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Welcome to Learn & Share Podcast! We connect with successful Christian leaders to learn how they serve God best so that you can be inspired to share your skills and talents for God!

Welcome to Learn & Share Podcast! We connect with successful Christian leaders to learn how they serve God best so that you can be inspired to share your skills and talents for God!
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Welcome to Learn & Share Podcast! We connect with successful Christian leaders to learn how they serve God best so that you can be inspired to share your skills and talents for God!








How to Excel as a Christian Writer - Clifford Goldstein

Writing is a craft that has been used by God since Moses penned the book of Genesis. However, not all writing is equal. In the final episode of the Learn and Share podcast for this season, join Esther Louw and Clifford Goldstein as they discuss how you can excel as a Christian writer. Resources Mentioned: The New Yorker Magazine The New York Review of Books Between You and Me (Mary Norris)


How to be a Music Maker

Music may be one of the highest forms of worship and yet the creative arts is an area that is seldom discussed in the Adventist community at large. In this interview, gain a philosophical and practical perspective regarding the place music-making has within the mission of the Adventist church. Resources Mentioned: GarageBand - https://www.apple.com/mac/garageband/ Dorico - https://new.steinberg.net/dorico/ Sibelius - https://www.avid.com/sibelius Forte -...


How You Can Make an Impact in the Middle East - George Jackson

Lebanon is a country Jesus Himself once visited, but today it is a site of desperate need. In this episode, Dr. George Jackson and two students from Middle East University share their experiences of teaching, learning and serving others in a corner of the world that is often misunderstood. https://www.meu.edu.lb


How to Preach with Excellence - Michael Goetz

As a pastor and academic with a doctorate in homiletics, Michael Goetz is both an experienced and highly skilled preacher. In this practical episode, he gives advice and answers questions on topics ranging from the ideal sermon length to how to prepare an effective appeal. Whether you’re already preaching or just starting out, you’ll find this interview helpful and engaging.


How to be Involved in Adventist Missions - Karen Glassford

Did you know there are hundreds of Adventist mission openings left unfilled every year? Join Esther Louw and Karen Glassford as they discuss how to become a missionary - whether as a short-term volunteer or as a long-term career missionary. Karen shares from a lifetime of experience working with the Institute of World Missions and, more recently, at AWR Center for Digital Evangelism. Resources Mentioned: Adventist Mission Website: https://am.adventistmission.org Adventist Volunteer...


How to Reach The Deaf - Michelle Arthur

Though there are millions of deaf people within America, only 1-2% identify as Christian. In this interview, Michelle Arthur shares how she came to work within the deaf community and how others can become a missionary to this largely unreached people group here in America. Resources Mentioned: https://3adm.org/https://www.straight2theheart.com/https://www.amazon.com/Place-Their-Own-Creating-Community/dp/0930323491https://www.amazon.com/Seeing-Voices-Oliver-Sacks-ebook/dp/B00CNQ2NRC/


How to Actually Use Social Media for God - Chris Matts

The world is more connected than ever before and social media plays a vital role. In this episode, Chris shares his journey of coming to Christ and his new-found passion for reaching people where they are - online. He provides concepts and resources that will help you spread the gospel more effectively. Resources: Chris Matts' website: www.adventdigitalmarketing.com Adventist Center for Digital Evangelism: www.centerforonlineevangelism.org Resources to help get you started:...


How Faith and Farming Intersect - Seth Shaffer & Aubrey Seiler

In an increasingly urbanized society, farming continues to play a crucial role. In this interview, Seth Shaffer and Aubrey Seiler share how they came to be involved in agriculture and farming. They discuss getting started in the industry and methods you can use to integrate agriculture with mission and soul-winning. Resources / Links Mentioned: Education by E.G. White Adventist Agricultural Association - www.adventistag.org


How to Lose Your Debt and Save Your Life - Alistair Huong

Is debt holding you back from fulfilling your life calling? In this interview, Alistair Huong from savingthecrumbs.com shares his own financial journey. He tackles issues on tithe, offering and the all-important question of debt. He shares practical advice for managing your finances as a Christian. Resources: www.savingthecrumbs.com


How to Know God's Will for Your Life - Michael Hasel

Michael Hasel interacts with young people on a daily basis as a professor at Southern Adventist University. In this episode he shares principles that have helped him and the young people he has mentored find answers to one of life’s biggest questions: How can I know God’s will?


How to Survive and Grow on a University Campus - Israel Ramos

If you’re a public university student, God has a radical purpose for you that goes beyond achieving good grades. In this episode, Israel Ramos discusses this purpose and how you can become part of a movement that is bigger than yourself.


How to Deal with Suffering and Loss - Frank Hasel

Frank Hasel shares his experience of losing his wife and why he believes we encounter suffering in our lives. In a personal way, he explains how the Christian can respond to loss and provides practical advice for helping others who are going through a time of tragedy.


How to get Started as a Christian Creative - Clive Coutet

After working for the BBC and the secular world in the media industry, Clive realized the timeless opportunity available in serving God. In this episode, learn how you can use media to reach thousands of people while avoiding some of the pitfalls often associated with it.


How to Defeat Depression & Thrive - Allen Lloyd

Allan Lloyd was a pre-med student when he carried out a personal experiment for his mental health. The discovery? Three simple practices that can dramatically improve your life and ability to succeed.


How Literally Anyone Can Share Their Faith - Dan Serns

As a young person, Dan Serns was teaching English in Korea when he discovered his passion for sharing Jesus. In this energetic interview, Pr. Serns talks about four things that anyone can do - no matter who they are - to be a soul-winner. Show notes: Dan’s Seminar on Sharing your Faith: www.audioverse.org/english/sermons/seriess/1605/you-are-needed.html GYC (Generation. Youth. Christ.): www.gycweb.org GLOW Tracts: www.glowonline.org Texas Evangelism Website: www.TexasEvangelism.org


How to Bridge Business with Ministry - Sean Wycliffe

At the age of 19, Sean Wycliffe was a passionate entrepreneur working seven days a week in order to become rich and successful. Within a year, Sean’s business reached a million dollars in revenue and his own personal spending exceeded $10,000 a month. Unfortunately, the business went bust, and he was forced to sell everything he had. Through this experience, Sean got to know God and then decided he wanted to build businesses that would follow biblical principles. Listen in as he shares about...