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We give away what we have, let's make sure we receive life.

We give away what we have, let's make sure we receive life.


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We give away what we have, let's make sure we receive life.






Are You Good Enough

Okay, before we get started with today's episode I want to teach you a little something that's very important to me in my coaching practice. Point your head, right at your temple. And repeat after me. “This is my thinker. And my thinker is not my knower.” Now, point at your heart and repeat after me. “This is my knower. And my knower is not my thinker.” I know it seems elementary but stay with me. Point back to your head, “My thinker tries to be my knower. But my thinker is only my thinker....


An Open Hand

I’m a starter. Those of you that know me well, already know that. In my life I have been fortunate enough to have an 50k foot view on some really cool projects. But that also has a dark side to it. You see, I’m a starter. I get excited about things and I sometimes see a vision clearly. I find it easy to communicate that vision. I’m a communicator and some things just come natural to me. They fall into place easily and that’s exciting, it’s invigorating and some say that I’m a little too...


Something’s Gotta Change

Have you ever reached a point where you've told yourself “Something's Gotta Change”? With everything going on nowadays, it may be a more common statement than I realized. There's a lot of tension in our society right now. Including the weather, power outages, food shortages, boiling restrictions on water, Patience wears thin. Intolerance is at an all-time high with our society. Everywhere you look, there is a flavor of division, it’s everywhere. Unity seems like a pipe dream. We are a...


Embracing Failure Alone

I don’t like to fail. I’m sure you don’t either. But I have and I do fail. A lot. It’s difficult for me to keep moving, to keep trying after I realize that I have failed. Sometimes, I refuse to see it when it's right in front of me. The most dangerous part about this is that most times when we fail, we face it alone. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, ep 83 and today we are talking about Embracing Failure Alone.


Going Through Hell

One of the main keys to success is to keep going when you start. I’m sure that you’ve heard the old adage, “If you’re going through Hell, keep going.” Let me explain a few things today that’s helped a lot of people. This has EVERYTHING to do with Living the Freedom Life and I want to share it with you. This is Episode 82 named after those infamous words of Winston Churchill, We are talking about “Going Through Hell” today.


A Unique Set of Skills A Unique Set of Skills

When it comes to New Year Resolutions, by now, there are only four options. Either you are well on your way to accomplishing the task you set out, or they’ve flopped, or you didn’t make any, or, the fourth option is that you just need some encouragement to keep going. This is episode # 81 and you're listening to Living the Freedom Life.


The Art of Marinating

I want to ask you a rhetorical question. How many times have you been talking to someone, they ask “How have you been?”, and your answer goes something like this... “Oh man, I’ve been really busy.” Or “Yeah, I just don’t have time for much anymore, between work and family.” You're listening to Living the Freedom Life Ep 80 and today we are talking about being The Art of Marinating.



As we dive into today’s topic... It’s one that I face quite often and I’m sure you do too. Even with our Coaching clients, we find that this is a huge driver to many things we do in our lives. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, this is episode 79 and today we are talking about Rejection.


Resolution, Schmed-jo-lution

How many of you have made it this far? You know, with your New Year Resolutions. Are you still holding down the fort, even though the enemy is circling? Why are resolutions so hard? I know, resolutions are usually things, that I know that I should be doing, but aren’t. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, this is ep78 Resolution, Schmed-jo-lution.


What Do You Want to Change? What Do You Want to Change?

Look, there hasn’t been much gone untouched by 2020. This year has been a doozy. I’ve seen everything from making sure that everyone eats Black Eyed Peas for the New Year to Opening your Back Door just before midnight to “Let out” everything about 2020 and open your front door to let the newness of 2021 in. There is a lot that needs to change about 2021. But this time of year sparks that kind of thing, now doesn’t it? You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life ep 77 and today we are asking...


You Got Me What?

