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Holy Shenanigans shares stories that surprise, encourage, and sometimes even turn life upside down – all in the name of love. Your muse is Tara Lamont Eastman, a creative, feminist and pastor. Join her on a journey of unforgettable spiritual adventure that is always sacred but never stuffy.

Holy Shenanigans shares stories that surprise, encourage, and sometimes even turn life upside down – all in the name of love. Your muse is Tara Lamont Eastman, a creative, feminist and pastor. Join her on a journey of unforgettable spiritual adventure that is always sacred but never stuffy.


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Holy Shenanigans shares stories that surprise, encourage, and sometimes even turn life upside down – all in the name of love. Your muse is Tara Lamont Eastman, a creative, feminist and pastor. Join her on a journey of unforgettable spiritual adventure that is always sacred but never stuffy.






Advocate For Change

Tara talks with writer and agent of change Spencer Burke from Lean Faith about some tools to aid us in times of change: curiosity, courage and community. She ponders letting go of fear and holding on to peace in the midst of change. Let’s take some time together to learn how to be courageous, curious, community-builders. About our guest: Spencer Burke is a widely sought after speaker, coach, trainer and strategist in the field of spiritual innovation. When ministries want to dream or feel...


Parting Words

Tara talks with author and book lover Laura Alary about her new book, Sun In My Tummy, and how all our words, especially the parting ones, call us to be truly known by our love. About our guest: Laura Alary is a writer and storyteller who believes that stories can make us bigger on the inside. She has loved books from the time she could barely clamber up the steps to the book mobile that rolled into her neighborhood once a week. After many years immersed in the academic study of bible and...


Be a Shepherd

Tara talks with pastor, poet, magician and coffee bean roaster John Stephens about the 23rd Psalm as well as how making change requires loving and respectful action. About my guest: John Stevens was born and raised in South-East Idaho, and has spent all of his life living in the Pacific Northwest. John is a pastor in the ELCA, roaster of the blessed bean, dabbler in the art of sleight of hand, and spends a lot of time over at the Dollar Store Children Sermons blog, where he provides...


Muddy Forks & Labyrinths to Feed Your Soul

Tara talks with artist and storyteller Lisa Kaufer from Muddy Fork about how her love of creating feeds her soul. Tara also breaks down a Jesus story about breakfast on a beach. Stick around to see just what you might be peckish for as she asks the question, " What feeds your soul?" About our guest: Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Lisa ventured to the beautiful Southwest to attend the University of Arizona, where she earned degrees in Communication and Spanish. She has always felt...


Live Into the Questions

The long awaited season of Easter is here, and while it’s a time of celebration and new life, I think that it also is a time to live into the questions we have about life. Do you have some questions? So do I. Join Tara for some space to ponder. Support the show


Easter: The Women are here for it!

The long awaited season of Easter - one of NEW LIFE is here - Hallelujah … And I am here for it! This week Rev. Ruth Hetland of ConseCrate Boxes joins Rev. Tara for a conversation about sharing love and support by way of subscription boxes for women clergy - in Episode 84 of Holy Shenanigans Podcast: The Women are here for it! Special Guest Rev. Dr. Ruth Hetland is Interim Senior Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and the founder of ConseCrate Subscription Box,...


Lent 6: Always Dishes, Always Prayer

Mud season in Shenanigansville has got Tara thinking about life in the messy middle. She shares a mantra that grounds her in the sacredness of everyday life. She also offers her original composition I Need To Know You're Here as a space of reflection for you in this sixth week of Lent. Support the show


Lent 5: Fit To Be Untied

Tara and special guest author Mike Morrell have an epic length conversation about love, community, resurrection, spirituality, boundaries and Flaming Carrot Comics. About this week’s guest: Mike Morrell is the collaborating author, with Fr. Richard Rohr, on The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation, founder of Wisdom Camp, and a founding organizer of the justice, arts, and spirituality Wild Goose Festival. Mike curates contemplative and community experiences via Relational...


