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A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.

A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.


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A 5-minute daily devotional to help you fully live the life God has designed for you.






Six Things To Ask God For

A youth was speaking admirably of his father when he said, "When Dad's in trouble, he almost always prays." Many of us are like that. When we're facing danger, we are quick to call on the Almighty to get us out of a tough spot. Many of our prayers are filled with rather personal requests--"Lord, give me this and give me that"--often asking for financial blessings, which we tend to think would solve all our problems.


Do My Prayers Really Reach Heaven?

When the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him to teach them to pray, He said, "This is how you should pray: 'Our Father in heaven...'" Stop! But just where is heaven? Literally the words are "in the heavens." The space that surrounds planet earth is really pretty vast, right? Is this what He is talking about? Yet, if you are in China and look overhead, you're looking at the opposite direction of our friends in Quito, Ecuador who are listening to this program. Just where is the dwelling...


Understanding The Lord’s Prayer

"To be a Christian without prayer," said Martin Luther, "is no more possible than to be alive without breathing." Yet, so often, we voice words mechanically and perfunctorily, and fail to grasp the meaning behind them. How often have you prayed, "Our Father who art in heaven..." and repeated a prayer by rote, without even thinking of what you were saying?


Learn How To Pray

Those of you who are familiar with computers are aware of pull-down menus. When you touch one item, a whole series of possibilities opens up before you. Such is the way it is with 57 Greek words which, translated into English, constitute a prayer we commonly refer to as The Lord's Prayer. Each phrase in this dynamic prayer opens powerful vistas of spiritual insight and potential.


Where Should I Put My Money?

"I've always had a heart for missions and the needy," writes a Guidelines' friend, "and our church does not support Christian missions. Sometimes I don't approve the decisions of the church and how the money is used. A bit extravagant at times.... What is right in God's eyes?"


The Only Way To Have It All

In his famous sermon on money, John Wesley advised, "Get all you can, save all you can, give all you can." Today--some 200+ years later--we understand the part about getting all you can, especially without having to work very hard for it. But the saving and giving parts of it are often misunderstood today.


Why Is Giving Important?

I had just flown into a rather primitive area in Northern Luzon, a tribal area of the Philippines, where Bible translators from Wycliffe had given the New Testament to a group who were reading it for the first time. Along towards evening, men came from the fields and women and children joined their husbands in assembling in the group house to hear the Good News.


This Is The Truth About Stewardship

There are only three things that you can do with it: 1. Save it; 2. Spend it; and 3. Give it away. It's money--the most explosive and troublesome issue involving families today. It isn't really how much you have, or how little you have, but what you do with what you have. The handling of money is the #1 problem facing people today. Our problem, simply put, is that we spend far too much, save far too little, and end up with nothing to give.


Learn Who Your Tithe Belongs To

“Good morning Dr. Sala,” writes a friend of Guidelines, “I have a question to ask you. I am confused about tithing, and I want to be obedient to God’s Word. I understand a tenth is required, and in Malachi 3:10 that it should be brought into the storehouse which I assume means the church. I have been giving half to church and another half [to missions]. Sometimes I don’t approve of the decisions of the church and how the money is used. What is right in God’s eyes?”


How To Make A Difference

There is a mindset today which paralyzes our good intentions and causes our heads to turn from that which is unpleasant and causes us discomfort. It's the mentality that the needs of the world are so great, and our personal ability to make a difference is so tiny and inconsequential, that what we can do to change anything just doesn't count. So, the end result is that we do nothing.


4 Qualities We Can Learn From David

"We took on Goliath!" advertises a small business whose product is overshadowed by a major manufacturer. The David versus Goliath syndrome means the little guy goes against the giant. There are times when the little guy goes against the big one and gets flattened like a steamroller does a stray cat. But what's the real story behind the confrontation of David with Goliath long ago?


What Does It Mean to Invest In Heaven?

Jesus illustrated great truths with human interest stories. One of them involved a wealthy man who turned over his estate to three men, entrusting each with a certain amount of wealth. Today we use dollars, yen, pesos or euros (depending on who has issued the currency) to measure wealth, but in Jesus' day the unit of measurement was a talent. Our English word for talent is a transliteration of the Greek word, the one Jesus used, which was talanton. A single talent in Roman days represented...


What Do You Do With Your Investments?

"Do you have investments?" a businessman asked me, "and what do you invest in?" I explained that I had some rather large investments, but they were not subject to the whims of markets and a capricious economy. I told them that I had invested my life in the kingdom of God--in people around the world, which included my children and family. From the look that I got as I explained what was important in my life, I recognized that we were on different pages when it came to what we consider...


Where Do You Invest Yourself?

If you were asked, "What do you invest in?" I suspect that you would mention stocks, bonds, real estate, or perhaps precious metals. Or you might say, "You've got to be kidding. We're fortunate to have enough to buy rice and fish for dinner tonight!"


How To Bear Each Other’s Burdens

There are times when you can help a person the most by not helping that person at all. Sounds contradictory? Let me illustrate. There's a word which is wafted about quite freely: codependency. It's one of those buzzwords among people who are trying to overcome some of the problems they grew up with.


Learn About The Truth of Servanthood

A brilliant young Oxford don, H.A. Hodges, was an agnostic, and felt that it was not intellectually honest to profess a belief in God, since he was certain that nobody could really prove His existence. But of course, he also acknowledged that the existence of God could not be disproven. He just wasn't sure and decided to remain neutral. One day, however, he strolled down Oxford's main thoroughfare and stopped before a store window. His interest was captured by a painting, a rather simple one...


How To Respond To The Pain Of Someone Suffering

Whenever I go overseas on a mission's ministry, someone always says, "Hey, can't you find enough hurting people where you are without going to the trouble and expense of traveling?"


2 Guidelines For Dealing With Difficult People

When you have a difficult person in your life—and who doesn't? —you have four basic options—much the same as how you would deal with a pair of shoes that hurt your feet because a nail has worked its way through the sole. You can walk away from him, ignore him — perhaps getting calloused to his difficult personality, put some space between you and him (which allows you to live with the situation) or respond to the difficult person, which allows you to cope. Usually this is the most positive...


Here Is Why Touch Can Be Healing

Dr. Harold Voth, who served as senior psychiatrist at the Menninger Clinic for many years, was one of the leading voices in the 20th century for health care and mental illness. Dr. Voth used to say, "Hugging is an excellent tonic." He contended that it has been scientifically demonstrated that people who are mentally run-down and depressed are far more prone to sickness than those who are not. Hugging, he says, can lift depression, enabling a body's immune system to become toned up. He says...


How Do I Know When It Is Time To Quit?

How do you know when to say, "when!" How do you know when it's time to hang it up and quit? Do you grit your teeth and say, "They will have to take me out feet first," or do you see the handwriting on the wall, and you know it's time to say, "when?" Do you grasp the golden parachute, as they call a good retirement in business, or do you wait until they give you ten minutes to clean out your desk and a security guard walks you to the door and you are history?