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Welcome to Jews You Should Know, introducing the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.

Welcome to Jews You Should Know, introducing the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.
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Welcome to Jews You Should Know, introducing the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.




Episode 098 - The Sin-a-gogue Author: A Conversation with Dovid Bashevkin

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin is a rare combination of erudite Jewish scholar and humorist, who takes ideas - but not himself - seriously. He authored a book called "Sin-a-gogue: Sin and Failure in Jewish Thought," but also issues quips and pithy observations on his Twitter feed and regular magazine humor column. In this conversation, we explore the divergent - but cohering - pols of Rabbi Bashevkin's personality, as well as his theories of education, his background, and his work...


Episode 097 - The Jewish Women's Entrepreneur Founder: A Conversation with Chaya Fishman

ABOUT THIS EPISODE When a high school-aged Chaya Fishman founded a creative arts day camp for younger girls in her community, she displayed signs of her future entrepreneurial credentials. Today she works professionally in corporate law, but along the way founded the Jewish Women's Entrepreneur (JWE), a social venture supporting Jewish female business owners. Through mentorship, conferences and events around the country, Chaya's non-profit has offered know-how and support to scores of women...


Episode 096 - The Branch Host: A Conversation with Dina Kraft

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Dina Kraft has spent a lifetime in journalism, working for some of the most esteemed names in the industry. Her career pinnacle, though, may be the podcast she hosts under the auspices of Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc., called The Branch. Fusing her passion for Israel, shared society, reporting, and audio, this year-old podcast brings the sounds and stories of mutual Jewish-Arab engagement in Israel to the listener in a riveting manner. Her...


Episode 095 - The Central Park to Sinai Author: A Conversation with Roy Neuberger

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Roy Neuberger grew up the scion of a celebrated Wall Street family, but bereft of Jewish education or identity. Several decades of existential angst led him to discover his faith, encountering the legendary Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis along the way. He eventually authored a series of Jewish books across several genres, and he and his wife lecture regularly around the world. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to...


Episode 094 - The Victims Rights Advocate: A Conversation with Kim Goldman

ABOUT THIS EPISODE The trial against OJ Simpson was a flashpoint in modern American history, touching on themes of celebrity, racial tension, justice and privilege. Often forgotten in these proceedings were the victims: Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, the latter a 25-year-old Jewish young man originally from Chicago. Now, 25 years later, his sister Kim opens up about her childhood with Ron; her life during and after that heart-wrenching period; the 10-part podcast series,...


Episode 093 - The 9/11 Arbitrator: A Conversation with Ken Feinberg

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Ken Feinberg has mediated or arbitrated almost every major tragedy in recent American history. From 9/11 to the Virginia Tech shooting to the BP oil spill, he has been charged with establishing equitable processes for compensating victims, and helping ease families' burden during their most vulnerable moments. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a...


Episode 092 - The Montana Rabbi and Adoption Advocate: A Conversation with Chaim Bruk

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Chaim Bruk is a man worthy of at least two podcasts: one for his role as the "Chief Rabbi" of Montana, and another for his - and his wife's - exceptional experience as adoptive parents of five amazing children. We've crammed it into one mesmerizing conversation that will inspire and educate on a host of crucial issues. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a...


Episode 091 - The Mesila Founder: A Conversation with Shmuli Margulies

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Jewish life is expensive. Through Mesila, the organization he founded, Shmuli Margulies has made it his life mission to ensure that this reality does not overwhelm families. His commitment to financial education and sensible budgeting and saving has offered thousands of people worldwide peace of mind and a reprieve from financial hardship, helping them build a brighter and more hopeful financial future. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know...


Episode 090 - The Signature Bank Founder & In Good Faith Author: A Conversation with Scott Shay

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Scott Shay was leading a thriving life of banking and philanthropy. He decided it wasn't enough: he noticed a dearth of sophisticated responses to the contemporary and bold atheism movement, and ventured to remedy that through five years of exhaustive research. The result, In Good Faith, is a magnum opus addressing the most central questions of the long standing debate around God and religion. Scott is also the founder of Signature Bank and a deeply engaged community...


Episode 089 - The Chareidi Tikvah Israel Director: A Conversation with Yehoshua Pfeffer

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Yehoshua Pfeffer is a community rabbi, rabbinical judge and Torah scholar; he is also a professor of law at Hebrew University, former Israeli Supreme Court intern, founder and editor of the Tzarich Iyun journal, and director of the Israeli division of the Tikvah Fund. These disparate descriptors are quite unusual for an occupant of Chareidi Israel, but position Rabbi Pfeffer uniquely as a representative to the broader world, and an agent for internal...


