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Finding Redemption In Christ In The Storm Upon Us

Finding Redemption In Christ In The Storm Upon Us


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Finding Redemption In Christ In The Storm Upon Us




Choice of Eternity (w/ Special Guest Manyrounds)

In this season we now find ourselves in, many of us will be required to make tough choices but among those the biggest one will be who we serve; ourselves? Those around us? Or Jesus? Will we remain faithful to Jesus as our world becomes something we no longer recognize? When there is no food, no electric, or nobody to trust as persecution abounds -will we remain faithful to God and continue to trust only Him? That time is now upon us and we all have decisions to put into place while there is...


You Need To Hear This...

On the evening of June 19th I stumbled across a podcast that I felt far too important to hear and not share it with my listeners. This was initially released in November 2021 but that doesn’t make a difference as it still applies. To bring understanding to what we see unfolding around us, I felt it important to release it. Are the things you are about to hear in this interview disturbing, yes. However, as you listen, please be aware of God’s promises of protection. Even as I heard this none...


What Do You Believe?

As a season of refining and various tests and trials are upon us (part of the humbling), are we enduring through faith in the Lord and His Word or are we allowing or words to forfeit our blessings and directions? What do we believe exactly? God’s promises? Or are we stuck on believing and declaring the lies of the enemy, being stuck in the sin of unbelief as we have entered this dangerous season? This podcast is a real wake-up call about not only our faith, but the words that proceed from...


Is Your Oil Running Low?

Many are feeling a sense of silence. Many are wondering what is the next shoe to drop. Is our attention on Jesus and His Word and are we hearing His appeal or staying solely focused on the events themselves taking place and not putting the Word into action? Are we keeping our spiritual lamps full with righteous oil or allowing ourselves to run on fumes like the foolish bridesmaids because we are not putting the Lord's calling and Word into practice and heeding His call? Are you praying...


An Un(planned) Draft

A dream revelation I received about coming war tied with scripture as it pertains.


Humble Thyself (w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax)

On this weeks episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, I have Glynda Lomax from Just Praise Him on as a guest where we discuss the humility the Lord is desiring from His people right now. We talk about willful sin, repentance and the need to heed the warnings the Lord is giving everyone in His mercy. We also discuss what happens when you refuse to face truth while you still can. This episode contains a few prophetic messages the Lord gave Glynda for unknown listeners. Could one of them be...


Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

I was going through some archives of old radio shows on my secondary storage drive and came across this interview from 2014 which shines more light on the brief mention manyrounds and I made about spraying. This interview was evergreen even now as now this type of stuff is being normalized. It is far from normal.


To Clear The Air...

I received an email from a listener abroad overnight. This is just a follow up to some potential confusion over what I have presented in the past as well as some of what was presented in part two of the ark series.


GET INTO THE ARK PT 2 (w/Special Guest Manyrounds)

The eye of the storm is upon us, closer than many believe. Time is running out for those being called to get themselves right with our Lord Jesus. In this second installment of ‘Get Into The Ark” I will be laying out wrong attitudes verses what we should be doing in this late hour. Special guest Manyrounds of ‘Fellowship of the Fortified Tower’ will also be joining me for a very real discussion in what we are seeing and what fate will come upon those who continue to live in rebellion. This...


Thank You & A Quick Update!

Just a quick thank you to all who have contributed and reached out as well as an update on part 2 of the 'Get In The Ark' series.


GET INTO THE ARK PT 1 (w/ Special Guest Glynda Lomax)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast, my good friend Glynda Lomax from Just Praise Him Today will be joining me to deliver a special message and some words for those disobedient to the Lord. In this late hour the Lord has a message for the listeners of this podcast. Are you a hearer of the Word only or a doer of the Word? The time for choosing who you serve is NOW. Are you climbing into the spiritual ark or continuing to do whatever you want? The Lord is going to begin...


Wisdom In Waiting

Many are faced with tough choices to act or wait on the Lord. Having children in the last days is a big one near to the heart for many young couples. Is this a wise idea and what does the Word tell us we should be aware of? Additionally, when it comes to anything we strongly desire, are we doing ourselves a disservice by just doing whatever we want or waiting patiently on the Lord for an answer? What does the Word tell us about wisdom of the last days and using it to discern the times in...


Are You Tired?

Many are feeling beat down or worn down right now. As we find ourselves in this stormy season of attacks what is our response and how do we counter the many attacks and wait on the Lord for renewed strength? On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about some recent attacks I have been dealing with personally and how decreeing strength and God’s promises will get us through and that these attacks are by design to get us to give up. Are we going to give up and...


Perspectives from Australia

Indeed, there have been a lot of strange anomalies taking place in the world these days, but one nation in particular has been Australia where strange occurrences seem to keep coming back into the limelight. Are we seeing the beast agenda being tested and rolled out in the land of Oz as a means for testing before it is rolled out for the rest of us? On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be playing a clip that has been going viral on the web suggesting there is a goal of...


Are You Heading Into A Wilderness? (JPH Radio)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I was a guest on Just Praise Him Radio with Glynda Lomax to discuss the elements of a wilderness experience and signs you may be in one and what to do. On this episode, you will hear us discuss: This is Part 1 of a 2 part series. Glynda and I apologize for the delays and blips today. There was a bad connection and this was unfortunately out of our hands while recording as we live on opposite sides of the country. Visit Innocence...


Through It All, God Has A Plan

Are you feeling sad? Worn down? Are you feeling a lack of hope and/or searching for purpose? Are you seeking insight on strength and courage in the coming storm? Are you seeking peace and understanding? On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be talking about the promises of Jesus and how as the world is falling apart and joy is lacking, that our true joy, purpose and strength is in Jesus alone, NOT the world. Subscribe to the Innocence Redeemed blog...


Poor Choices...

Just my thoughts on this Saturday about many still making bad choices, choosing their sin over Jesus. Who do you serve exactly?


Peace In A Possible War Scenario (JPH Radio)

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I was a guest on JPH Radio. In light of what is going on between the U.S. and Russia at present, my good friend Glynda Lomax and I were talking about what could happen and what if today were our last chance to put out a podcast. On that note, we decided to do today’s podcast about how to have peace in a possible war time scenario. We hope it will be a blessing to you. Links and decrees/prayers may be found on my blog...


Should I Prepare?

On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be discussing discernment on recent developments and having the wisdom to act or do nothing. Where does prudence and wisdom come into play with faith? What does the Word say. The answer is actually pretty simple. Verses and links: Follow me on Brighteon here:


Part 1: What Is A Refining & Why?

Many are finding themselves in a refinement right now, in fact everyone who belongs to the Lord is being refined. Some of you have entered a wilderness. On this episode of the Innocence Redeemed podcast I will be laying out why the Lord refines us and talking about some of the sin the Lord wants to purge from us to make us acceptable to Him. What exactly is a refinement and why does the Lord refine His people and put them through hardships or let them feel stress and sorrow? What is really...