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Stories and conversations to inspire your strengths, honor your shadow, and invite a new found sense of playful exploration into living your most loving self. Listen regularly for Guided Meditations to give you an embodied sense of connection to your soul's wisdom.

Stories and conversations to inspire your strengths, honor your shadow, and invite a new found sense of playful exploration into living your most loving self. Listen regularly for Guided Meditations to give you an embodied sense of connection to your soul's wisdom.


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Stories and conversations to inspire your strengths, honor your shadow, and invite a new found sense of playful exploration into living your most loving self. Listen regularly for Guided Meditations to give you an embodied sense of connection to your soul's wisdom.




Millana Snow: You are Your Own Healer (#77)

Millana Snow is a leading voice in wellness, in the US and abroad. She is a trusted source for wellness expertise and resources to a diverse global community of clients, followers, brands, celebrities, corporate companies and even members of the royal family. As a woman of color with Afro-Latina/Panamanian, mid-western and British roots she speaks to an audience as diverse as her background. As a former model, turned wellness entrepreneur and healer she has carved out a unique and modern...


RadhaKrishna Roundtable 5: Let‘s Dive into the Mystery! (#76)

We are never shy about exploring all the things...trauma, learning, healing, touring, dogs, performing, nervousness, conundrums, transformation, and more! Listen for an uncensored conversation between two heady but loving partners. East Forest always helps me gain a little perspective! Guidance Meditation Album IG: @marisaradhaweppner *****Please rate Love Service Wisdom on iTunes. It helps me to get the guests you want to hear. ++++++++ Stay in the East Forest...


Melanie Salvatore-August: Living with Grace (#75)

Melanie “Mel” Salvatore-August is a former comedy writer, veteran yoga/meditation teacher trainer, Reiki Master, mama of three and author of Fierce Kindness, Be a Positive Force For Change; Kitchen Yoga: Simple Home Practices to Transform Mind, Body & Life and the 2021 release Yoga to Support Immunity: A Mind Body Breathing Guide to Whole Health (Mango Publishing) Born in Pittsburgh PA of an Italian-American family. Her voice is warm, inclusive, practical and filled with joy for life. With...


Rainbow Eric: How to Stop Othering (#74)

Rainbow Eric returns to LSW to share his latest batch of insights for the healing the we need most *right now*. It's been a doozy since March 2020 and no one can escape the pervasive experience of highly charged polarization. It's everywhere, in some for or another it seems like you either are____ or aren't____. What are the dangers of othering and how can we shift from a perspective of separation through calming the nervous system and healing through the body? Join Rainbow Eric and Marcy...


East Forest: The Possible Album (#73)

East Forest gets into the granular about his new album ‘Possible.’ The philosophy, inspiration, techniques, behind the scenes, and trials and tribulations are discussed. New Music from East Forest! -"Possible" - the latest album from East Forest - LISTEN ON YOUR FAVORITE STREAMING PLATFORM: Spotify / Apple Order the album on vinyl - limited edition + check out the new Possible clothing: *****Please rate Love Service Wisdom on iTunes. It helps...


Mary: A Story of Ketamine-Assisted Healing (#72)

Mary, a therapist herself, shares her story of healing personal trauma and finding self-love through Ketamine-Assisted Therapy. In this podcast we do talk about sexual abuse and trauma, which some listeners might find distressing. If you or someone you know is in need of immediate support here are some free 24/7 resources: National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-HOPE Crisis Textline: Text CONNECT to 741741 KETAMINE THERAPY *****Please rate Love Service Wisdom on...


Sitaram Dass: Ram Dass and the Journey from Psychedelics to Spiritual Reality (#71)

Sitaram Dass spent several years serving his beloved teacher Ram Dass on Maui, where he was shown the path of Bhakti, the yoga of service and devotion to God. Through writings, music, teachings, workshops, and one-on-one counseling, he works to strengthen our sense of the Timeless Sacred in today’s modern and fast-paced world. His new book, From and for God, is available now at all online retailers. The author donates 100% of his profits to Sacred Community Project, a program under the...


RadhaKrishna Roundtable 4 (#70)

Radha + Krishna share with you their experiences from teaching and participating at the Entheowheel: The Ceremony and Science of Psilocybin at the Esalen Institute. IG: @marisaradhaweppner *****Please rate Love Service Wisdom on iTunes. It helps me to get the guests you want to hear. Stay in the East Forest flow: Mothership: IG: FB: TW:...


Chantelle Thomas: Emerging Psychedelic Therapies (#69)

Dr. Chantelle Thomas is a researcher in MDMA and psilocybin trials as well as The Manor’s Executive Clinical Director and a Clinical Psychologist specializing in addiction treatment, trauma and health psychology. With her experience in trauma work, Dr. Thomas guides the clinical team in the comprehensive assessment and treatment of each guest. Dr. Thomas is also a certified biofeedback practitioner, providing clients at The Manor with an added dimension of insight and discovery helping them...


