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A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.

A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.


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A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.






5 Steps To Trust God With All Your Heart

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how great is your confidence in God? When you were a kid, did you ever pick a daisy or a spring flower and pull off the petals one at a time saying, "She loves me, she loves me not; she loves me, she loves me not"? Almost always, you end up with the "she loves me not" finish. In romance, a divided heart leaves you unsatisfied. You want to know that someone is fully committed to you and that his or her heart, as the case may be, is not divided.


Why Is It So Hard To Trust Or Not Trust?

Suppose that you are the King of Luxembourg, and you learn that your small kingdom is about to be invaded by Germany. Would you be more comfortable having a non-aggression treaty with France, Britain and Switzerland or relying upon the words of a prophet saying that if your heart is fully committed to the Lord, God will see you through and deliver you?


Learn How To Give Your All

On October 21, 1855, a Sunday school teacher by the name of Ed Kimball went to the store where one of his students was working, and there in a back room, Kimball challenged Dwight Moody to become a Christian. Raised by a Unitarian mother, young Dwight knew about God, but under Kimball he came to know Jesus Christ. Later known as D. L. Moody, this man had a powerful exuberance for God. Leaving school to work in his uncle's shoe store, Moody never got an advanced education. His grammar was...


This Is What To Do When Satan Stops You

If you think that life today is not an ongoing spiritual war with battle lines clearly drawn, you simply aren't aware of what is happening today in every sphere of life, and need to raise your spiritual awareness. Some see a devil behind every dark bush and give Satan far more credit than he deserves, yet the reality is that he is alive and well. He stands in opposition to God, His nature and character, and—yes, let's face it—His children as well. And if you are God's child, that's where you...


How Valuable Are You?

How valuable are you anyway? Are you worth your weight in diamonds or rubies? Or even rice or potatoes? Scores of people today feel that their worth is not even that of straw. They struggle with feelings of worthlessness and inadequacies, completely overwhelmed by their feelings of inferiority, and the more they think about it, the worse the situation becomes.


How Do I Continue To Love Others?

Alan Travers told about it in a Trans World Radio publication. He was ministering in a church which had been infiltrated by Communist agents who reported everything that was said and done. He wrote, "One of the men in the church was pointed out to me as the government spy who would report to the police the next day everything that was said in church that morning. I was not surprised that there was such an informer there, but what did surprise me was that during the morning prayer session...


Learn More About The Sickness Of Sin

In the comedy, "The Three Stooges," there is a scene where Curly and Moe are angry with each other. The smaller of the two men always comes out being the loser, so Curly says, "I'm going to strap a stick of dynamite to my chest, so the next time he hits me, he'll get blown up!" Sure! That's what happens when you plot revenge on someone who has hurt you. Revenge not only destroys your enemy; it destroys you at the same time.


How Do I Choose Forgiveness Over Revenge or Repression?

The judge called it "strength." The prosecutor called it "refreshing." And the general public called it "crazy!" It was the response of forgiveness which a 70 year-old woman had towards the man who cut her throat and sexually assaulted her.


This Is What You Can Learn From A Church of Birds

An unknown pundit wrote the following: "A group of birds decided to form a church. So they called a meeting and the duck stood up and said, 'I think we should require baptism by immersion. It's the only way we can get their pocketbooks wet.' But the rooster said, 'No, we should baptize people by sprinkling...many people dislike the embarrassment of getting wet all over.' So the argument went on.


Does God Have A Sense of Humor?

"Does God really lack a sense of humor?" That question was the lead sentence in an article that crossed my desk. I read the article and got to thinking about it. John Dart, writing for the L. A. Times, asked some provocative questions and started me thinking. Does God have a sense of humor?


Start Understanding God‘s Answers

"Dear Dr. Sala," writes a friend of Guidelines. "Your messages…are uplifting. I oftentimes tell myself, what is life for? Why should one person be more hurt than others? Why must one's life be lived until you succumb to death? Why can't one evaporate, vanish on one's command, if life is untenable? Can you give some answers to these questions?"


How To Trust In God And Take Responsibility

"Dear Dr. Sala," writes a listener. "First and foremost, I'm mad. Really mad at my life. It's the pits. All of my life, God has been unfair to me. He put me in a dysfunctional family, made me endure things you wouldn't imagine possible and made me ugly. I feel so ugly because people respond to me in a way that I don't like." The last sentence reads, "I wrote this as a last resort." And it is signed, "Whipsawed by Confusion."


Steps To Healing From Emotional Hurt

What do you do when your head and your heart don't agree, besides hurting a lot? A young woman who is a Christian, unhappily married and wanting to find the right person and marry, meets a man, usually married and a few years older than she, and he begins to give her attention. He makes her feel important and tells her how turned on he is by her, that she is exactly what he has been looking for all his life.


Start Living Each Day With Integrity

A couple wanting to spend a quiet lunch together, away from the spying eyes of the office help, picked up a pizza and headed for a nearby park. When the box was opened, however, they found not only the pizza but the funds from the restaurant's previous day's business which had been hidden in the box for safekeeping. Fearing that they might be accused of theft, they immediately returned the money; whereupon, the owner of the shop, so impressed at their honesty, said, "Let me call the...


How To View Eternity

"Our 747 was traveling between the Philippines and Hawaii," wrote John N. Powell, "and we had just passed the point of no return. It was a cold, stormy night and the plane reciprocated with creaks and groans as it lurched up and down in the wintry storm. Half the passengers were asleep and the other half, like me, were watching the movie with one eye half open.


Learn How To Seek God‘s Wisdom

Long before the age of computers, e. e. cummings, the English author and philosopher, asked the question, "With all our knowledge, what has happened to wisdom?" Another English writer, Samuel Johnson, described the lack of wisdom in his generation as a "mental disease." Centuries before, Solomon decried the lack of wisdom and then wrote, "A wise man will hear and increase in learning. And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel" (Proverbs 1:5-6, NASB). Solomon then pictured wisdom...


5 Love Languages Explained

"My husband doesn't love me! The only time he says he loves me is when he wants something." I have heard those words more than once, and I usually prod a bit deeper, asking questions like, "Is he faithful to you? Does he support you and the family? Does he share in the responsibilities of the house? Take care of the kids? Bathe and change the baby? Carry out the trash? Ever give you a compliment? Take you out for dinner?"


How Do I Work Through My Bitterness?

A certain woman, bitten by a dog suspected of having rabies, was immediately rushed to a hospital where she was treated and left in an adjacent room until it could be determined whether or not the dog had rabies. As you probably know, treatment for rabies is painful and expensive. If it can be determined that an animal is not infected, it saves a great deal of trouble and anxiety. An intern on duty explained the seriousness of the situation to the woman, and then was called to other duties.


Is It Ok To Ask God Why?

Dear Dr. Sala, can you explain why God let my dog get hit by a car and die?" There are some questions that even theologians struggle to answer. So should a parent tell a youngster than his dog is now with Jesus in heaven? Or should he or she tell him that when animals die, that's it? Or what should a parent say to assuage the loss of a child's pet? Many adults do not really understand the bond that exists between a child and his pet. When I was a youngster I had a dog that was my constant...


How To Lean On God When Losing A Baby

Nothing can be more devastating in life that for a woman to carry an infant for almost nine months and then lose that child, or to have an infant snatched from her arms in death. That's when the question, "Why?" is poured out in scalding tears and agony.