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I Surrender All

From our national broadcast (1/15/2022)


Healthiness Is In Your Hands

Healthiness In Your Hands The neediness of an infirmed loved one frequently obscures a caregiver's fatigue, stress, and dangerous health patterns. Moreover, even if noticing the caregiver's exhaustion and strain, the warning signs can often go unheeded. Usually armed only with love and a sense of responsibility, caregivers recklessly deplete themselves physically and emotionally while caring for a vulnerable loved one. Passion and commitment are admirable, but how long can the patient "feel...


A Path Through The Storm

When storms loom, media outlets often show footage of people placing plywood on homes and businesses and hunkering down. Caregiving is its own storm. Although sometimes receiving advance notice, caregiving can often descend like a tornado – and last a lifetime. If cameras followed caregivers, many' daily activities might resemble the frantic bustle of those boarding up homes and businesses. Imagine trying to build a five-year plan while simultaneously working to survive a hurricane....


The Promise

Many caregivers struggle with decades-old promises to make sure to “…never put Mom in a nursing home.” When making that promise, most recall healthier times where the thought of going into a facility seemed far in the horizon. Reality sneaks up on the best of us, and we find ourselves faced with uncomfortable circumstances. The tether of the promise can quickly transform to a noose around the neck of a family caregiver unable to meet the demands of a horrific condition. From personal safety...


This is My Father's World

Watching a documentary on PBS, I was surprised to hear this hymn through the video. It's one of my favorites, and it has a great message in it for family caregivers.


Man With Down Syndrome Discusses His Faith, Father, and Elvis

Aaron Tornquist (43) lives with Down Syndrome and is an Elvis Tribute Artist. For Elvis's 87 birthday (January 8) - I invited Aaron to return to the program and share his story.


Asking Better Questions

Rabbi Eric Walker joined me again to talk about the questions we ask when faced with challenging circumstances. Check out his website at www.ignitinganation.com


Avoiding Death Is Not The Same As Living

“Happy New Year” can often feel perfunctory and even meaningless in the caregiving world. Most of us know that January 1, 2, 3, etc., usually brings the same challenges of the previous week – and even year (s). Yet, although our responsibilities may not change, we can. While many fall into the trap of ambitious but unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions (I usually give mine up for Lent), caregivers can instead determine to live rather than just survive. Living, however, requires risks. Life is...


Strep Triggered Something Far Worse For Their Son

Chris and Shelley Snitko struggled to understand what was going on with their 8-year boy who came down with Strep that served as a catalyst for something far worse. While his twin brother also came down with Strep, he went to recover and live a normal life. But AJ didn't. When they finally learned, it sent them on a painful journey and eventually a path of redemption and restoration that neither expected.


Caregivers and The New Year

Thoughts for family caregivers as we start the new year.


Shannon Bream Shares The Faith That Anchors Her

Author and Anchor of FoxNews @Night, Shannon Bream, called the show. Shannon discussed the journey she and her husband endured - that helped forge the faith that enabled her to write her NY Times Bestseller, "The Women of the Bible Speak."


Christmas Message for Family Caregivers

Christmas can be a challenging time for family caregivers. In this bonus episode from our radio program, we offer this to fellow caregivers.


ICU, Prison, and As Far As The Curse Is Found

Christmas Monologue from our nationally syndicated radio program. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


WWJD As A Caregiver?

In the middle of an interview, a reporter once asked me, "What Would Jesus Do As A Caregiver? "


That's When Love Was Born

My long-time friend, Hank Martin, sent me a new Christmas song he recorded - and I shared it on the radio program. Many have heard Hank's voice without knowing it - he sang commercial jingles for many years in New York. One of my best friends in the world, it was a special treat for me to play this beautiful song and have Hank on the program. He told me he'd be up late the night before performing at a Christmas function - so I'd have to handle the heavy lifting of talking on the radio! But...


Thinking On My Foot

A stabbing pain beside my left little toe once prompted a visit to a podiatrist. "You have bunion by your left big toe." He stated flatly. "I know about my bunion; I named it 'Paul,'" I replied with a laugh. "But it doesn't hurt. The pain is on the other side of my foot. "You don't understand," he responded. "The defect of the bunion causes the pain you feel." Patiently explaining, he added, "The bunion affects your walking gait and creates stress points that cause pain.' "I'll bet your left...


The Word "US"

One word in Handel's Oratorio, Messiah, carries a particularly poignant meaning for all of us as caregivers. We discussed this in today's broadcast. Plus a special bonus song as a tribute to a friend Gracie and I lost this week. There's more at www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Compassion For Caregivers at Christmas

My interview on Family Life Radio discussing ways to help caregivers at Christmas. There's more at HopeForTheCaregiver.com


Avoiding Falls

I want to introduce our newest sponsor: HEAT TRAK. These are heated mats that can be left out all winter long - that help keep you and your loved one SAFE while getting in and out of the car, walking on the deck, or going to the mailbox. Coupon code: Caregiver What about your business or church - are the entryways safe, dry, and stable? With Heat Trak, they can be! www.heattrak.com and use the coupon code CAREGIVER for a 10% discount. They have all kinds of sizes and will customize the...


What Caregivers Can Learn From Hanukkah

Rabbi Eric Walker called the program to discuss Hanukkah - and what caregivers can learn from the "festival of lights." Learn more about Eric Walker at www.ignitinganation.com