This isn’t going to be your typical Christmas post. You may have seen videos about today’s topic, you may have experienced this yourself and watched it happen. You may have even thought this yourself. Picture this, it's Christmas morning, you can tell without going outside, it’s cold, there are still hot coals in the fireplace, you stoke it a couple of times and it comes back to life again, you begin to feel its warmth, the Tree is lit and coffee is brewing. The time is finally here, to sit...


Silver Lining Silver Lining

Have you ever posted something on social media and wanted to retract it? It reminds me of the expression, “You can't put toothpaste back into the tube”? Well, this was definitely one of those moments. This was something that was a meme, someone else had already typed it out for me and it had a picture background. In that moment, it satisfied a voice inside, that felt like it needed to be heard. And I re-posted it. Oh, I don’t regret re-posting it, not at all. It blew up with conversation....


Other People’s Glasses Other People's Glasses

This story is borrowed from a friend. A little boy climbs up in his Grandpa's lap and asks, "Can I try on your glasses Grampa?" "Okay, but be careful, they're pretty strong." He picks up the glasses and puts them on... followed by... "AAAGH!" The little boy got up from his Grandpa's lap, announcing to the rest of the room, "You live in a scary world Grandpa." We don't do this often enough. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, and today we're talking about Trying on Other Peoples...


Pre-Winter to Complete Fall

Let’s see, we have Fall, Pre-Winter, then we have a little bit more Fall, so we can move into Official Winter. Get ready for the weather confusion. For Thanksgiving we were in Nashville, which is a little colder than what we're used to in Texas. They actually got snow. Of which, I'm a little jealous. At home, we have a lot of plants that can’t survive a freeze. So when I woke up one morning and they were all brown, it was actually comforting. The first freeze is crucial for me to feel that...


I’ll Have a Glue Thanksgiving Without You

If you're listening to this today, Thanksgiving Day, instead of listening to this right now, let me encourage you to go check the turkey, check on the biscuits, hug your mother, sit down with your grandparents and listen to those stories they want to tell you. Then come back and listen to Living the Freedom Life. I want to share with you some things I learned about glue today. Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone! You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life Ep 72 I’ll Have A Glue Thanksgiving...


Forgiveness Forgiveness

With Thanksgiving coming up I thought we would have a discussion about something that I’ve found everyone struggles with. Forgiveness. You may even have someone that comes to mind. Even as I mentioned the word, Forgiveness, you already have a picture in your mind of what that looks like. Even if you don’t, That’s okay, […]


Happy Trash Day Happy Trash Day

With all of the celebration coming up, of us surrounded by holidays, let’s talk about the one that no one admits to celebrating until we don’t have it in our lives. Trash Day! Yeah, Trash Day. I know, you may think that I’ve gone off my rocker...When we don’t take out the trash, it doesn’t take long for it to pile up and things get nasty. You’re listening to Living the Freedom Life, ep 70 Happy Trash Day!


Ep 69 Veterans Day! Veterans Day!

I just found out that this broadcast goes further than I expected, Living the Freedom Life isn't just in the United States. I want to say welcome to our listeners that are abroad. Zech 4:10 says “Don’t despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you stand on political issues, here in the states, this Wednesday we will celebrate Veterans Day, the people who served our nation and preserved our freedom. That’s what we are...


Ep 68 Listen to What You Are Saying Listen to What You Are Saying

I wasn’t raised in an overtly Christian home. Both of my parents were decent people, but we NEVER talked about eternal things. We only went to church to pay homage to my grandparents. And here is what I would like to share with you today. I’m a Halloween baby. Now, I’m not mentioning that for Happy Birthday accolades, but I'm sharing this with you today because of the messed up theology I had about my birthday when I was growing up. I somehow formed a belief system that the day of my birth...


The Cloak The Cloak

A cloak is an outer garment that hangs loose from your shoulders. And if you think about it, a cloak usually worn by someone creepy. If you see a person wearing a cloak, they're probably trying to hide something. Dracula wears one, even the Grim Reaper wears a cloak. Let's be reminded of something when we think of these images. You're listening to Living the Freedom Life, Episode 67 The Cloak