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Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.

Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.
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Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Listen to real-life stories of faith as told by those who have experienced the power of living in His presence.




Through Life’s Ups & Downs, There Is Jesus: Trevor Brazile & Zach Williams

God never leaves our side, no matter what. On today’s episode, 24-time PRCA rodeo champion Trevor Brazile shares how bull rider Cody Custer helped him rededicate his life to Jesus, and why he is instilling strong cowboy values of honor, respect, and faith into his children. Christian music artist Zach Williams shares how God reclaimed his story as a struggling rock star and transformed his life toward creating a different kind of music, touching more lives than Zach could have ever...


Understanding a God Who Is For Us: John Maxwell & Nate Pyle

As we walk unexpected paths in our lives, we’re joined by a God who never leaves our side and is involved in every step of our journey. On today’s episode, John Maxwell shares the joy of understanding the God who speaks in Jeremiah 29:11, who has “plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future.” He also shows us that we all have leadership qualities if we’re positively influencing others’ lives. When he was a young husband, pastor Nate Pyle never imagined...


Heavenly Connections: Kristin Chenoweth, Joanne Rogers, & Montell Jordan

One of God’s greatest blessings to us are friends and neighbors. And in fact, God designed us to care for each other, to learn from each other, and to support each other in life’s most difficult moments. In today’s episode, entertainer Kristin Chenoweth shares how good friends have mentored her and shaped her—and how actor/producer Rita Wilson sharing a copy of Jesus Calling strengthened her faith. As the wife of Fred Rogers, Joanne Rogers saw firsthand how an open heart and a soft word can...


You’re Different—And God Designed You That Way: Sally & Nathan Clarkson and Hayley Morgan

We were not designed to be perfect; we were designed to be uniquely us. Today’s guests, authors Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan, and writer Hayley Morgan share their stories of struggling to accept their differences and imperfections. Though Nathan was discouraged because he didn’t fit into society’s mold, and Hayley feared she wasn’t perfect enough, God revealed His purpose for their lives and has helped them utilize their gifts in ways they never knew possible. Their stories remind us...


A Pilot & a POW Cling to Faith During Crisis: Tammie Jo Shults & Carlyle “Smitty” Harris

There is always light, even in the darkest times. Today’s guests faced the most unimaginable circumstances, but by clinging to faith, they survived and protected others. Southwest Airlines pilot Tammie Jo Shults saved the lives of 148 passengers when she safely landed a plane after an engine exploded mid-flight. In the middle of chaos, Tammie Jo’s conversation with God gave her peace during the crisis and helped reveal a solution to landing the plane. Retired Air Force pilot and former...


The Life-Changing Power of Connection: Jeremy Miller, Brandon Lane Phillips, & The Singing Contractors

Some days, it feels like we’re facing battles alone. But the truth is, God is always with us. And He shows His presence through the connections we have with others. Today’s guests share how cultivating strong friendships over time have transformed their lives. TV actor Jeremy Miller (best known as Ben Seaver on Growing Pains) and pediatric cardiologist Brandon Lane Phillips met when they were kids, and eventually, Brandon’s fight for Jeremy would end up saving his life. Indiana friends and...


God’s Perfect Purpose for Our Imperfect Lives: Rita Wilson and Lisa Osteen Comes

Many of us spend our lives trying to match our talents with the world’s need. We want to feel useful, after all. But when we’re hustling to get dinner on the table, or shuttling loved ones to doctor’s appointments, or rushing to meet a deadline, “finding our purpose” feels like a task that’s way too big to check off the list. But even if we don’t feel it, God has a purpose for our lives, and is doing great things, even through imperfect humans. Our guests, actor/producer Rita Wilson and...


God Can Rewrite Any Story: Cyntoia Brown-Long and Liz Marie Galvan

Sometimes we picture our lives going one way, until we encounter impossible choices and painful struggles we never saw coming. But no matter your past, your pain, or your mistakes, when we give our stories over to God, He can write a new ending for us—one filled with potential and purpose. On today’s episode, author and activist Cyntoia Brown-Long is joined by her husband Jamie Long as she shares her redemptive story of an adolescence marred by trafficking and drug use that led to a murder...


God Loves Broken People: The Next Door’s Lauren, Aja, & Natalie

When we’re mired in shame, it’s hard to believe we could ever be worthy of God’s grace. But when we step aside and allow God into the pit, He can pull us out of our mess and use our lives to show His glory in ways we could never imagine. Today we hear from Lauren, Aja, and Natalie—three women who have traveled through The Next Door, a nonprofit, faith-based organization that helps women coming out of incarceration to rebuild their lives. With vulnerability and strength, these women remind us...


God Is Our Hero: Dr. Derek Grier and Wayne McKay

We humans love to feel powerful and in control. But each of us has a handful of weaknesses, and we try desperately to hide them from the rest of the world. But time and again, God tells us when we’re weak, He is strong. And when we turn over our weakness to Him and make Him the hero of our lives, He can transform that weakness into our greatest strength for His glory. Our guests this week, pastor Derek Grier and publisher Wayne McKay, share how God’s used some of their pain points to reach...


