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Mayan Astrology for a Modern Age






White Magnetic Mirror

4.11.21 - Day 1/13 of the White Mirror Wavespell * Planetary Moon 8 It's a remarkable moment, the eve of the Natural Time year's 'Galactic Return.' Every April 12th, or Planetary Moon 9, is 260 days after the start of the Mayan year. July 26, 2020 was Blue Lunar Storm and so our year is named - it holds the energy of that day for its entirety. April 12, 2021 is also Blue Lunar Storm, so it's both the birth of something that was conceived on that first day, as well as a microcosmic augury for...


White Planetary Wizard

4.7.21 - Day 10/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell * Planetary Moon 4 Today is a Planetary day in a Planetary Moon - you have an opportunity to feel into that intensified energy field and understand what this tone is about. It's a lot about being here on the planet, not off in disassociative highs that feel like outer space. It's being solid and dense, stuck here without means to fly away or blast off. It's a time of fruition for the whole year's slow build that started last July 26. We are...


Blue Resonant Monkey

4.4.21 - Day 7/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell * Planetary Moon 1 We will find in this new Planetary Moon a revisitation of 'challenge' that originated in the Lunar Moon last August-September. There is so much that manifests - comes to fruition, peaks and can be accomplished - in the Planetary moment, but it's also when the ceiling on our growth is capped and we feel our karma of being embodied, incarnated on earth. And with that, again, comes challenge. Problems and suffering are one form...


Blue Electric Hand

3.31.21 - Day 3/13 of the Red Serpent Wavespell * Solar Moon 25 The Red Serpent wavespell regresses us to primality - both a pre-industrial bent with appetites for nature, simplicity and solitude as well as being reactive, tetchy like an instinctual wild creature. It's very difficult to process situational complexity right now - and yet our human lives are set up with all that endless, overbearing detail. It takes time, and discomfort, to fully enter the snake phase when we lose our excess...


Yellow Cosmic Seed

3.28.21 - Day 13/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell * Solar Moon 22 We are transiting from the Yellow Human wavespell to Red Serpent, readying ourselves for the ten consecutive portal days that start Tuesday. The best approach to every growthful passage of the Tzolkin is to have spaciousness to your life - either from people or commitments or with time in nature - so you can let the intensity diffuse into openness and not bound up plans and complicated situations. As you enter the Red...


White Resonant Mirror

3.22.21 - Day 7/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell * Solar Moon 16 We are now in the third week of the Solar Moon, situated in the West, where the element is water and our associated emotional changes. It's intense, transformative and a plunge into darkness: the West is colored Blue for the falling night sky. Watch the fast action acceleration and accomplishment of these next few days. Meanwhile, we wend our way through the Yellow Human reckoning, being seated in our species - a home base -...


Red Lunar Skywalker

3.14.21 - Day 2/13 of the Yellow Human Wavespell * Solar Moon 11 The Yellow Human wavespell can feel like a relief after the expansiveness and rapid changeability of the Blue Storm. Now we are contained in flesh, not vapor/wind/crackling electricity, now we are right-sized, not outsized. We might feel more comfortable. But Yellow Human is a heavy karma to inhabit. Unless we can align with the Mayan hieroglyph which shows a hollow-eyed face, zombie-esque, dulled with inexpression. Then we...


White Crystal Dog

3.14.21 - Day 12/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell * Solar Moon 8 Onward into the Solar Moon of fiery, earned intentionality. We have waited all year to be this prepared in terms of knowing what we want, how we plan to attain it. We burn bright like the sun in showing plainly our desired outcome. Alternately, we are just completing the Blue Storm wavespell where light is lost to dark clouds and deluges of rain. Maybe you got disoriented or oversaturated in the time of the sky's upheaval. Maybe...


White Galactic Worldbridger

3.10.21 - Day 8/13 of the Blue Storm Wavespell * Solar Moon 4 It's not easy in the convergence of the Blue Storm wavespell and the outset of the fiery Solar Moon. You might feel tossed into chaos by wind and driving rain (blast of communication conflict and feelings of sadness, grief), while at the same time watching the temperature get hotter, the speed of life's swirl increase to the point of recklessness, loss of control. This is not a time of peace and harmony, except for the strength...


White Cosmic Mirror

3.2.21 - Day 13/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell * Galactic Moon 24 We're on the eve of the Blue Storm wavespell, which is emblematic of the surrounding Blue Lunar Storm year. Tomorrow is a Blue Storm day within the Blue Storm wavespell, within the Blue Storm year. It doesn't get stormier. Be kind to yourself in your plans and leave room for the chaotic eruption that is actually designed to relieve pent up tension - even though that release can be volatile, enraged, aggrieved. On the...


