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Governor Martin Schreiber and Caring For His Wife Elaine Through Alzheimer's

Former governor of Wisconsin Marty Schreiber watched his beloved wife, Elaine, gradually transform from the woman who had gracefully entertained in the Executive Residence to one who no longer recognized him as her husband. In My Two Elaines: Learning, Coping, and Surviving as an Alzheimer’s Caregiver, Marty candidly counsels those taking on this caregiving role. More than an account of Marty’s struggles in caring for his wife, My Two Elaines also offers sage advice that respects the one...


Rev. Percy McCray Discusses Caring for Cancer Patients and Their Families

Rev. Percy McCray Jr. has spent more than 20 years ministering to cancer patients and their caregivers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). He recognizes cancer care ministry as a special calling from God and considers faith a key but often overlooked component of cancer treatment. He now serves as the Director of Faith-Based Programs at CTCA® and provides leadership to the pastoral care staff at all five CTCA hospitals. In addition, Rev. McCray oversees Our Journey of Hope®, a...


See His Hand Of Mercy

As caregivers, we can sometimes find a phrase in a song, poem, story, or an old hymn that sticks with us and helps us see a greater truth. Such is the case with this phrase I heard from a hymn so familiar I can almost play it in my sleep - yet this line recently hit me as a great reminder for me as a caregiver. Brought to you by Legal Shield. www.caregiverlegal.com


This is My Father's World

Father's Day 2022


Gary Chapman Shares The Legacy of His Father

Singer/Songwriter Gary Chapman called the show to discuss Father's Day. From his iconic song FATHER'S EYES to caring for his father, Fatherhood has come to define Gary professionally and personally. https://www.facebook.com/garychapmanmusic


Jim Breuer's Hilarious Father's Day Message

Saturday Night Live Alum Jim Breuer remains one of my favorites of all the interviews I've done. With all the craziness in the world, we could use a laugh - so I'm resharing. Please take a moment to laugh again with us for this heartfelt and hilarious interview www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Caregivers and an Instant Vacation

Legendary comedian Milton Berle (Mr. Television) once stated, "Laughter is an instant vacation." As caregivers, we certainly shed plenty of tears, but do we laugh? Caregivers certainly top the list of those needing an "instant vacation," but few give themselves permission to book the trip. When our life remains so full of harsh realities, how can laughter be appropriate? In this episode, I invite fellow caregivers to take an instant vacation with me as we laugh for a bit. "...a time to...


Mercy for an Overwhelmed Caregiver

In Uvalde, the shooter’s grandmother faced the rage of a troubled grandson and, according to multiple reports, a daughter with a history of drug use. At least one incident required law enforcement to the home of the shooter’s mother – and neighbors and relatives knew of the turbulent relationship between son and mother. Mental issues and drug abuse create a toxic brew of chronic impairments that will not resolve independently. Those challenges hopelessly outmatch even the best of...


In Times Like These

Author Kate Dreston shares her new book of devotions for those with a loved one facing terminal illness.


Harsh Judgment

Interviewing a couple who raised two children with Huntington’s disease (HD) on my program, they relayed a heartbreaking story where they stood before a judge who clearly didn’t understand the nature of HD. After repeated arrests for shoplifting, violent behavior, and other issues, the judge commented from the bench that she felt this was a result of “bad parenting.” Unable to address the court or defend themselves, the couple simply shared, “…we had to take it on the chin.” A five-minute...


A Sacred and Patriotic Duty

I asked Chaplain (Lt. Colonel) Michael Frazier, US Army, Ret. to join me for this special Memorial Day edition of Hope for the Caregiver. As the son of a navy chaplain myself, I remain deeply moved by the rich history of Chaplains in the armed forces of the United States. In the opening monologue, I discuss a Memorial moment in scripture that continues to stir my heart, and then Chaplain Frazier shares insights, history, and poignant experiences from his military career. I encourage you to...


Caregivers and the No Huddle Offense

As a caregiver, do you ever feel you are pushing yourself in the "No Huddle Offense" and not taking time to build a plan - all while the "clock" serves as your enemy? Well, I know I do. So I talked about this in today's episode. If you find our podcast meaningful, please consider helping us do more at www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/giving


The Terrifying Parts Are True

I like to talk with fellow caregivers who keep working and doing what brings oxygen to their souls - while caregiving. Such is the case with award-winning novelist Ethan Burroughs. Back with another geopolitical thriller, Burroughs draws upon his extensive career in the middle east to reveal things that will astonish and captivate readers from the West - particularly those struggling to understand today's headlines and the extensive turmoil in the Middle East. Lifelong friend and a fellow...


They Raised Two Children With Huntington's Disease

May Is HD Awareness month, and our guests for this episode were Drs. Elton and Laquita Higgs. The couple adopted a little girl many years ago - who developed Huntington's Disease (HD). One of the most horrific diseases on the planet, HD eventually cost their daughter her life - but not before she had a daughter who also developed the genetic (and terminal) illness. Listen to their inspiring and insightful story - from their book, SHATTERED DREAMS - BUT HOPE: Encouragement for Caregivers of...


Not Making It Worse Counts As A Win

As caregivers, we regularly feel intense pressure to fix or achieve. Yet, despite our best efforts, many of the circumstances we face seem unyielding. Our self-judgment over things beyond our control often leads to an incorrect verdict of failure. Taking a step away from the caregiving world, consider the “Slap heard around the world” at the 2022 Academy Awards. When Will Smith assaulted Chris Rock on stage in front of a global audience, Chris Rock responded with extraordinary restraint....


The Trauma of Veterans, Active Duty, And First Responders

In my recent interview with Mighty Oaks Foundation's Jeremy Stalnecker, we discussed ways the organization is addressing the intense needs of those who wore - and wear - the uniform. https://www.mightyoaksprograms.org/ "The Mighty Oaks Foundation is committed to serving the brokenhearted by providing intensive peer-based discipleship through a series of programs, outpost meetings, and speaking events. Our Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs hosts such Men, Women, and Marriage Advance Programs at...


Fret Not

Fretting Is Exhausting My high school chemistry teacher’s name was, no kidding, Mr. Faile. While a hilarious and exceptional teacher, he made the dreaded (for some) class even more daunting by posting a sign over the chalkboard that read, “Flunk Now and Avoid The Rush.” For those born after 1980, a chalkboard was an ancient education device that doubled as a screeching torture machine. That sign still sticks with me, and I’ve appropriated the message into other areas of my life –...


If It's Hysterical - It's Historical

Think back on an encounter with an adult overreacting to a situation. Were you caught off-guard; did you feel uncomfortable? A psychiatrist friend of mine shared a phrase he often communicated to his staff: "When you see a patient overreact or act out, always remember there's a story behind that behavior." Adults don't lose self-control in a vacuum – there's a build-up and a story behind their behavior. When caregivers find themselves in the unpleasant predicament of engaging an individual...


Gracie Gives an Update

Following her grueling 10-week hospitalization, my wife, Gracie, joined the show to share her thoughts, and how she felt about my ability at charades while she was intubated. [Spoiler] she wasn't happy!


Respect The Trauma

From Hope for the Caregiver's national broadcast 04-23-2022 Let’s face it; many people don’t know what to say when encountering someone struggling with divorce, broken relationships, a tragedy, or other painful realities. Just put it behind you; Don’t look in the rearview mirror; That’s in the past. While sounding like good advice to keep moving forward, there are times when acknowledging the magnitude of someone’s heartache is appropriate – and “sifting through the mess” and assessing...