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Don't Stress About Christmas Shopping - Try This Instead

As a caregiver, do you like shopping? Do you enjoy traffic, crowds, lines, etc? Here's a suggestion that I worked out for fellow caregivers. Get all your shopping done at MyPillow.com and use the promo code: caregiver You'll get a special discount on EVERYTHING on the site!


An Unforgettable Conversation About Sweet Tea

One of my all-time favorite calls to the program! Henry and I discussed Sweet Tea - and his journey as a caregiver.


Author Stephanie Hubach Shares Insights For Parents With Special Needs Children

Author and parent of a special needs son, Stephanie Hubach called the program. Stephanie is also a research fellow in disability ministries at Covenant Theological Seminary. Her new book is titled: Parenting & Disabilities - Abiding in God's Presence. www.stephaniehubach.com Hope for the Caregiver is the family caregiver outreach of Standing With Hope., and is heard weekly on more than 220 stations. The podcast is downloaded in more than 100 countries. Please share this podcast with a...


There Used To Be M & M's

For as long as I can remember, when my father arrived home from reserve duty in the military, he brought each of my brothers and my sister a pack of M & M’s. Extending past his service as a naval officer, he and my mother continued the tradition when we returned from college. Each time we showed up with our luggage (sometimes filled with dirty laundry), we’d walk into our rooms to find a bag of M&M’s waiting on the pillow. When they moved from the house where they raised five sons and a...


Wounded And Weary

In 1906, a young woman named Adelaide A. Pollard felt called to the mission field in Africa - but struggled to raise funds. At a service one evening, she heard someone reference Jeremiah 18 and state, "Have Thy Own Way." While disappointment over not going abroad as a missionary, weighed heavily on her heart, the hymn HAVE THY OWN WAY that Adelaide penned during that time continues to touch the lives of uncounted millions around the world - including me.


Some Days Your're The Pigeon. Other Days You're The Statue

It's often repeated, "We demand justice for others but mercy for ourselves." Despite all our technological advances, the human condition remains fraught with one-sided grievances. In my journey, I notice that the shortcomings of others appear in 20/20 focus, while I ashamedly apply a much softer filter to my own. Blaming others for disappointments is easy – and even justifiable. Yet, I learned bitterness does nothing to improve my contentment and wellbeing. Although it seems...


38 Years Is a Long Time

"Now a man was there who had been ill for thirty-eight years. Jesus, upon seeing this man lying there and knowing that he had already been in that condition for a long time …" John 5: 5-6 While one of the most familiar passages in the Bible, the story of Jesus meeting this man now carries a more profound significance to Gracie and me. Scripture records the man's plight as lasting 38 years. In the following sentence, Scripture validates that 38 years is a long time. This month marks...


Your Family May Consider YOU the Solution

A listener to my program recently wrote me about drama with her family. "My family lives out of state but complains I am not taking care of my 96-year-old mom, who lives alone by choice. While I help her, she will not authorize a power of attorney for health care. She has no significant medical problems, yet my family is ridiculously harsh towards me and accuses me of things, not my responsibility or have not done. What do you recommend? - Exasperated in Texas


We Will Cast These Down

From our nationally syndicated broadcast 11-13-2021 www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Her Happiness Is Not Your Responsibility

"My 93-year-old mother doesn’t suffer from dementia but is so mean to me. How do I make her happy while caring for her? I’ve been sober for 6 years, and she makes me want to start drinking again." Terri in Texas called the radio program with an all too common problem: "How do I make her happy?" Answering Terri on the air, I shared that, "Your responsibility is not to make your mother happy, but to work your sobriety program. Your mother can get happy in the same shoes she gets mad in! Your...


Patriots Standing In the Gap

A recent caller to my radios program shared her journey as a caregiver. Combat-related PTSD led her military son down some dark paths—including drugs and alcohol, and his family disintegrated. This grandmother found herself with an impaired son and vulnerable grandchildren. When considering the word “caregiver,” most think of caring for the elderly. Yet many kinds of caregivers exist—and each of them bears their own sadness and difficulties. It is often stated that soldiers leave a part of...


Rock of Ages -Cleft for Caregivers

Legend has it that Augustus Toplady took shelter during a storm in a fissure he discovered in a large rock wall. The visual stuck with him and led him to write the first line of one of the most familiar hymns in Church history. "Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me." We discussed this and more in our broadcast that aired on 11/6/2021. If you find this podcast meaningful, please consider sharing it with others and supporting it at www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/giving


When Caregivers Reach the Boiling Point

Every caregiver recalls moments when harsh words leapt from our mouths—words we desperately wish we could reclaim. Emotions often churn in our hearts like a blender on puree, and, for caregivers, the top seems to easily fly off and create a mess. Whether expressing frustration or just reaching a boiling point, we can quickly find ourselves spewing our words like a firehose—often destructively. Arguing with an impaired loved one suffering with dementia, mental illness, or addiction is...


The Impact of Opioids on the Family Caregiver

When a loved one takes opioids - even when prescribed and as ordered - what is the impact on the family caregiver?


Medicine and Ministry - The New Program At CIU

Dr. Jill McElhenny of Columbia International University (www.CIU.edu) discussed the new Bachelor of Nursing program. A practicing nurse for nearly a quarter of a century, Dr. McElhenny brings her vast experience and training to lead this program for CIU. CIU Associate Provost Dr. Brian Simmons says, "...McElheny is a perfect fit for CIU's Christian mission and core values." Echoing the strong ministry emphasis, Dr. McElhenny stated that she considers nursing "a sacred calling." With the...


And the Critics Say ...

In an emotional phone call, a friend shared the recent criticism while struggling to care for her husband. Already reeling from significant heartache resulting from her husband’s condition, the scolding rocked her. “You should’ve done _______. All too many spectators of caregivers often feel empowered to offer “advice” to those shouldering the challenges of caregiving. Sometimes non-caregivers bypass advice and go straight to criticizing. I suppose it saves time. As a rule, the best...


Rushing to The Side Of An Injured Soul

Famed anthropologist Margaret Mead shared that "…the first sign of civilization is compassion, seen in a healed femur." She backed her claim by explaining the amount of time and compassion from the tribe or community required to care for that individual – until able to resume normal activities. "’ Survival of the fittest doesn’t include healed femurs.” Caregivers live with significant injuries, as well. Injuries of the soul – that can cripple a person. Anyone who’s cared for a chronically...


Playing This Song Slower Forever Changed It For Me

From our national broadcast 10/23/2021. www.HopeForTheCaregiver.com


Honoring an Abusive and Alcoholic Father

A caller named Bill once shared on our program for caregivers that his father was an abusive alcoholic for years. Now, Bill's father’s had a stroke and requires extensive care - but sadly still drinks. Bill went on to say that he’s although he’s over 50 with a wife and kids, he still feels like a terrified 9-year-old when he’s around his father. Bill’s father made his own decisions – decisions that evidently did not involve a recovery plan. I shared with Bill that he can only do his best,...


Caregiver Authority

Weary of condescension from a physician years ago regarding my wife’s condition, I leveled my gaze at him and stated, “With all due respect, Doc – I was taking care of her when you were in junior high school. So how about we keep this in perspective?’ We may not know .the science, but we know our loved one. That knowledge and experience provides us with something I coined “Caregiver Authority.” Quality practitioners recognize the benefit of enlisting our hard-won insights. After dealing...