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LEAD TIME is a twenty minute dose of leadership insights and interviews from Pastors Tim and Jake. LEAD TIME is for any leader living in a busy world looking to be inspired, equipped and empowered to lead others to their fullest potential.

LEAD TIME is a twenty minute dose of leadership insights and interviews from Pastors Tim and Jake. LEAD TIME is for any leader living in a busy world looking to be inspired, equipped and empowered to lead others to their fullest potential.
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LEAD TIME is a twenty minute dose of leadership insights and interviews from Pastors Tim and Jake. LEAD TIME is for any leader living in a busy world looking to be inspired, equipped and empowered to lead others to their fullest potential.






4 Leadership Learnings from a Camp Counselor

Today, Tim and Jake speak with Maddy Haase who is new to our team at Christ’s Greenfield as a Director of Christian Education Intern. They speak about Maddy's experience as a camp counselor and what it has taught her about being a leader of young people. This is Lead Time.


Mentoring Teen Moms

Today in the studio, Tim and Jake speak with Shannon Creamer the Director of the East Valley Young Lives organization that reaches teen moms and dads, too. She not only mentors teen moms on a daily basis, she comes from a place of real life experience of knowing the struggles and has given her life to bring the hope of Jesus and peace of Christ to those in need. This is Lead Time.


Evangelism Demystified

Today, we’re blessed to welcome back to the show our neighbor in the valley and amazing evangelism expert, Erik Fish. If you missed his first chat with us please go back to January 28th and listen to his podcast on everyday discipleship. Today we’re chatting about demystifying evangelism. Evangelism has possibly gotten a bad rap. Some people may see it is as only for the “extroverted and extremely gifted.” Thank you for joining us on Lead Time!


Bivocational Ministry

You might be thinking, “I really wish I could take a next step towards learning more theology and practicing my faith in a specific role in the church but I just don’t think I can handle entering a program...it’s too much work, is it worth it?” Listen to Lead Time to hear CG's own Jeff Sutherlin answer this question and more!


The Simple Church

Today we’re going to talk about our church’s journey toward simplicity. Churches and organizations do not naturally gravitate toward simplicity...but toward complexity. Join us as Jack Kalleberg, CGLCS director or finance and operations, breaks it down for us.


Run With Perseverance

Today we are chatting about one of Jack’s greatest passions, hobbies and crafts - running. Now running is not easy and he is here to shed light on some insights from his running careers and apply them to leadership for us today! This is Lead Time!


Missional Accountability

Today we’re talking about missional accountability. Is that an oxymoron? Here is what we mean: as a follower of Jesus, we believe there are two extremes that church leaders often fall into. On the one hand, we become all touchy-feely and soft and extremely sensitive to the feelings of others. Therefore, our discipleship can lack grit and determination. It’s all about relationships and accountability is resisted. On the other hand, some leaders are wired so hard to achieve metrics of growth...


Find Your Fit

Today we are blessed to have Jonathan Reitz in studio. Jonathan has been one of Tim Ahlman's main advisors for his doctorate. Today we put together a behavioral tool through the Harrison Assessments to help identify the traits and characteristics of pastors who collaborate in mission, and start new churches. Jonathan is one of the pre-eminent Harrison consultants on the planet. Welcome to Lead Time, Jonathan!


Share Your Faith Story

All of us have a story to share. All of us have a life filled with topsy turvies and twist, ups and downs and all arounds, and here is the thing, we are blessed when we hear other peoples stories of faith. Today we are going to hear the very different faith stories of Becky and Joel Kosberg who just arrived back in Arizona a few weeks ago. Joel is the newest member to our team. Joel has the title of “vicar” which means he is apprenticing us and will be a future ordained pastor.


Collaborative Sermon Writing

TODAY, we want to give you a clear specific example where we have had a growth mindset and see if that can spur you on to apply similar principals in your work life. We have a growth mindset in the area of creating a Collaborative sermon writing process. You heard me right. From creative to creation to completion - our team works together from start to finish to help each other achieve the best possible sermon.


Stories Stick, Facts Fade

Would Jesus use Excel Spreadsheets? Would he know how to read a finance or metric driven discipleship report? Would Jesus say: “Uhh...disciples can I get that TPS report on how many disciples we’ve discovered, developed and deployed?” Jesus doesn’t seem that concerned about reports and metrics and data...at least not primarily. He truly believes that His story would change individual lives and lead to a movement through His body, the church. Jesus realized that stories would stick...and...


Overcoming the Fear of Rejection

In this week's episode of Lead Time, Tim and Jake tackle the topic of Rejection! The fear of which can cause a deep detriment to the life of a leader. Give a listen to hear three key ways of overcoming the fear of rejection, and moving toward a life of boldness and freedom.


The Heart and Hands of Worship

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Unity Is a Catalyst

Today, we’re talking about how unity is catalyst for organizational growth! Join us as we unpack our U.N.I.T.E. acronym!! THIS is LeadTime.


Stop Busy Start Boundaries

Pastors Tim Ahlman and Jake Boessling discuss the power of the busyness that can hijack our lives in the midst of the community and culture that we live in. This is Lead Time!


Faith and Finance

Today’s episode will give you hope to make a change if you are in debt as you hear a story of financial transformation in the lives of Su and Dan Barry. This is Lead Time!


The Law of the Lid - 5 Tips to overcoming your lid

Today, in Episode 42, Tim and Jake talk with Ryan Bredow about how to overcome some obstacles in your leadership, being equipped to overcome your lid of leadership, and encouragement about how to continue to take the next steps needed to expand your influence as a leader. This is Lead Time.


Adaptable Lutherans? Learning from Latin America.

Today, in Episode 41, Tim and Jake continue their conversation with Rev. Dr. Jacob A O Preus; this time about his perspecitive on what Jesus is doing in the global south. This is Lead Time.


The Past and Future of the LCMS

For the next two episodes, Tim and Jake get to talk with one of the greatest living Lutheran theologians on planet earth, Rev. Dr. Jacob A. O. Preus. This week we speak with Jack about the past and future of the LCMS. This is Lead Time.


Women in Church Leadership

Today, in Episode 39, TIm and Jake talk with Rachell Highley a deaconness intern on our team that has shined over the past 10 months and she just has a few weeks left on her internship before her and her hubby, Joe head back to St Louis Missouri. This is Lead Time.