Episode 088 - The Second Thought Director and Middle East Demography Expert: A Conversation with Yoram Ettinger

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Yoram Ettinger has been a champion of the American-Israeli relationship for decades, first as a civil servant in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., and later as the founder and director of the Second Thought Foundation. Yoram's expertise is wide-ranging, but he is particularly well known for his deep research in the area of Arab demographics, and its surprising implication for the future of Israel as a Jewish state. Yoram's work can be found at,...


Episode 087 - The Healthy Eating Advocate: A Conversation with Eli Glaser

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Eli Glaser peaked at 300 pounds. As a rabbi and community role model, he knew he had to "practice what he preached" when it came to self-control and a more elevated approach to eating. So he did, working his way through OA, and eventually founding Soveya, a leading provider of healthy eating information in the Jewish community. Check out their work at -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to...


Episode 086 - The Evolving Philanthropist: A Conversation with Anthony Moshal

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Few people can claim to have rolled multiple high-demand careers into one personal journey, but Anthony Moshal has been a physician, online-gaming mogul, real estate investor and venture capitalist. His most prized role, though, is as a philanthropist, investing in the future of orphaned Jewish children in the former Soviet Union, and in the Jewish education of disaffected youth around the world. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces...


Episode 085 - The Outerstuff CEO: A Conversation with Sol Werdiger

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Sol (Shloime) Weridger runs one of the most interesting companies in the Jewish world. Outerstuff is a leading provider of sportswear - jerseys, youth-wear and more - for most of the major sports leagues in the United States. He is also a deeply committed Jew, focused very much on the themes of integrity and Jewish values. Through his interface with commissioners, franchise owners and the titans of the sports apparel world, Sol creates a kiddush Hashem (sanctification of...


Episode 084 - The Children's Author/Illustrator: A Conversation with Ann Koffsky

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Ann Koffsky is an author, illustrator, editor and publisher of Jewish children's books, averaging a book per year for several decades! She is also an activist promoting the inclusion of women's images in religious publications. Follow her on Instagram @JewishArtByAnn, or on the Web at Also see her work for Behrman House - - and it's children's picture books imprint at Her advocacy work is featured...


Episode 083 - The Australian Psychologist and Leadership Innovator: A Conversation with Jackie (Engel) Glaser

ABOUT THIS EPISODE From her post as a psychologist on the Australian "Today" show, to her recent engagement in the mountains of Toledo, Spain, Jackie (Engel) Glaser has led a fascinating life. Her great passion - empowering young Jewish student leaders, as Director of Global Leadership for OLAMI - is an outgrowth of her own experiences, and has already brightened the firmament of Jewish campuses and communities around the world. -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should...


Episode 082 - The Brazilian Mega-Philanthropist and Olami Co-Founder: A Conversation with Elie Horn

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Elie Horn is a Brazilian real estate magnate. He is also one of the most passionate philanthropists in the Jewish world, dedicated entirely to combating assimilation and offering young Jews the gift of Jewish education. Along with the Wolfson family, Mr. Horn founded Olami, a worldwide network of organizations in over 20 countries committed to this noble mission. Learn more at -------------------- ABOUT THIS PODCAST Jews You Should Know introduces the...


Episode 081 - The Marathon Mother: A Conversation with Beatie Deutsch

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Beatie Deutsch is not only the "fastest woman in Israel," but also the fastest to attribute her success to the One Above. As an Orthodox woman and mother of five, Beatie transcends stereotypes and is on a mission to transform public perception of what the women of her community can accomplish, while preserving and promoting her most sacred values. An aspiring Olympian, Beatie is now sponsored by the Israel government and Nike, and has been featured in countless media...


Episode 080 - The Father of Koby: A Conversation with Seth Mandell

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Most people - gratefully - cannot imagine the pain of losing a child under any circumstances, much less in a brutal terror attack while he is still a young boy. Yet we also cannot imagine the strength of character and the spiritual power necessary to transform that grief into a plan of action aimed at growth and healing for fellow victims of unspeakable tragedy. Rabbi Seth Mandell, along with his wife Sherry, turned the most terrible experience of their lives into a...


Episode 079 - The UConn Basketball Star: A Conversation with Doron Sheffer

ABOUT THIS EPISODE Doron Sheffer has played basketball at a level few people - much less few Jewish people - ever attain. Through his years as a star at the University of Connecticut, and in Israel for illustrious teams such as Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Jerusalem, Sheffer expressed his immense talents on the court. Off the court, though, he was traveling a spiritual journey that eventually led him back to his own Jewish roots, and to a life-after-basketball spent instilling values into...