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Caregivers and the No Huddle Offense

As a caregiver, do you ever feel you are pushing yourself in the "No Huddle Offense" and not taking time to build a plan - all while the "clock" serves as your enemy? Well, I know I do. So I talked about this in today's episode. If you find our podcast meaningful, please consider helping us do more at www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/giving


The Terrifying Parts Are True

I like to talk with fellow caregivers who keep working and doing what brings oxygen to their souls - while caregiving. Such is the case with award-winning novelist Ethan Burroughs. Back with another geopolitical thriller, Burroughs draws upon his extensive career in the middle east to reveal things that will astonish and captivate readers from the West - particularly those struggling to understand today's headlines and the extensive turmoil in the Middle East. Lifelong friend and a fellow...


They Raised Two Children With Huntington's Disease

May Is HD Awareness month, and our guests for this episode were Drs. Elton and Laquita Higgs. The couple adopted a little girl many years ago - who developed Huntington's Disease (HD). One of the most horrific diseases on the planet, HD eventually cost their daughter her life - but not before she had a daughter who also developed the genetic (and terminal) illness. Listen to their inspiring and insightful story - from their book, SHATTERED DREAMS - BUT HOPE: Encouragement for Caregivers of...


Not Making It Worse Counts As A Win

As caregivers, we regularly feel intense pressure to fix or achieve. Yet, despite our best efforts, many of the circumstances we face seem unyielding. Our self-judgment over things beyond our control often leads to an incorrect verdict of failure. Taking a step away from the caregiving world, consider the “Slap heard around the world” at the 2022 Academy Awards. When Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock on stage in front of a global audience, Chris Rock responded with extraordinary restraint....


The Trauma of Veterans, Active Duty, And First Responders

In my recent interview with Mighty Oaks Foundation's Jeremy Stalnecker, we discussed ways the organization is addressing the intense needs of those who wore - and wear - the uniform. https://www.mightyoaksprograms.org/ "The Mighty Oaks Foundation is committed to serving the brokenhearted by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings, and speaking events. Our Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs hosts such Men, Women, and Marriage Advance Programs at...


Fret Not

Fretting Is Exhausting My high school chemistry teacher’s name was, no kidding, Mr. Faile. While a hilarious and exceptional teacher, he made the dreaded (for some) class even more daunting by posting a sign over the chalkboard that read, “Flunk Now and Avoid The Rush.” For those born after 1980, a chalkboard was an ancient education device that doubled as a screeching torture machine. That sign still sticks with me, and I’ve appropriated the message into other areas of my life –...


If It's Hysterical - It's Historical

Think back on an encounter with an adult overreacting to a situation. Were you caught off-guard; did you feel uncomfortable? A psychiatrist friend of mine shared a phrase he often communicated to his staff: "When you see a patient overreact or act out, always remember there's a story behind that behavior." Adults don't lose self-control in a vacuum – there's a build-up and a story behind their behavior. When caregivers find themselves in the unpleasant predicament of engaging an individual...


Gracie Gives an Update

Following her grueling 10-week hospitalization, my wife, Gracie, joined the show to share her thoughts, and how she felt about my ability at charades while she was intubated. [Spoiler] she wasn't happy!


Respect The Trauma

From Hope for the Caregiver's national broadcast 04-23-2022 Let’s face it; many people don’t know what to say when encountering someone struggling with divorce, broken relationships, a tragedy, or other painful realities. Just put it behind you; Don’t look in the rearview mirror; That’s in the past. While sounding like good advice to keep moving forward, there are times when acknowledging the magnitude of someone’s heartache is appropriate – and “sifting through the mess” and assessing...


Flute, Piano, and Autism

Author Leisa Williams called the program from Canberra, Australia, to share her family's journey with Autism. In our conversation, we discussed our shared musical journey and what music means to us as caregivers. https://www.leisawilliamsauthor.com/ She writes from her heart about her life experiences that have come from the school of hard knocks. Her views are tried and tested from many years of working to overcome adversity in her life as well as being founded on her Christian biblical...


Immeasurable Cost

Immeasurable Cost A close pastor friend of mine called me after burying his beloved dog. While digging the hole, he wept while angrily reflecting on how much he hated death. The conversation turned to the countless funerals he presided over during his ministry – I played the piano for many of those services. We talked a bit longer about some of the cherished families we ministered to during those funerals, and we discussed our shared anger at death. Then he said something that's never left...


Caregivers and Rest - Is It Possible?

As a caregiver, what does rest look like to you? Admittedly, this is a challenge for me - and has been for the entire 35+ years I've been a caregiver. From our nationally syndicated broadcast on 4/9/2022, I shared that struggle and what I've learned through this journey. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Update On My Dispute With Lyft

Earlier this year I had a dispute with a charge levied on me by the rideshare company, Lyft. Despite my best effort to resolve this using Lyft's online instructions, I struck out. So, I escalated my case, and here's the rest of the story!


What Anchors You?

As a caregiver, do you ever feel disoriented? Of course you do - we all do! We're going to lose our way. But can we get back on track? Can we anchor ourselves against the storms that assail us? There's a great hymn that speaks to this. I feature that hymn in the B Block of this episode - when I stepped over to the "Caregiver KeyBoard." I discussed this on our April 2, 2022 broadcast. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Caregivers and Anger Management

After a recent program, a friend asked me to delve into the subject of caregivers, anger, and lashing out. Given the recent incident at the Academy Awards with Will Smith striking out at Chris Rock, the timing for this topic seemed appropriate.


Caregivers and Geriatric Services

Jodi Kay Benusco calls the program and shares insights gleaned from years as a Social Worker and seasoned Inpatient Discharge Planner at a Level II inpatient hospital.


Caregivers and Borrowed Courage

In the FOG of caregivers, (fear, obligation, and guilt), many find themselves frozen in fear - and let's face it, there remain plenty of fear-worthy things in the caregiving journey. How do we face those things? For me, I look to those who faced fear and borrow their courage. Who's courage do you borrow?


How Protected Do You Feel?

Caregivers need legal protection and counsel, but the cost can be astronomical – for even small legal matters. Or is it? You are two clicks away from expert legal protection that’s reliable – and affordable. CLICK HERE to Start! Then just select the plan that works for your needs! With LegalShield, finding solutions to your legal issues doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or expensive. Instead of paying a lawyer expensive hourly fees, you pay a small monthly fee and get access to...


The Real Public Servants

On my recent broadcast, I discussed the term, "public servants" and the specific caregivers who really define that term.


What A Difference You Made In My Life

Award-winning songwriter and two-time Grammy Nominee Archie Jordan called the show to discuss caregiving, music, his long friendship with BJ Thomas, and many more things in this special interview. Some of the many hits from Archie include, What a Difference You Made In My Life, It Was Almost Like A Song, He's The Hand on My Shoulder, You Gave Me Love When Nobody Gave Me a Prayer ...and many more. www.archiejordan.net