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Kosher Queers is a podcast with at least two Jews and generally more than three opinions! Each week Jaz and Lulav bring you queer takes on Torah.

Kosher Queers is a podcast with at least two Jews and generally more than three opinions! Each week Jaz and Lulav bring you queer takes on Torah.


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Kosher Queers is a podcast with at least two Jews and generally more than three opinions! Each week Jaz and Lulav bring you queer takes on Torah.




76 — Shemini: Populist Dancing

This week, we discuss the holiness of workplace safety guidelines, the numerous possible interpretations of a woman with too little few lines on-page, deciding not to create a family with an incompatible partner, and suggestively dancing for G-d. Full transcript here. We played five dimensional chess and you can too. Here's "Freedom" by Langston Hughes, which someone brought to our seder. Here's the thing where conservatives claimed monarchy was key to democracy. I thiiink the novel...


81 — 18 June 2012: Tefillin Modus

On this week's episode of "where jewing it man.", the very real podcast about the webcomic Homestuck that we have definitely been running since September 2019, we're talking about if gender is the same as species, why the Statue of Liberty lasts for billions of years, and as always, what on Earth or Alternia is going on? Anyway, happy April Fools y'all, and thank you for joining us in an alternate universe in which we made a queer Jewish Homestuck podcast instead. Full transcript...


74 — Tzav: Mandatory Parent-Child Teshuvah

This week, we talk parallels between guillotines and ritual sacrifice, wrestle with ideas of Messianics and also a messianic age more generally, and point out that we apparently all have the power to rob G-d. Plus, there's a 300 year old prophet, and never a golden age. Full transcript available here. If you're interested in hearing more about brin solomon's nonbinary siddur, you can follow brin on Twitter @nonstandardrep, where, as a bonus, you also get to hear its thoughts on daf yomi,...


73 — Vayikra: Made to Glitterify You

This week, we talk about how God needs to give humans scaffolds to learn, holy princes are turned to evil nonsense, a Jewish dude gets a tattoo, and there are some rad name shenanigans. Also, craftspeople are literally magical, but then you gotta take responsibility for the things you create. Full transcript available here. The first couple seasons of "Ink Master" are available on Netflix. The Shrieking Shack podcast is cool and can be found here. The bit that Lulav quotes from the Quran...


72 — Vayakhel-Pekudei: Masculinity is a Solitary Prison

This week, we talk scent sensitivity, princes who are separate from the people, and which parts of gender are worth salvaging. Plus, pet peeves around new gender trinaries and special days in the calendar where the haftarah has literally nothing to do with the parsha (including this week)! Full transcript here. Lulav negatively reviews Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown. Jaz has a new part-time job at Yente Over the Rainbow, where you can go if you're looking for a queer Jewish...


71 — Ki Tisa: Cleansing Vibes

This week, we talk pornoprophetics, which is a delight, and I guess some other things too, like the ritual impurity of a menstruator and the follies of C.S. Lewis' naming choices. Plus, being Jewish in public and avoiding a chillul Hashem. Transcript available here; unfortunately, we're currently only transcribed up to 26 minutes, but will have the rest up shortly. You can get "I Can't Wait To Finally Meet You" by KatSelesnya here or check out the whole Fraudulent Gays game jam bundle...


70 — Tetzaveh: Everlasting, Everchanging

This week, Isaiah is multiple people, G-d is fractal, and names are everlasting yet malleable and also full of family drama. Plus, converts are important and weather is confusing. Full transcript here. There's some more information about the origin of the fast day here and general features of minor fast days like it. Lulav said "quaternary and quintery" and meant "quaternary and quinary." You can also check out Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown and A Year Without A Name by Cyrus...


69 — Terumah: Nice.

This week, Lulav laughs about the episode number, but then we have to get down to the very serious business of distinguishing between fun gifts and war profiteering. Plus, very sweet eight-year-olds and very unsweet terrible kings. Also, there's lots of music excerpts edited in, so enjoy that. Full transcript here. Lulav was listening to "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With G-d)” off of Kate Bush's 1985 album Hounds of Love, and has that song on a playlist shipping the characters Edelgard...


68 — Mishpatim: Instead Of Fiscal Oversight, How About None?

This week, we discuss landlords abusing their power, bizarre managerial strategies, and the esoteric details of synagogue finances. Plus, random questions about vegetarianism and deciding not to trust everybody who shares an identity with you. Full transcript here. You can check out Travis Alabanza's play "Overflow" here. The song Lulav quote near the end of the episode is "Power" by Kanye West (lyrics here). You can read more about religious organizations exemptions from the usual rules...


67 — Yitro: What's Up with the Lips?

This week, G-d wears a cute waterfall dress, Isaiah has hot lips, and we all pretend to be angels. Plus, bad survey design and gender-affirming conversion rituals that still involve small amounts of pain on sensitive areas. Transcript here (still in progress - only finalized through page 9). Francis Fukuyama wrote a famous book called The End of History and the Last Man, in which he argued that the progression of history was basically over, because with liberal democracy, we've reached our...


