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Astrologer and Coach Katya Slivinskaya interviews luminaries of our time to uplift, inspire and mobilize humanity.

Astrologer and Coach Katya Slivinskaya interviews luminaries of our time to uplift, inspire and mobilize humanity.


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Astrologer and Coach Katya Slivinskaya interviews luminaries of our time to uplift, inspire and mobilize humanity.




Paradigm Shifting Music for a New World with Masha Tretiakova D'Elphenden

Can music act as a catalyst for our evolution? Can it midwife us past our comfort zone, into new realms, new possibilities, and new ways of seeing? I say it can. Vocalist and songwriter Masha Tretiakova D'Elphenden writes songs that bridge the heartbreaking tenderness and vulnerability of being Human with the vastness of the universe and consciousness itself. At once an exploration of infinite mystery, and a deep-dive into the rawness of the human heart, Masha's music dives bravely into...


Rekindling Life's Magic with Bernard Duchatelle

Have you ever wished, that the kind of magic that seems to show up spontaneously in childhood, your first kiss, or other rare and momentous occasions in life, was something you could infuse your everyday life with? Do you ever feel tired of the flatness of the mundane world, yet feel powerless to "light it up" into something inspired and rarified, of your own accord? Me too. I sometimes wonder if magic is something that used to be more present, and gradually faded as (much of) humanity...


The Universe is Talking To You with Blain Bovee

Blain Bovee is an astrologer, author, and overall wisdom holder in our midst. Before becoming a professional astrologer over 20 years ago, he studied and earned graduate degrees in both, Philosophy and Far Eastern Studies. His wealth of wisdom is shared with us through this conversation today. Have you ever wondered, how does astrology work? What do the stars and celestial bodies have to do with our affairs here on Earth? Why would we ever want to look to them, for guidance? The...


Turning a Frightening Medical Diagnosis into Life Purpose with Kyra Coates

In Episode 2, Katya speaks with artist Kyra Coates. Kyra is a 39-year-old mother of 4 who was recently diagnosed with cognitive decline leading to Alzheimer's disease. After a period of grieving, Kyra decided to draw on her extensive spiritual training as well as her lifelong calling as an artist, and turn her deeply personal transition into a work of art. Putting together a series of 18-20 paintings, woven together with a story, she is creating a modern-day, accessible retelling of the...


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ayahuasca with Kat Courtney

In Episode 1, Katya speaks with Kat Courtney, shamanic guide of the powerful plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is a vine used for centuries in the Amazon basin for the purposes of healing, rekindling life purpose, and reconnecting with our Soul. It is said by many that it is the *disconnection* from our soul that results in ailments and distresses of the mind, emotions, and eventually even the body. Kat has trained for over 12 years, facilitating and participating in hundreds and...


The Mission of Lift

Welcome to Lift: The Podcast. Where we interview luminaries of our time to uplift, inspire, and mobilize ourselves, in interesting and incredibly intense times here on Earth! In this episode, host Katya Slivinskaya explains the mission of Lift, and how it came to be born. To support Lift, and receive exclusive, backstage episodes, visit