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What’s the Point?

It can be comforting to pray about what we need or hope for from God, but what if true peace is found in prayer that’s focused on something else? The post What’s the Point? appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


Capturing Christmas

What if we went into Christmas with an intentional plan to capture Christmas? The post Capturing Christmas appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


Capturing Christmas | Trailer

The post Capturing Christmas | Trailer appeared first on Hoboken Grace.

Something to Talk About

If you were to engage God without asking for anything, would you have anything to talk about? The post Something to Talk About appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


Who’s Talking?

We all present ourselves a certain way depending on who we’re talking to. But is that truly necessary when we pray? The post Who’s Talking? appeared first on Hoboken Grace.



Life can make inner peace seem very elusive, but does it have to be? The post Peace appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


An Interesting Investment

It’s easy to invest in image, entertainment, and security, but what if we invested in something far more significant? The post An Interesting Investment appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


A Safe Space

We want to be known, but do we create a safe space for others to be known? This week we take a look at the words of Paul for how we can engage every individual in the community we are creating. The post A Safe Space appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


Bonus Content

It’s not just about how to leave loneliness ourselves, but can we help those around us do the same? In this week’s bonus conversation, Pastor Chris walks through practical ways we can walk alongside those that are still searching for community. The post Bonus Content appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


Masters of the Mask

We have become really good at creating a brand or image that really isn’t who we truly are. What if we decide that being known is better than hiding? The post Masters of the Mask appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


The Plan

What does it look like to build healthy community for ourselves and for others? This week we look to the life of Paul to find out. The post The Plan appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


It Opens The Door

It’s one thing to know you should leave loneliness behind but it’s another thing to understand how. This week we begin the journey to understanding “how”. The post It Opens The Door appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


What Sustains

As we head into fall, what are you focused on? We often think we know what sustains us, but what if there was something even bigger than ourselves that could truly sustain every one of us? Today Pastor Chris challenges us to discover what that is, and to stop engaging life by thinking what we can take in and begin […] The post What Sustains appeared first on Hoboken Grace.

Love Languages

Labor Day weekend means Worship Sunday at Hoboken Grace! We all have a love language (or two) and God is no different. He loves to be loved through praise and song. So whether you are a singer by trade, or strictly a car singer, you can show God love in this way! To help us in that, the band led […] The post Love Languages appeared first on Hoboken Grace.

Something Incredible

Today we celebrated the past year and all that God has accomplished in and through Hoboken Grace. From Grace Kids to community partnerships to the Home Initiative, Pastor Chris highlighted all of the ways we love and impact our community, and outlined the vision moving forward. “As we look at this new city that God has given us, and this […] The post Something Incredible appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


Call Me Maybe

Pastor Anthony wraps up “Unstuck” in this special online-only finale, so it’s go time to find freedom in how God would take us from stuck to unstuck! Listen as Anthony encourages us to create the space to listen to God and hear what he’s telling us to do in seasons of feeling stuck. Listening to God points us in the direction we […] The post Call Me Maybe appeared first on Hoboken Grace.


Never Gonna Give You Up

When we feel stuck in life, it’s natural to try and find a way out of that feeling. In those times we have a choice. We can try and take our own path or we can partner with God on the solution. Listen as Pastor Anthony walks through why it’s important to depend on God in those seasons where we feel […] The post Never Gonna Give You Up appeared first on Hoboken Grace.

Into The Unknown

Have you ever said to yourself “I feel stuck and I don’t know what to do”? Maybe you feel stuck in your job, relationship, or even in your outlook for the future. No matter what it is, feeling this way can be scary and frustrating, and we have all been there. But what if there is a way out? What […] The post Into The Unknown appeared first on Hoboken Grace.

Our New Home

We started the Home Initiative over a year ago, and today Pastor Chris gives an update on where we are in that journey. This is a historic moment for the church and the years-long journey towards a space from which we can better love and serve the city. The post Our New Home appeared first on Hoboken Grace.

The Fear Factor

Over the past five weeks we have been asking, how can we learn to love the rollercoaster of life? Today’s conversation is about how fear can sometimes control our experience and direction on the ride. Has this fear steered you wrong in the past or have you struggled with allowing it to dictate your decisions? We will all experience fear, […] The post The Fear Factor appeared first on Hoboken Grace.