66 — Beshalach: Oh My Darling, Devorah

This week, there are so many women in the story! By which we mean, a full three women, two of whom even get names. This we also get some sung folktales, a female friend who is too cool for you who you know is silently or not-so-silently judging you, and intermarried rabbis (meaning, of course, rabbis who marry other rabbis). Full transcript here. Lulav recommends Harry Potter and the Lack of Lamb Sauce by imagitory. She also mentions the podcast The Shrieking Shack, which is a Harry...


65 — Bo: As Sure As Miami Is Above Water

This week, we talked about nations being destroyed and assuming that things will always be the same as they are now and also sang some Woody Guthrie, all while saying almost nothing about the news! Also, some thoughts on fairy cows from an angry man. Full transcript here. We encourage saying the shehecheyanu for your first time doing something cool like standing on a frozen lake, but also, not falling in like a March sister in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Also, neat fact: the lake we...


64 — Va'eira: Awful Animal Appellations

This week, we talk about ancient puns, trust in intentional living communities, the fallacy of safety, and and a cool crocodile. Plus, Lulav really enjoys some fanfiction and does some sewing. Full transcript available here. The fanfic that Lulav re-read recently and was inspired by is Truth and Measure by Telanu on Archive of Our Own. Also, props to SR Harris, the fabric company that we shopped at for Lulav's T-shirt quilt. This week's reading is Ezekiel 28:25–29:21. Next week's reading...


63 — Sh'mot: Mitzvah Shmitzvah

This week, we're talking about visions of apocalypse, and also the name game. Plus, sometimes a prophet tells people that obviously, things aren't going to work out, and they laugh. Full transcript available here. This week's reading is Isaiah 27:6–28:13 and 29:22-23. Next week's reading is Ezekiel 28:25–29:21. Support us on Patreon or Ko-fi! Send us questions or comments at, follow us on Twitter @kosherqueers, and like us on Facebook at Kosher Queers. Our music is...


62 — Vayechi: Specifically Instructed Not To Be Gals

This week, we talk about a king's hitlist, deathbed revenge speeches, trusting the state, and the dubious nature of certain Jewish claims to indigeneity. Full transcript here. Jaz made a knitted item using the pattern "Mountain Capelet" by Purl Soho. Here's the Matisyahu song that Lulav referenced, "Jerusalem," and here are its lyrics. Yerushalayim shel Zahav, which Jaz references, is a different famous song about Jerusalem. Jaz mentioned thinking a particular commentary was from the...


61 — Vayigash: New Trans Bones

This week, we look at some fun goth performance art, which plays with bones and death and a messianic age. We also talk art curation practices, fanfiction vs canon, and the value or lack thereof of inherited roles. Full transcript here. The book with lesbians that Jaz recently read was We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia. The two movies we watched were Happiest Season , which you can watch on Hulu, and Last Christmas, which appears to only be available on HBO. Jaz also mentions...


60 — Mikeitz: Fetch Me A Sword

This week, we learn about how camels are nonbinary, attempt to define what makes a "real parent," and dissect a famous story in which the women are way cooler than we were led to believe as children. (Like, for real, there are some single moms in this story who maybe do sex work and maybe are lovers, and definitely roommates who do not get along with the existing power structures of kings and judges.) Full transcript here. Lulav mentions doing quiz bowl with NAQT. Here's the reading from...


59 — Vayeishev: On Occupiers' Time for 2500 Years

This week, we ponder creating your own separate traditions before returning to join the Jewish people, visions of angels and holy prosecuting attorneys, and calendars. Plus, some fun bonus stories of said prosecuting attorney messing with some rabbis. Full transcript here. Also, a neat fact that we didn't mention in the episode is that the Orit is the five books of the Torah, plus Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, written in Ge'ez rather than Biblical Hebrew; there's a picture here. Commedia...


58 — Vayishlach: The Prophecy of G-d's Secretary

This week, we read a very short books, take some digressions into more interesting stories, and discuss how power protects itself. Plus, Jaz would be bad at thievery because all they'd take are some children's books. (Btw, in case you were worried about how much crying was happening, we are okay! It may offer partial context that we did record this on November 6th, 2020.) Full transcript here. Remy's Instagram is @ rat_dog_remy and Princess' Instagram is @cessprin_the_chug. Jaz highly...


57 — Vayeitzei: G-d as Domme?

This week, we talk about famed prophet and noted bad husband Hosea, learning from our pasts, and if "cow-kisser" is an insult (apparently, yes, but only as a way to tell off rich people). Plus, you get Biblical poetry served with extra bonus poetry on the side, and TSwift standing in a window with a sign reading "I Brought You Out of Egypt." Full transcript available here. This week's reading is Hosea 12:13–14:10 and also there's a single line from Micah, 7:18. Next week's reading is...