Yellow Spectral Warrior

2.28.21 - Day 11/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell * Galactic Moon 22 We enter the final week of the Galactic Moon and the last opportunity to ask ourselves the tone's question, 'Do I live what I believe?' We can use it like a barometer, choosing directions and actions. Would I be living what I believe if I do this? Hear the yes or no. The encouragement or the gentle restraint. It's a time to shake off shyness, to fully present ourselves without shame, a passage that's designed to make...


Red Galactic Skywalker

2.25.21 - Day 8/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell * Galactic Moon 19 A Galactic day in the Galactic Moon - doubling of energy for us to understand what we are integrating, how we are drawn to act in integrity in this time. The Galactic Moon is in its third week in the West where our life becomes especially charged, fast-changing, activated. And all this under an increasingly full moon, within its tidal surges.


Red Self-Existing Moon

2.21.21 - Day 4/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell * Galactic Moon 15 Time to head into the west in our rotating weeks of the 13 Moon year - 'third week in the west' for the Galactic Moon means more demands that we act in integrity and more intense acts of holism, maybe even the explosion and expulsion of all that would fracture us. No more. Also we continue the exploration of the wavespell of Death. What is dead to you? It's not a bad concept. It's just observational. Oh, that's not...


White Magnetic Worldbridger

2.18.21 - Day 1/13 of the White Worldbridger Wavespell * Galactic Moon 12 The wavespell of Death is daunting, but think of this key phrase/concept: whatever is taken away, disappears, ends, feels like loss is the 'death of limitations.' We have five challenging wavespells in a row starting now - not that you have to feel they are distasteful or to despair about. They are just gritty, demanding, strengthening through adversity and passages into intense, often avoided states of being: death,...


White Planetary Wind

2.14.21 - Day 10/13 of the Red Skywalker Wavespell * Galactic Moon 8 The Red Skywalker day-tripping is at its peak - on the one hand its highest, densest moment and on the other its last hurrah - and we're about to descend fast into the final stages of the wavespell.


White Rhythmic Mirror

2.107.21 - Day 6/13 of the Red Skywalker Wavespell * Galactic Moon 4 Spacing out, feeling out of it, tripping, getting lost in your mind, being glazed over...all the natural aspects of the extended Red Skywalker moment. Many of these adjectives also describe being high and it's a celebration to step through the wavespell which recalls the plant spirit medicine journey of an ancient prophet-seer. We're on that trajectory of departing a grounded, everyday experience for being out there,...


Blue Electric Eagle

2.7.21 - Day 3/13 of the Red Skywalker Wavespell * Galactic Moon 1 The Red Skywalker wavespell invites us to own our addictions - what we use to trip out and get high. They will inevitably surface in this time. But they are also to be celebrated. They are the ways we get unstuck, escape, experience alternate realities. In this time, they are also the methodology for finding a personal prophecy that allows us to understand and endure the harsh societal demands of this moment. What's going on?...


Blue Crystal Monkey

2.3.21 - Day 12/13 of the Yellow Sun Wavespell * Resonant Moon 24 A 45 minute episode to atone for having flamed out on podcasting in the Yellow Sun wavespell. Anticipate the Red Skywalker wavespell to come, and how it's a bridge into the five future wavespells that represent some of the most daunting and character-building passages of the Tzolkin.


Yellow Overtone Seed

1.27.21 - Day 5/13 of the Yellow Sun Wavespell * Resonant Moon 18 The Yellow Sun wavespell brings our attention to the sun's heat and light - and all artificial derivatives that allow the ability to see clearly and be warm. We can work through this wavespell in the winter season missing the sun, or noticing its absence, and appreciate it even more than if it were easily accessible and abundant. Whatever reminds us to revere the sun, to outline our dependence on it, is the key.


Red Lunar Dragon

1.24.21 - Day 2/13 of the Yellow Sun Wavespell * Resonant Moon 15 [In the podcast I incorrectly state it's Day 21 of the Resonant Moon. The rest of the references to the third week in the Moon are accurate. Thanks, Mercury Retrograde!] I took a break and skipped a podcast episode - more like I lost my confidence in holding any spiritual insight, which seems an apt statement on the Blue Hand wavespell we just completed when it's contextualized as the time of Donald Trump's day sign. Not a big...