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Law of Attraction Tips, Talk, Fun, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Love, and Clarity

Law of Attraction Tips, Talk, Fun, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Love, and Clarity


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Law of Attraction Tips, Talk, Fun, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Love, and Clarity






Breathing Easier During The Pandemic

The big news today in the pandemic was the acknowledgement that breathing is the big issue for people who are critically ill with the Covid19 virus. In the face of disastrous results with ventilators, some doctors are now recommending alternative techniques for patients dealing with breathing issues, techniques that sound remarkably similar to those we talk about here on LOA Today.


Feeling Negative Emotions In Our Relationships With Everything

When we think about being deliberate creators, many of us in LOA circles focus intently on trying to only feel positive emotions. But Cindie makes the case today for allowing ourselves to feel the negative emotions, not for the purpose of living in them, but instead for the purpose of moving through them to let go of them.


Yes You CAN Be Too Careful

One of the recurring themes that have emerged during the pandemic is the idea that you can't be too careful, But Walt takes issue with that claim, pointing out that when being careful means doing so from a viewpoint of fear (which most people today are doing), you are attracting even more reasons to be fearful into your life.


Silver Linings During The Pandemic

You wouldn't know it by listening to the news (which we strongly discourage during these times) but there has actually been some good news in recent days. We relay some of that, and we also talk about some important strategies for staying healthy during times when it's a challenge to stay healthy.


Dealing With The Earth Shift From The Pandemic

Rita Gigante has decided to become a Friday regular here on the podcast! Hooray! We welcome her back today and talk about the ideas and strategies for dealing with what's going on and persisting in keeping our vibrations high, even when people around us are getting dragged down.


Hypnotherapy With Coach Rasheid Edwards

Rasheid "Coach" Edwards is a mental health consultant and hypnotherapist with a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Rasheid Edwards has over 13 years of experience in behavioral and success achievement strategies through speaking and coaching.


Cut Yourself Some Slack

We continue last Wednesday's discussion about our relationship with ourselves, and we end up exploring quite a few very useful strategies for cutting ourselves some slack so that we can better handle the times we're currently living through.


Kids Live From The Front Lines

The pandemic is affecting kids as well, so today we invite Alyx's two nieces, 12-year-old Coral and 9-year-old Mo, to tell us about what it's like dealing with quarantine from a kid's perspective.


Getting And Staying Healthy

How have we overlooked this topic since the pandemic began? We're not sure, but we don't let that stop us from exploring the most important topic of the day.


Rita Gigante: The Godfather's Daughter

Linda brings a very special guest to join us today. Rita Gigante didn't exactly grow up in the American Dream household, because her father was the head of the notorious Genovese crime family in New York City.


Some Good Coronavirus News For A Change

It had to happen eventually. Today we got word from the Imperial College London that their previous projects for massive infection and death rates were ... well ... wrong.


Your Relationship With Yourself

We've spent a lot of time the past few Wednesdays talking about our relationships with everyone and everything in our lives. Today we turn inward and talk about our relationships with ourselves.


Overcoming Second-Hand Stress

An awful lot of people are now feeling the high-stress emotional vibes that others are putting out in the midst of the global chaos, and second-hand stress has become a major factor in the lives of many, many people.


When You're Feeling Down, Find Reasons To Feel Gratitude

Now more than ever, it's vitally important to find ways to keep our attitudes up. When Louis de Souza is feeling the tension and unpleasant vibrations that others are putting out, you know that stress is high. Uohna shares some of the research that tells us how valuable gratitude is when we get to feeling low.


Healing Meditation To Stay Healthy Or Get Healthy In The Age of Coronavirus

Today is all about healing. Walt reports that he and Louise have been experiencing some minor symptoms of Covid19, but they have no worries and are simply taking care of themselves and focusing their attention on healing and feeling good.


Thoroughly Thoughtless Thursday

After three straight days of dealing head-on with the stresses related to the corona virus, we tilt the tables today and throw everything sensical out the window. It's all about the laughter today, people!


Handling Stress In Relationships During Stressful Times

Cindie and I continue yesterday's discussion with Dan by focusing specifically on human relationships and how the extraordinary events we are currently living affect those relationships.


Handling Empathic Stress During Stressful Times

In the prevailing climate being driven by the world's response to the corona virus, many of us in Conscious Creator circles find ourselves dealing with vibrational energies that others are giving off that can be uncomfortable.


Contrasting And Comparing Abraham-Hicks With Modern Medical And Health Knowledge

Uohna gives us a "biology" lesson in which she goes over the various ways that the body takes care of itself and heals itself, with an eye toward the current corona virus epidemic.


Strategies For Sending Positive Energy To Others During The Coronavirus Outbreak

With all of the negative press stirring up fear and panic regarding the coronavirus, we continue our trend of finding ways to counteract and counterbalance what's happening with our own, more positive and helpful thoughts and feelings. Join us and help us send that energy out into the world to do the most good.