Rena Beyer: Ketamine-Assisted Therapy (#68)

As a psychotherapist & life coach, Rena Beyer, MSW, LCSW, brings compassion, understanding, warmth, and loving honesty to her clients to help them reach their goals -- and she has an eclectic approach to doing it -- all sprinkled with a few curse words here and there for emphasis. Rena is a mom, wife, and self-employed psychotherapist & life coach living in New Jersey. She owns and operates Fostering Greatness, her psychotherapy private practice, and Remedies With Rena, her coaching...


Avi Gordon: Creating a Positive Future for All (#67)

Avi Gordon is a social philosopher and author of the spiritual novel "A Light in the Tunnel." He currently serves as the Director of the Integral Yoga Teachers Association at Yogaville, Virginia - a global organization of over 10k teachers, with centers worldwide. He is also the host of the Integral Yoga Podcast. Avi has taught students of all ages in Taiwan, Israel, South Korea, and the US. IG and Clubhouse:...


Camille Holder-Brown: Old Friends Reconnecting with Love (#66)

Before Camille Holder-Brown became a self-proclaimed chef, she was (and still is) a filmmaker. So the fact that Hollywood glitz and glam did not appeal to her is no surprise; she is a lady who is rooted in family and community. She prefers to talk to one of her fabulous customers about seasonings and recipes than to be on a red carpet any day. With her husband Omar, she works hard and is a visionary. The own and operate the Kale Cafe Juice Bar in Daytona Beach, Florida that specializes in...


Jess Maitri: Break the Patterns that Hold You Back. (#65)

As an Embodied Alchemist, Jess Maitri guides you in accessing ALL of your multidimensional Self, to ground and anchor your highest expression and purpose on the earth. Jess holds a unique blend of eastern and western wisdom, through 10 years of private practice as an Licensed Clinical Social Worker, multiple trainings and thousands of hours as a certified yoga therapist, transformational breathwork guide, and Reiki master. Jess has claimed her gift as a skilled intuitive healer, able to...


Justin Michael Williams: Being Black, Queer and Spiritual (#64)

Justin Michael Williams works at the intersection of social justice, mindfulness, and personal growth—with a touch of music that brings it all to life. Whether it’s a workshop, keynote speech, podcast, concert, or panel discussion, Justin will wow your audience and give them practical tools to transform their lives. IG: @wejustwill *****Please rate Love Service Wisdom on iTunes. It helps me to get the guests you want to hear. IG:...


Zerin Beattie: Why Perspective and Mindfulness Matter (#63)

Zerin Beattie has been practicing meditation for the last 15 years, studying techniques in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Peru, and South Korea. He has participated in dozens of Plant Medicine ceremonies with beautiful shamanic healers around the world, and has practiced martial arts for more than 10 years. Zerin founded XPAND in 2014 to empower people with life-changing resources to bridge the gap between the body, heart, and mind in the modern world. Through years...


The Power of Your Attention (#62)

Your attention is your most valuable currency. Learn how to create a healthy balance and to take responsibility for what your give your attention to.


Reset Meditation (#61)

A short breath-focused meditation to reset your thoughts. Use it anytime you are feeling anxious, depleted or just need to clear away the noise. Join my mailing list:


Rainbow Eric: Radical Honesty; How Do We Feel Safe to Tell the Truth? (#60)

Eric’s mission is to bring nourishment to the masses by re-wilding, re-mineralizing, and rewiring our bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits to operate from an Earth first foundation. He intends for all beings to truly be free from suffering, to know the beauty and magic of truly being alive, and to fully understand what unified collective liberation feels like. Eric hopes that we all can together help restructure the modern world to operate in peace and harmony. Hoping that our grandchildren...


Veronika Gold (#59): MDMA + Psychedelic Therapy; Reconnection Thru Expanded States of Consciousness

Veronika Gold, a psychologist from the Czech Republic and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, has an expertise in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. She is a co-founder and CEO of Polaris Insight Center in San Francisco, clinic providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy treatment. She is a co-founder and trainer at Polaris Institute for advanced psychedelic studies and consultation. Veronika is also a sub-investigator and a co-therapist at San Francisco...


Radha Krishna Roundtable 2 (#58)

In this final episode of 2020, I am joined again by my partner East Forest for another edition of the “Radha Krishna Roundtable”. As an added twist, we each got to posit questions to one another in the style of an Ask Me Anything approach. Enjoy this convo and thank you for being a part of the podcast community during such a wild year! Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to new adventures and growth in 2021. Support the show on Patreon IG:...