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A Covenant Fellowship for the Glory of God






Matthew 12:17-21 Glory to Christ, Hope to the Nations, and Judgment to the Jews (Part 1 of 2)

Listen as Pastor Matt explains how Jesus was the fulfillment of Isaiah 42:1-4. Jesus was God's Chosen Servant and God's Beloved Son who would accomplish His mission of hope for the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit.... and who would bring judgment on the Jews for rejecting His mission. Behold, the kindness and severity of God (Rom. 11:22)!


Matthew 12:15-16 Jesus’ Response to a Conspiracy

After Jesus refuted the Pharisees misunderstanding of the sabbath, and violated their tradition by healing on the sabbath, the Pharisees conspired together as to how they might destroy Jesus. Listen as Pastor Matt looks at Jesus' response to their conspiracy. He simply withdrew from the immediate danger, continued living a life of compassionate obedience, and avoided unhealthy publicity. Let us as Christians learn to do the same in a culture that increasingly hates us. We need not go on the...


Matthew 12:9-14 Was Jesus a Sabbath Breaker? Part 4 A Case Study

In Matthew 12:1-8 we saw a showdown between Jesus and the Pharisees and their rival interpretations of God's law. This showdown took place in the grain fields, as the Pharisees accused Jesus of being a Sabbath breaker because His disciples plucked heads of grain to eat. Jesus answered those ridiculous accusations by looking to the Scriptures. He proved from a biblical narrative, from the Law itself, and from the writings of the prophets that the Pharisees were understanding the Sabbath...


Jude 21-22 A Soldier’s Call to Arms

The Christian life is a lifelong war. This war is a spiritual battle but has serious eternal consequences with defeat. Thank the Lord that, though Christ, victory is sure and the Christian is held fast by the Captain of their Salvation. But, we must ask, 'Do Christians keep themselves or does God keep Christians?' Listen as Brother Matthew Mallacoccio takes us to the book of Jude for practical instruction on walking with Christ until the end.


Matthew 12:7-8 Is Jesus a Sabbath Breaker Part 3 Lord of the Sabbath

In Matthew 12:1-8 we see a showdown between Jesus and the Pharisees. This showdown was centered around their rival interpretations of the Sabbath. Jesus offers three arguments that prove that neither He nor His disciple were Sabbath breakers. Listen as Pastor Matt explains the last of these three arguments. Jesus claims to be to 'Lord of the Sabbath!' It was Him, as Creator ,who instituted the Sabbath, and the Sabbath itself was a but a shadow of which Jesus Himself was the true substance.


Matthew 12:5-6 Is Jesus a Sabbath Breaker? part 2- Something Greater then the Temple

In Matthew 12:1-8 we see a showdown between Jesus and the Pharisees. This showdown was centered around their rival interpretations of the Sabbath. Jesus offers three arguments that prove that neither He nor His disciples were Sabbath breakers. Listen as Pastor Matt explains the second of these three arguments and how it points to the coming destruction of the temple and the arrival of a greater priesthood than the Jews had ever known.


Matthew 11:28- 12:4 Is Jesus a Sabbath Breaker? part 1- A Greater King

The Pharisees claimed that the yoke of the law was a blessing, but Jesus taught that the 'tradition of the elders' was burdensome and crushing. At the end of Matthew 11 Jesus invited people to forsake their devotion to the traditional understanding of the law and to instead 'take His yoke upon them and find rest for their souls.' Now in chapter twelve we see a showdown between Jesus and the Pharisees and these two rival interpretations of the Sabbath, the forth commandment. The Pharisees...


1 Corinthians 4:9-13: Dealing with Suffering on The Narrow Way

A Christian is called to joy in the midst of suffering. But doesn't that seem odd? Why would a God who loves His children call them to a life of suffering? We know that He is more than capable of preventing it. What gives? Listen as brother Matthew Mallacoccio explains how only a Christian's patient endurance through suffering not only pleases God, but was ordained, sent, and directed by God and is ultimately for His children’s own good.


Matthew 11:28-30 An Invitation to Restful Labor

Come unto me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. To most people, both Christian and non-Christian alike, this text is extremely familiar. But why are Jesus' next words after inviting people into His rest about a yoke, which is a tool for labor? Should he mention a recliner or a mattress? How are we resting if we are laboring? Listen as Pastor Matt examines this popular text of invitation to come to Christ.