Lent 4: Mister G's Garden

It's time to celebrate what is lost - being found! Tara talks about the Parable of the Prodigal Son in a new way during this fourth week in Lent. Support the show


Lent 3: Don't Waste a Trip

Our words and actions are a source of blessing or curse. Tara muses about what could be if life was a journey of blessing where "the road rises to meet us." There are no wasted trips this week of St. Patrick’s Day. Support the show


Lent 2: Make Art Not War

Tara and teaching artist Deb Eck have a thoughtful conversation about the life-giving and subversive power in the simple act of making things. Against the backdrop of war, Tara finds words of empowerment in this week's readings for Lent The poem Within this Strange and Quickened Dust is found in The Ordering of Love: The New and Collected Poems of Madeleine L’Engle. To order you own "Sunflower Journal" to support this fundraiser for the children of the Ukraine, visit Deb's website at:...


Lent 1: Soul Nurture

Welcome to Holy Shenanigans and the first week of Lent for 2022. This week’s Jesus story tells of him being tempted to listen to distract voices - ones attempting to derail him from his calling. In this time of Lenten contemplation, Tara offers a song, Teach me to Listen, to center our souls and help us listen to voices of love. There are many ways to practice Lent - how will you nurture your soul over the next 40 days? Support the show


Friend in the Valley

In this week’s podcast: Support the show


Curious Forgiveness

In this week’s podcast, Curious Forgiveness, Jesus calls his followers to love their enemies and we also hear about Joseph of the Technicolor Dream Coat, who uses forgiveness to mend brokenness in his family. In 3 ½ questions about love, Marilyn S. shares her recipe of curiosity and wonder to help us believe in our future. Get ready to take some notes on this week's recipe of love - as well as some advice from the lyrics of Martha Wash’s song, Soaring Free - so this Valentine's Day we “Don’t...


Come & Sit

In this week’s podcast we hear a Jesus story about healing that flips the tables of life as we know it and blesses people in experiences of woe and need. Special guest, Rev. Mack Smith answers 3 ½ questions about love and reminds us that "God loves you like crazy!" Stay tuned for a lively conversation about blessing and healing. Come and sit... Listen to the needs of people around us... And engage in some table flipping, holy shenanigans. In honor of Black History Month, this episode...


Gone Fishin' For Love

Tara muses about being afraid and our need to belong. Along the way she tells a Jesus story about going into deep, unknown waters, talks with an eight-year old about love, and plays a song about finding a sense of home--even in uncharted waters. Support the show


Jesus, Jubilee & Joy

In Jesus, Jubilee, & Joy, Tara tells a story about a teacher who helped her to find her voice. Then she brings that voice-amplifying teacher on to answer 3 ½ Questions About Love. Learn more about Dr. Joy Harris-Smith at her website. Keep on the lookout for her new podcast That PTA Meeting launching soon! Support the show


Make Good News Known

When you have good news you want to share it, make it seen, heard, and known to everyone. I think it springs from compassion, whether it be expressed as a thoughtful act or caring conversation. This episode features remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a portion of his "I have a Dream" speech. This episode also includes a new segment called 3 1/2 Questions about Love, with special guest Laura Hanley. Laura is a board-certified social worker and psychotherapist practicing in the...


Water, Wine & Green Tea

In this week’s podcast we learn how Jesus’ miracle of turning water to wine helps us learn how to do a new thing. How can “imagination help [us] penetrate unseen worlds”? Pass your cup, 'cause there is plenty of good wine (or green tea) to go around… Imagination is the stuff of possibility, innovation and good wine. Support the show


Detour Ahead

Have you ever had to take a detour? This week we learn about the necessity for plans B or C and all the way to Z. We kick off 2022 by taking a plunge into unfamiliar waters. No matter what detour you're facing today, believe that there is another way. Support the show