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Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church in Racine, Wisconsin, is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Worship services each Sunday at 8:25 AM Central at We are blessed to welcome, worship and serve in Jesus’ name.

Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church in Racine, Wisconsin, is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Worship services each Sunday at 8:25 AM Central at We are blessed to welcome, worship and serve in Jesus’ name.


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Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church in Racine, Wisconsin, is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Worship services each Sunday at 8:25 AM Central at We are blessed to welcome, worship and serve in Jesus’ name.




May 15,2022 "Beyond Welcome: Beyond Differences" by Pastor Krista Zimmerman

Text: Acts 11:1-18 Description: God says, “what I have made holy, you must not call unholy”. God totally flips the script! The early church was finding its way. Trying to understand Jesus’ call for love in the midst of old traditions. God breaks down barriers so that all may know God’s love.


May 8, 2022 "Beyond Welcome: More Than an Open Door?" by Pastor Beth Ann L. Stone

Text: Acts 9:36-43 Description: Tabitha, a disciple, helped care for a vulnerable community. Going beyond just a welcome means stepping up and being changed.


May 1, 2022 "Beyond Welcome: Step Into Relationship With Others" by Vicar Chip Lutz

Text: Acts 9:1-20 Description: We are all very well acquainted with Saul's conversion story but...what can we learn from Ananias in this?


April 24, 2022 "Care of Creation" by Pastor Krista Zimmerman

Text: Mark 4:26-32 Description: As we observe Earth Day, we are reminded of God’s good creation. We are also reminded of how human sin has led to climate disaster. We cannot be complacent. We are people with hope that comes from Christ who is making all creation new.


Good Friday 2022: "At The Foot of the Cross" by Pastor Krista Zimmerman

Text: John 18-19 Description: Even on the cross, Jesus never stopped loving us. Even in the midst of the brokenness of this world, Jesus is with us.


Easter 2022. “A Long Line of Christ Confessors” by Pastor Beth Ann L. Stone

Text: Luke 24:1-12 Description: Why would anyone want you to crash a funeral? Listen to find out why we’re all called to deliver Jesus’ mike-drop message of hope. Link to the This American Life podcast episode Pastor mentions in her sermon:


Maundy Thursday: "Unconventional Love" by Vicar Chip Lutz

Text: John 13:1-17, 31b-35 Description: Jesus act of washing his disciples feet was an act of service and unconditional love but it was also unconventional broke the norms. We are called to love each other the same way.


April 10, 2022 "Palm Sunday: The Passion of our Lord"

Text: Luke 22:14--23:56 Description: This narrative of the Passion of Our Lord is read by our congregation in different it a different voice and perspective.


Lent 5: "Every Day Detours" by Vicar Chip Lutz

Text: Numbers 21: 4-9 Description: Throughout their entire journey, God was with the Israelites...even through the detours with potholes, pitfalls and poisonous snakes. Through our baptism, God is with us too in our every day detours...paving, patching and overpowering.


April 3, 2022 "Extravagant Love" by Pastor Krista Zimmerman

Text: John 12:1-8 Description: Jesus shows extravagant love for people throughout his ministry. As his life is drawing to it’s sacrificial close, Mary anoints him with expensive perfume as an extravagant act of love. Jesus loves us in a big way and we are to share that love with others.


Lent 4: “There Might Be Giants” by Pastor Beth Ann L. Stone

Text: Numbers 13:1-3, 25-33, Numbers 14:1-9 Description: Hearing a report of bad news led the Israelites again to panic and doubt God’s plan for them. Why do we pay more attention to bad news than to hopeful news?


March 27, 2022 "Big Brother Bias" by Vicar Chip Lutz

Text: Luke 14:11-32 Description: Family dynamics are real...even in God's family. Big Brother Bias can keep us from being in relationship with our siblings in Christ and joining in God's party.


Lent 3: "Idols Made In Fear" by Pastor Krista Zimmerman

Text: Exodus 32:1-14 Description: As we continue journeying with the Israelites, they grow impatient because Moses has been up on the mountain too long. They make a golden calf to worship in place of God. What and who do we idolize? God is trustworthy.


March 20, 2022 "Manure Happens" by Pastor Beth Ann L. Stone

Text: Luke 13:1-9 Description: Why do bad things happen to people? In Jesus’ time, hardship was thought to be God’s punishment for sin. What does Jesus have to say about that?


Lent 2: "Are You Hydrating?" by VIcar Chip Lutz

Text: Exodus 17:1-7 Description: Where the Lord leads, the Lord does not leave. There is water for us on our journey if we choose to drink.


March 13, 2022 "Jersusalem, Jerusalem" by Vicar Chip Lutz

Text: Luke 13:31-35 Description: As mother hen desires to gather her chicks under her protective wing, God desires to gather us. Are we willing?


Lent 1: "Longing For The Past" by Pastor Krista Zimmerman

Text: Exodus 16:1-18 Description: The Israelites have escaped the oppression they were under in Egypt. But now, they are longing for the past. God hears their cries and gives them manna, quail, and a lesson in equity.


March 6, 2022 "The Devil Can Quote Scripture" by Pastor Beth Ann L. Stone

Text: Luke 4:1-13 Description: The battle between good and evil is constantly being waged, inside each of us and in our world at large. Jesus faced the same temptation we follow our own way, and trust in our own judgment over God's.


March 2, 2022 "Remember Who You Are" by Pastor Beth Ann L. Stone

Text: Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 Description: How to faithfully Lent in 2022 despite what Jesus said.


February 27, 2022 "Getting Uncomfortable" by Pastor Krista Zimmerman

Text: Luke 9:28-37 Description: Jesus and his disciples experience something amazing on the mountaintop. The disciples want to build a tent around this amazing time. But they had to come back down the mountain. Jesus is with us on the mountains and in the valleys of our lives. Our lives aren’t meant to be comfortable all the time. We have to get out of our comfort zones to do God’s work in the world.