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Episode #32: Sticks and Stones: A conversation with Jator Pierre

First off – if you’ve been listening to this podcast for any length of time you’ll have noticed that I haven’t released any episodes for a while. This episode will allude to some of the major life events that have led to my absence in this space. That is changing – I am back and […]


Episode #31: Metamorphosis

A conversation with Audrey Price Audrey is the mother of two girls. She has taken it upon herself to give her voice of unapologetic truth to Mothers suffering from Postpartum Depression. In this conversation she shares candidly about her own childhood story of trauma and how her old wounds resurfaced as she began her journey […]


Episode #30: Son of a Pastor

A conversation with Aaron Abke Evolution is a process which we are all undergoing constantly. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – we are all constantly shifting and changing. This conversation is an exploration of the evolution undergone by a man who grew up the son of a Christian Pastor. In this episode Aaron shares with us […]


Exploring the Ineffable

A conversation with Jator Pierre This podcast episode was originally released on A Potential Podcast. Buckle up – this conversation goes DEEP! In this episode we explore the concepts of destiny, free-will, spirituality, and Beyond. The subjects of the conversation are topics that I believe to be critical discussion points as we move into this […]


Episode #28: Conversation Elevated

Part #2 with Luis Haro If you haven’t caught our first episode (here’s the link) I recommend listening to it before you dive into this one. In this episode we discuss the importance of Human connection and the incredibly heavy darkness that can overcome us when we don’t feel the deep connection so necessary to […]


Episode #27: Elevate the Conversation

An interview with Luis Haro We live in an age in which the value of our connection to ourselves and those around us is becoming more and more obvious. Men like Luis are leading the charge on this journey into a more compassionate collective humanity. Luis is a man who facilitates connection professionally. He utilizes […]


Episode #26: Follow the Feeling

A conversation with J.P. Duncan J.P. is a self described Exceptional Coach specializing in Holistic Lifestyle. He is a man who has transformed his life through a decision to begin following the dreams of his heart. J.P. has made the conscious decision to begin to live life in a different way – he is venturing […]


Episode #25: Raising the Bar

– A conversation with Jennifer Dill – Do you have a specific friend to whom you know you can reach out to for support when you need it – someone who will listen and give their honest take on the situation without sugar-coating? I hope you do. For me Jennifer Dill is such a friend […]


Episode #24: What's Desired

The words you are about to listen to are filled with wisdom. They are words which I have listened to several times now and each time I listen I come out of them with new revelations.


Episode #23: The Story of the Sacred

I wrote an article on what feels to be the most important practice I am currently playing with. It’s a practice which is quite literally changing the reality of my existence. The practice in a nutshell is this: Treat every moment of every day in every way for everyone as Sacred. Listen in for insights […]


Episode #22: Brave, Strong, Cautious - Mother

A conversation with Bree Gwinner Bree is someone I would consider to be my Soul Sister. I use this term in all seriousness – to me it is not cliche. She is someone with whom I immediately felt a connection – it feels as if we have “always” known one another though we just met. […]


Episode #21: Embracing What Is

Gretchen is a mother of four boys and a life coach with 15+ years of experience. She is an individual whom I perceive to be deeply connected to herself and the world around her. In this conversation Gretchen shares some of the experiences that have created the woman she is today. She speaks candidly about […]


Episode #20: Sacred Plant Medicine

In this episode I share the story of a facilitated plant medicine experience in a conversation with my mother. Be aware that what I share here is a sharing about a practice that our society holds a lot of fear. This plant medicine journey was an experience of using psychedelic plants to explore the realms […]


Episode #19: White Wolfe

The wolves gave her a new name – White Wolfe. A trip to Peru changed the course of her life. She transitioned out of a career in corporate finance and bought a mountain where she now lives the life of a medicine woman helping others to heal their traumas and bring new energy into their […]


Episode #18: A White Dove

Some spoken word poetry as well as musings and ramblings about where I was on my journey when I found/received the inspiration for words that follow. If you’d prefer to read the poem check out this link to access the blog post with the typed up version. If you enjoy this episode please take a […]


Episode #17: A Pathway to Zen

What it meditation? Is meditation part of our human nature? Is there a potential dark side to meditation? Listen in to hear the perspective of Andy Acker a resident Buddhist Priest at Jikoji Zen Center. Andy is a self-described “purveyor of curiosities” whos journey has taken him from a Catholic upbringing in Minnesota to becoming […]


Episode #16; Wild

I’ve been playing with poetry a lot lately. I’ve found the process both therapeutic and profound. When I really allow for the words to come out they feel deep, they feel meaningful. This is me sharing some of what I perceive to be deep and meaningful. I’d love to know what you think of it. […]


Episode #15: A Path Toward Visionary Cosmology

Is modern science beginning to validate ancient esoteric knowledge? Can experiencing the terrors of war inspire love for all? Are we (you, me, all of we) the Universe? Listen in to hear the perspectives of Pamela Eakins as she shares with us the nonlinear story of her life and metamorphosis. Dr. Pamela Eakins is a […]


Episode #14: Money, Power – God?

Have we deified money? Have we deified power? What is God to you? Listen in as Matthew explores these questions and more. Would you be open to exploring them with him? Did you find this episode intriguing or valuable? Connect with Matthew on Instagram to take your place in the conversation!


Episode #13: Poke Your Genius – a conversation with Robyn Maitland

Who am I? Am I spiritual? Have these questions ever popped up for you? They have for Robyn Maitland my guest in this episode. Robyn is an educator, seeker, and humanitarian who feels called to helping others wake to their own potential through connecting to what she refers to as the “genius.” Tune in to […]