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Weekly bible-centered messages from Pastor Rodney Fouts, lead pastor at NORTH.CHURCH in Oklahoma City.

Weekly bible-centered messages from Pastor Rodney Fouts, lead pastor at NORTH.CHURCH in Oklahoma City.
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Weekly bible-centered messages from Pastor Rodney Fouts, lead pastor at NORTH.CHURCH in Oklahoma City.






Buy In - Week 3 | Go-Row

To buy in means to actively support and participate in Jesus' church. To do that, we must be willing to change and grow as we follow God's leading in our lives. We can think of our lives as seeds that must be planted. It's only when planted that a seed can grow, multiply and be fruitful. Support the show


Buy In - Week 2 | Deep Roots

What does it mean to have "deep roots"? In the bible, there are many references to the advantages of deep roots - they provide stability in storms, and access to water during droughts. But what does it mean to have deep roots in the church? In this week's message we hear from several of our pastors about the different ways we can be rooted in our church family. Support the show


Buy in - Week 1 | Mission or Me

If we claim to love Jesus, we should also love what Jesus loves. Jesus loves his church. It's crucial that we are bought in and rooted in the church in order to fully experience God's purpose in our lives. Support the show


What's the Hurt Worth - Week 3 | Comfort

Most of the book of Job is about people trying to make sense of God. However, we can never fully comprehend's ways. Instead, in our suffering, we are to seek our comfort from him. Support the show


What's the Hurt Worth - Week 2 | My Redeemer Lives

Job's suffering was the kind that included both injury and injustice. Not only did he lose his family, possessions, and health, it all happened for seemingly no reason. While Job's friends point to his own sin as the reason behind his suffering, Job knew it had to be something else. Even in his pain, Job knew that everything was in God's hands. Support the show


What's the Hurt Worth - Week 1 | Purpose In Pain

Our lives can be filled with pain and suffering. So, how does that square with a God that is good and loving? That's the struggle that Job faced, and that we still need to deal with today. What we learn from Job's story is that regardless of the situation, God is in control. He can use our pain to grow us into the people He has called us to be - if we let Him. Support the show


The Good Neighbor - Week 4 - A Final Word

Who do you think you are? It's the question that changes everything, because when you know who you are, then you know what to do. This week's message talks about who we're fighting against , Who we're fighting for and how we can fight and win the war. Support the show


The Good Neighbor - Week 3 | Growing Into New Feet

As believers, we are called to imitate Christ in everything we do. The standard that Jesus set is high, but He has given us the tools we need to make progress toward that goal. This week, Pastor Rodney Fouts teaches on the instructions Paul gives us in the book of Ephesians. He encourages us to live godly lives, and shows us how we can imitate Christ every day. Support the show


The Good Neighbor - Week 2 | Choose Change

What does it mean to change as a Christian? The bible tells us that we are a new creation, but how do we live out the change that has happened inside us? The apostle Paul gives us some instruction on this topic in his letter to the Ephesians. Support the show


The Good Neighbor - Week 1 | A Worthy Life

In our previous series, we learned about our new position that comes when we accept Christ. But how can we life a life worthy of our calling? Now that we are all a part of one body - the body of Christ - we need to life a life of unity and maturity. We must also use the gifts we've been given to help others grow, and to build up the church. Support the show


Ephesians: Death to Life - Week 5 | Because Of

In the book of Ephesians, Paul spends the first 3 chapters laying out what God has done for us. Much of the gospel is mysterious to us; it is through God's unlimited power and grace alone that we are saved. In this week's message, Pastor Rodney Fouts explains how it is through Christ and the Holy Spirit that we are united with our church family and with God. Support the show


God's Will Grows | Samson Varughese

At some point, we've all prayed and searched for the will of God in our lives. We want to be obedient; to know our next step, or the right decision to make. But God's will for our lives is often hidden, and we can find ourselves more occupied with seeking God's will than with seeking God Himself. OKC Pastor Samson Varughese shares a message this week on how we can know God's will - and how the first step is always to know God first. Support the show


Ephesians: Death to Life - Week 4 | One New People

One of the incredible teachings in the book of Ephesians is that Jesus Christ came to bring peace. By his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus torn down the walls between different people groups, and between God and man. The church that Jesus established does not distinguish between race, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. It is only by living out that standard that we can create real, lasting peace. Support the show


Ephesians: Death to Life - Week 3 | Saving You

It is through the grace of God that we are saved. When we understand what we've been saved from and what God's grace cost Him, we begin to see the incredible, overwhelming love that God has for us. It's because of that love that we are moved to go out and love others. God's plan is to use us to show His love to those around us who haven't yet experienced it for themselves. Support the show


Ephesians: Death to Life - Week 2 | Attention and Affection

What is prayer? The usual answer to that question is that prayer is communicating with God. But how should we be communicating with God? And why? This week, Pastor Rodney Fouts dives into the privilege and power of prayer. It is a spiritual practice that should bring our attention and affection to God. It's through prayer that we experience the mighty power of Christ in our life. Support the show


Ephesians: Death to Life - Week 1 | I Am Blessed

Who do you think you are? It's the question that changes everything, because when you know who you are, then you know what to do. This series will challenge us to grow in faith and practice, and help us better understand how the Gospel story radically impacts our story. Support the show


Summer - Week 4 | What Are You Doing Here?

In 1 Kings 19, the bible tells the story of the prophet Elijah at his lowest moment. After a great victory, his fortunes quickly turn and he walks out into the wilderness and asks God to take his life. Instead, God sends an angel to help him recuperate and strengthens him for his next journey. Elijah needed to decompress. We need the same. We were designed to need rest, healthy habits, and time alone with God. Support the show


Summer - Week 3 | Change Your Story

Scripture says, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!" When the heat is on, we need to decide if we will continue in our old patterns, or allow God to change our story. Our Guthrie Location Pastor Heady Coleman spoke this week on what it takes to truly allow God to change our story and our life. Support the show


Summer - Week 2 | The Smallest Seed

In the book of Mark, Jesus teaches his disciples about the kingdom of God, comparing it to a tiny mustard seed. It starts very small, but it grows into something thousands of times bigger. In the same way, even the smallest actions we take can have huge effects. If we are obedient in the smallest things, God can turn them into more that we could ever imagine. Support the show


Summer - Week 1 | Rooted and Grounded

Ever felt like life is heating up right at the time you need it to cool down? In this series, we engage the God who controls life's thermostat. We will learn how to outlast the heat by being rooted in Him, continuing to grow despite the heat and being fruitful even in difficult seasons. Support the show