“I Will Survive” – Believing God Can Get You Through: Gloria Gaynor and Jeff Huxford

Our journey of faith can be a long, slow process, or one where a single life event can jar us into discovering our true relationship with God. Singer Gloria Gaynor, the voice behind one of the world’s most powerful anthems, “I Will Survive,” knows what it’s like to be moved into a space where she needed to know about “this Jesus” she had heard about all her life and if she really believed who He said He was. Former physician Jeff Huxford also knows, all too well, what it was like to have a...


God Can Use Our Present to Heal Our Past: Pastor Robert Morris and Musician Matt Maher

Even after we know Jesus, many of us struggle with mistakes from our past. It seems like those memories will always haunt us and influence decisions we make. How do we learn to let go of the past and let God guide our future? This week’s guests, pastor Robert Morris and singer/songwriter Matt Maher, share how we can use our experiences and the constant presence of a supporting, loving God to become a blessing to others, whether we’re sharing our resources or learning to forgive our parents...


Wrestling with Questions, Finding Peace from God: Erwin McManus & Dominic Done

As people of faith, we can talk about some of life’s hardest moments openly, knowing when we share our struggles, our friends and family will rally around us. But what do we do when we have questions and doubts about our faith? Where will we find acceptance when we question the tenets of our faith or even the presence of God? God promises He is always near to us, no matter what—and that includes our questions and doubts. This week’s guests, pastors and writers Erwin McManus and Dominic Done,...


Kurt Warner and CBS’ James Brown: Living by God’s Playbook

Some moments feel like you’re playing in a big game. It’s the 4th quarter, your team is down by 6, and you’re the quarterback—the outcome rests on your shoulders. You’ve spent hours watching your opponent on film, and you’ve played against them for nearly 60 minutes. You’ve been watching their patterns and strategies, and you come up with a play you’re certain will outsmart them and lead you to victory—but your Coach doesn’t agree. He gives you another play to run, one you don’t quite...


Overcomers Are Defined and Refined by God: Priscilla Shirer & Jeremy Ray Taylor

In our world, it’s easy to let others define our worth. After all, we interact with people and get feedback on our performance all day long at work, at school, in communities online and off. We feel great when other people compliment us or “like” our posts—but what happens when people don’t like what we’re doing? What happens when we try to chase that affirmation from people and fail to live up to their ever-changing standards? This week, we talk with two actors in the spotlight—Priscilla...


Victoria Osteen, Laurie Crouch, Dr. DeeDee Freeman and Rachel Hauck: Building Each Other Up Through Friendship

We live in a world that’s more connected than ever but, ironically, more isolated. We disappear into our smartphones and tablets, ignoring the the people God placed us with right in our own living rooms, schools, workplaces and out in the world. Perhaps it’s easier to tap “like” on a screen than ask someone about their day or how we can help them—but that’s not the kind of relationship God called us to have with others. Today we talk with four women—Laurie Crouch, Victoria Osteen, and Dr....


Seeking Joy While Carrying Burdens: Matthew Kelly & Tammy Bullock

Every one of us is fighting a hard battle. Day in and day out, we try our best to care for loved ones and spread a little of God’s goodness in the world—and sometimes that load feels heavier than others. But as we stumble around with the weight of our burdens, we forget we don’t have to carry them alone. Our guests this week, author and speaker Matthew Kelly and nonprofit leader Tammy Bullock, remind us that despite the burdens on our backs, we can choose to view our world through the lens...


Following Christ Toward Your Unique Calling: Anthony Evans & Jenny + Tyler

When God created our world, the first thing He said was, “Let there be light.” And since then, the people of God have been beating back the darkness by shining His glorious light. This week, three music artists—Anthony Evans and duo Jenny & Tyler—tell us how they came to the realization of their calling, and why it’s so meaningful to them to spread Christ’s light to others. Links, Products and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling devotional Jesus Calling books Jesus Always Prayer...


Choosing Christ Through Doubt & Fear: Bear Grylls & Rhonda Vincent

The farther we get into our faith journeys, the more difficult and complex they seem to be. Obstacles block our paths, daylight dims and the road grows hard to see. But after a while in the dark, the light of dawns breaks through the night, warming the world and showing the way forward. God’s love is that light for our paths, and our guests this week—adventurer Bear Grylls and musician Rhonda Vincent—remind us that even when challenges barrage our faith, we can choose to stay on the road and...


God Brings Life After Loss: Jonathan Pitts and John Hill

When life brings us to our knees, it’s nearly impossible to remember that one day the pain won’t feel as sharp, and somehow we’ll find new life beyond the sorrow. In fact, God can redeem our darkest moments by bringing love and joy and newfound purpose to our days. That’s what He’s done for our guests this week: pastor and author Jonathan Pitts, who recently lost his 38-year-old wife author Wynter Evans Pitts, and entrepreneur John Hill, who struggled to find his way in life until He trusted...