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A Covenant Fellowship for the Glory of God






Matthew 26:36-46 When Victory and Agony Meet

The Garden of Gethsemane is one of the most beloved texts in the Scriptures but it is also one of the least understood. The first Adam fell in a garden and plunged the human race into sin, darkness, and death. Here we see the Last Adam fall on His face in a garden and rise to victory to redeem His people. The first Adam said, "Not Thy will, but mine." The Last Adam said "Not My will, but Thine.' Listen as Brother Matthew Mallacoccio takes us through this incomprehensible moment in history...


Matthew 12:46-50 The Christian’s Family

If not understood rightly, extended family can be a good man's greatest hindrance. Family members often try to make a person feel guilty for going where they should go, being where you should be, and doing what you should do. They often even make your involvement with the people of God a test of your loyalty to them. All too often they succeed in making you feel guilty, like a traitor, for participating in that which is virtuous, praise worthy, and good for your soul. They may even say they...


Matthew 12:43-45 Reforming for the Worse

The Bible is clear; spiritual warfare is real, and demons are real. We are not just in a battle against the flesh, but against spiritual powers and spiritual entities. These unclean spirits delight in bringing disorder, chaos, & cursedness. Jesus tells of a demon who became discouraged and left a man, and the man cleaned himself up, but was not filled with the Spirit of God. In the end the man was colonized by the original unclean spirit and more who were more wicked than the original....


Matthew 12:41-42- A Greater Prophet, King, Temple & Judgment

The Ninevites repented after hearing the preaching of a man who was arguably the least impressive prophet in the Old Testament; Jonah. Jonah performed no signs, no wonders, and preached an eight word sermon that announced pending doom, and the godless Ninevites responded in repentance. Likewise, the Queen of the South came from the ends of the earth to hear the renowned wisdom of Solomon despite no miraculous evidences and many imperfection in Solomon's character. Listen as Pastor Matt...


Matthew 12:38-40 The Sign of the Prophet Jonah

The Scribes & Pharisees asked for a sign, but in reality they were looking for reasons to doubt. They had already seen many amazing signs, but none of the were enough. If you are looking for reasons to believe you will find them, because they are there. If you are looking for reasons to doubt, you will find them because you will set the bar wherever you want, move it as you see fit, & refuse true submission to God until you deem God has earned it from you. News flash; God owes you nothing...


Matthew 12:33-37 A Tree Is Known (and Judged) by its Fruit

If you want to understand your heart then pay close attention to your words because there is a direct connection between the two. When ‘life happens’ we get a glimpse of the man through his words. What do you say when you’re angry, stressed, in pain? These tests do not create your corruption, they reveal it. That’s when our real thoughts & attitudes surface in the form of words. For this reason every idle/careless word that you utter you will give an account thereof on the day of judgement...


Luke 1:46-55 Mary’s Magnificat: The Essence of True Worship

Mary, the mother of Jesus, it often touted as a supreme figure in Christian history, but did she see herself that way? Mary's Magnificat is a song of worship that shows us what it means to truly magnify the Lord. What is true worship? Is it a seasonal attitude or a lifestyle? Listen as Brother Matthew Mallacoccio shows us from Mary's song of worship 1) what true worship is 2) who the One we worship is, and 3) the true reason for the season.


Matthew 12:30-32 What is ‘the Unpardonable Sin?’

Almost everyone has heard of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which is rightly known as 'the unpardonable sin.' But what is this terrifyingly hopeless sin? Listen as Pastor Matt explains often misunderstood section of Scripture.


Matthew 12:25-30 Did Jesus Cast Out Devils by the Power of Satan?

After Jesus cast a demon out of a demon possessed blind mute man, the Pharisees made the outlandish accusation that Jesus cast the demon out by the power of Satan. Listen as Pastor Matt explains how Jesus answers this moronic accusation by showing that 1) The Accusation is Illogical, 2) The Pharisees are Inconsistent, and then explains 3) The Miracle's True Implication. Rejoice! The Kingdom of God has arrived! And Jesus is more powerful than Satan!


Matthew 12:25ish A Quasi-Expository Biblical and Theological Deep Dive into Kingdoms, Nations, Cities, and Peoples

In this lecture/sermon Pastor Matt considers the origin of kingdoms/nations, languages, ethnicities and religions. He also explores the roots of 'Kinism,' and how Jesus coming as King of Kings and Lord of Lord's essentially reduces the world to two Kingdoms; the New Jerusalem (the City of Peace) and Babylon (The City of Confusion). In essence it is Christ or Chaos. Lastly, he considers the uniqueness of the American system of government and challenges popular misnomers concerning the Great...


