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Ep.3 - Havamal Part 2 - Stanzas 81-165

I FINALLY got around to recording the second part of the Havamal (Belllow's translation). I hope you enjoy... Geola Blessings!


How spiritual/religious are you?

I'll let the podcast speak for itself but essentially, this is me pondering over the most common of questions and the subsequent follow up questions when meeting new people in the Pagan or Heathen community. I'd love to hear your views and experiences on this area... Wesath ge hale, gehwa! The intro/outro music is: Dragon Breath (Short and Full versions) by Densle, from Elatheria album


Ep.1 - Havamal Part 1 - Stanzas 1-80

In this first podcast episode I begin reading the Havamal, the second poem featured in the Poetic Edda. Stanzas 1-80 are read from Bellow's translation from the original Icelandic, this section is known as the Havamal proper and contains some if the most well known stanzas of the poem. In future episodes I'll continue with the other sections of the Havamal from stanza 81 onwards. Happy listening... Background Music: Butterfly Tea - "Age of Conquest" #norse #mythology #edda #heathen #asatru


Pagan Tea Break - Introduction

A quick introduction to the podcast. I intend to keep the episodes as bitesized chunks that can be listened to over a cup of tea or coffee by anyone interested in pagan, heathen or nature-based spiritually. Background music by Butterfly Tea - "Age of Conquest".



It's one of those things that I contemplate almost everyday... How best to live my life? Our ancestors lived in a very different world but I firmly believe they had a greater contact with self and others on a community, family and spiritual level. We live in a materialistic world that has forgotten that value for the most part... I hope you enjoy this poem, composed as I dwelt on this very issue... Blessings /|\