Matthew 11:25-27 The Son’s Praise of The Father

How boss was Jesus?!?! He trolled the unrepentant cities who had seen His miracles by praising the Father for hiding the truth from them... and He did so right in front of them! Listen as Pastor Matt explores this spontaneous public praise of the Father. Jesus highlights His own deity by claiming that He is the true Son of God (not the nation of Israel), that universal Lordship/Sovereignty has been handed over to Him by the Father, and that He has the incontestable right to choose His people.


I Corinthians 4:6-8 Dealing with Pride on the Narrow Way- Matthew Mallacoccio

Pride is a prevalent sin of the human heart. There are two forms of pride: “Wow is me and Woe is me.” The deception of pride is that it masks itself as a virtue. Pride is no respecter of persons and can poison even our holy duties as Christians. What is the answer to dealing with pride while walking the narrow path? Listen as brother Matthew Mallacoccio explains how God has given us faithful pastors to help us hold steadfast as we journey this path to the King.


Matthew 11:20-24 Those Who Jesus Mocks and Will One Day Judge

Mocking people doesn't seem very Christ-like... but that's exactly what we see Christ doing in Matthew 11. In Matthew 5:11 Jesus promises a blessing for those who are insulted/reviled/mocked for Jesus' sake. Now here, in Matthew 11:20, that same word is used describing how Jesus is 'denouncing' the cities where most of His miracles were done. What would lead Jesus to insult, mock, or denounce people? And for what does He promise a judgment more severe than that which Sodom received? Listen...


Matthew 11:15-19 The Consequences of Refusing to Dance at a Wedding or Mourn at a Funeral

People have always loved to make excuses for not listening to truth. Listen as Pastor Matt examines the ridiculous and self-contradictory reasons the masses gave for listening to neither John the Baptist nor Jesus. Earnestly consider the outcome of such obstinance. If you have ears to hear then eliminate your excuses, lean in, and hear.


Matthew 11:11-15 Understanding the Suffering Kingdom

John the Baptist was as great a man as any who had ever been born before him, but the LEAST in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he. What a dramatic change! And beginning with the days of John the Baptist the Kingdom began suffering violence and violent men were taking it by force. How can the Kingdom of Heaven 'suffer violence"' What marks the inauguration of the Kingdom of Heaven, and how would faith in that event produce a people even more unshakable than John the Baptist? Listen as...


Matthew 11:7-11 Jesus’ Definition of a Great Man

Jesus said that of those who had been born of women none had been greater than John the Baptist. Now that is some high praise! John was not shakable, not soft, and was willing to speak God's truth. Jesus identifies those qualities as greatness and says that even the least of the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven will exceed John's greatness. May God create such character in all of His people!


Matthew 11:1-6 Dealing with Doubt

At times even the most genuine of believers struggles with doubt. Such doubts can be debilitating and soul crushing. But what is a believer to do when such doubts come? Listen as Pastor Matt examines the doubts of John the Baptist, who is not only a great example of doubting saint; but also give us a great example of what we should do when doubts arise.


Matthew 10:40-42 The Certainty of Reward in Receiving God’s People

It is not just those who receive (aid, feed, help, refresh) miracle working Apostles who will be rewarded. It is not just those who receive (aid, feed, help, refresh) powerful preachers who have suffered for the cause of Christ who will be rewarded. It is not even just those who receive (aid, feed, help, refresh) normal righteous Christian men because they have the reputation of being righteous Christian men who will be rewarded. Go; Love, serve, and minister to the least of the disciples of...


Matthew 10:38-39 Being ‘Worthy of Christ?’

Are you 'worthy of Christ?' The very question ‘Am I worthy of Christ?’ makes me uncomfortable. The question kinda makes me cringe, even tremble. What kind of pride could make us say, 'Yes, I am worthy of Christ; the spotless, perfect, sinless Lamb of God.’ But ‘worthy of Christ’ is terminology that has arisen again & again in the Missionary Discourse. Listen as Pastor Matt examines Jesus' use of the phrase in the Missionary Discourse and its relationship to 'taking up our crosses and...


Matthew 10:35-37 Does Christ Delight in Divided Families?

On the surface the answer to the question in the title of this sermon seems obvious... the question even seems absolutely ridiculous! Of course, Christ doesn't delight in divided families! But what are we to make of Jesus' words in Matthew 10:35-36 For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household? Listen as Pastor Matt shows how that this text is pointing to...


Matthew 10:34 Not Peace but a Sword

The promise of the Messiah’s coming contained within it a promise of peace. Is. 9:6–7 For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us; & the government will rest on His shoulders; & His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. 7 There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace. But Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:34 that He did not come to bring peace but a sword. How are we to understand this difficult verse? Listen as...