Genesis 19- Sodom and Gomorrah: A Case Study in Gay Pride

There's been a lot of talk in recent years about 'being on the right side of history' on the issue of 'homosexuality.' Listen as Brother Josh Woody looks to an historical biblical account of a city marked by 'gay pride,' and consider the wrath and judgment of God that rained down on those people. May we all strive to be on the right side of God on this issue and every issue, as we rejoice in the good news that there is forgiveness and cleansing for every sin in the cross of Christ.


Psalm 2- When God Laughs- Pastor David Province

Listen as Pastor David Province examines Psalm 2 showing the rebellion of sinful rulers, the response of The Sovereign Ruler (God), and the non-negotiable requirement of surrender. Be encouraged! God is not intimidated by the wickedness or rebellion of earthly rulers. He laughs, He mocks, and He speaks in His anger. Make no mistake, God will break those rebels with a rod of iron, and shatter them like earthen ware (vs. 9). Take heed, lest you suffer a similar fate.


Matthew 12:22-24 An Ailing Man, the Amazed Masses, and Some Accusatory Morons

In this text Jesus heals one of the more afflicted men He ever helped; a demon-possessed blind mute! The watching crowed is amazed, and asks a very important question, 'This man cannot be the Son of David, can he?' Although the question is asked in a way that is far from faith-filled, the very mention of Jesus being the Messiah was unacceptable to the Pharisees. So what do the Pharisees do? They throw out one of the most moronic objections ever offered. Listen as Pastor Matt considers the...


Matthew 12:19-21 The Bruised Reed and the Smoldering Wick

Listen as Pastor Matt labors to show how the bruised reed and smoldering wick imagery is actually a promise of delayed, yet certain judgment coming to that generation of Jews. May we all be on guard against presumption and empty formalism in our religious observance lest we too be broken off!


Matthew 12:17-21 Glory to Christ, Hope to the Nations, and Judgment to the Jews (Part 1 of 2)

Listen as Pastor Matt explains how Jesus was the fulfillment of Isaiah 42:1-4. Jesus was God's Chosen Servant and God's Beloved Son who would accomplish His mission of hope for the nations in the power of the Holy Spirit.... and who would bring judgment on the Jews for rejecting His mission. Behold, the kindness and severity of God (Rom. 11:22)!


Matthew 12:15-16 Jesus’ Response to a Conspiracy

After Jesus refuted the Pharisees misunderstanding of the sabbath, and violated their tradition by healing on the sabbath, the Pharisees conspired together as to how they might destroy Jesus. Listen as Pastor Matt looks at Jesus' response to their conspiracy. He simply withdrew from the immediate danger, continued living a life of compassionate obedience, and avoided unhealthy publicity. Let us as Christians learn to do the same in a culture that increasingly hates us. We need not go on the...


Matthew 12:9-14 Was Jesus a Sabbath Breaker? Part 4 A Case Study

In Matthew 12:1-8 we saw a showdown between Jesus and the Pharisees and their rival interpretations of God's law. This showdown took place in the grain fields, as the Pharisees accused Jesus of being a Sabbath breaker because His disciples plucked heads of grain to eat. Jesus answered those ridiculous accusations by looking to the Scriptures. He proved from a biblical narrative, from the Law itself, and from the writings of the prophets that the Pharisees were understanding the Sabbath...


Jude 21-22 A Soldier’s Call to Arms

The Christian life is a lifelong war. This war is a spiritual battle but has serious eternal consequences with defeat. Thank the Lord that, though Christ, victory is sure and the Christian is held fast by the Captain of their Salvation. But, we must ask, 'Do Christians keep themselves or does God keep Christians?' Listen as Brother Matthew Mallacoccio takes us to the book of Jude for practical instruction on walking with Christ until the end.


Matthew 12:7-8 Is Jesus a Sabbath Breaker Part 3 Lord of the Sabbath

In Matthew 12:1-8 we see a showdown between Jesus and the Pharisees. This showdown was centered around their rival interpretations of the Sabbath. Jesus offers three arguments that prove that neither He nor His disciple were Sabbath breakers. Listen as Pastor Matt explains the last of these three arguments. Jesus claims to be to 'Lord of the Sabbath!' It was Him, as Creator ,who instituted the Sabbath, and the Sabbath itself was a but a shadow of which Jesus Himself was the true substance.


Matthew 12:5-6 Is Jesus a Sabbath Breaker? part 2- Something Greater then the Temple

In Matthew 12:1-8 we see a showdown between Jesus and the Pharisees. This showdown was centered around their rival interpretations of the Sabbath. Jesus offers three arguments that prove that neither He nor His disciples were Sabbath breakers. Listen as Pastor Matt explains the second of these three arguments and how it points to the coming destruction of the temple and the arrival of a greater priesthood than the Jews had ever known.