the trenches with clients to help them see that social media can give them great results for their business or organization. She is the founder of ElizabethtownFamily.com, a digital marketing company/blog connecting a community near Fort Knox, Kentucky, and the founder of Sweet Tea Social Marketing. There’s a whole lot more to Heather than just those titles and tech terms in social media. Top...


009: Building a Business as a Ministry with Skate Park Owner Kim D’Arezzo

In 2012, Kim D’Arezzo and her husband Brian bought an indoor skate Park in Queen Creek, Arizona. Today it's a hot spot for famous YouTubers and scooter enthusiasts looking for a wholesome environment. The funny thing is Kim and Brian take NO MONEY out of the business. It is their ministry which they have used to train their children—Kaylee, Justin and Jacob—to be skilled, responsible and proactive business owners, and where they continue to train other teens to do the same. Now if you're a...


008: Living the Golden Rule in Business with Realtor Randy Dix

Randy Dix has built a thriving residential real estate practice in Gilbert, Arizona by Living the Golden Rule in all he does. He works with his daughter Janine Igliane and together they sold over 100 homes in 2016. The secret to their sales success is developing business and marketing systems that both streamline and expedite the home sales process. After listing my rental property with them last year (and following all of their advice from painting to staging), the home sold in 5 days....


007 – Viewing Convicted Criminals as Children of God with Forensic Psychologist Jason Frizzell

Dr. Jason Frizzell previously served as a chief psychologist in the Arizona Department of Corrections where he developed programs such as mental health awareness training for corrections personnel, conducted psychotherapy with mentally ill offenders, and provided supervision for other mental health professionals seeking state licensure. He is now employed as a forensic psychologist by the Maricopa County Competency Evaluation Program where he conducts psychological evaluations for the...


006: Developing an Abundance Mentality with Terry Davis

Terry Davis is an author, attorney, business coach and abundance mentor. He is the founder of SmartBizUniversity.com, an online mentoring and business development training program for small and medium sized businesses. He has served as counsel for several successful startups, including the company that first introduced global Internet service to the commercial cruise-line industry. His book Receive and Achieve…Now! 15 Bible Secrets on How to Find Joy, Success & Abundance in Small Business...


GABT 005: Investigative Reporter Finds God with Mike Wendland

For the first time ever, investigative reporter Mike Wendland shares the story of his conversion. When one woman dares to send a letter to his television station quoting the Bible, his not-so-kind response sends him down a rabbit hole of transformation no one ever could have predicted. Don't miss this episode where Mike reveals what it's like to be a renowned, award-winning reporter (18 Emmy Awards) dealing with death, deceit and corruption on a daily basis. He shares his thoughts on the...


004: How to Connect with God through Visual Arts with Priscilla Williams

Priscilla Williams is a Methodist minister turned full-time fine artist. In addition to painting works of art in partnership with God, her specialty is teaching others to connect with God via the visual language of art, either through the creation of art or through the inspired observation of art, also known as Glory Gazing. If you are looking to connect with God in new and different ways or have an interest in the creative arts, this episode is for you! In this episode, you will learn:...


003: Feeding Disorders, Dancing, and the Power of Prayer in Business with Dixie Roberts

Dixie Roberts is a Speech/Language Pathologist and Feeding Disorder Therapist who specializes in working with children ages 3 months to 14 years who fall on the Autistic Spectrum. She was inspired at a young age to work with children but needed God’s guidance and help in discovering just what that meant…and she received it. As she pursues a career that fulfills her life purpose, she continues to involve God in the process by praying about every client referral and keeping an “eternal...


002: How Child Abuse Prepared Me for My Life Purpose with Suzette Wynder Bendt

Suzette is a poet, parent, prison guard, painter and custom quilter. Although a victim of child abuse, Suzette always heard the voice of God telling her she was loved and that He had a purpose for her life. In elementary school, she made a vow to never let a child pass her by without knowing that they are loved. She grew up to work with children as a juvenile detention officer working with boys in the state of Florida (many of them also suffering from child abuse) where she was known as...


001: How to Stay Connected to God in a Busy Business World with Christa Trantham

Christa Trantham is a business and marketing coach and is business manager at Coach Blueprint, TexInspect, and the Millionaire Inspector Community in North Richland Hills, Texas. She has been key in the development of multiple million dollar home inspection firms and other businesses and regularly involves God in all her business practices. She is also co-author of the book Success Secrets to Live By. In this episode, Christa reveals the importance of connecting with God daily using...


000: Welcome to the God and Business Today Podcast

This episode will tell you a little bit about what to expect from the podcast, why you might want to listen, some of the types of people we’ll hear from, where to find the podcast and additional resources online, and a little bit about me, Tami Call, and why I decided to start this podcast. What Is God and Business Today? God and Business Today explores the role of God, faith and prayer in the lives of entrepreneurs, business owners and experts around the world. I do this with two purposes...