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Weekly bible-centered messages from Pastor Rodney Fouts, lead pastor at NORTH.CHURCH in Oklahoma City.

Weekly bible-centered messages from Pastor Rodney Fouts, lead pastor at NORTH.CHURCH in Oklahoma City.


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Weekly bible-centered messages from Pastor Rodney Fouts, lead pastor at NORTH.CHURCH in Oklahoma City.






Snip It - Week 2 | Season of Snips

We will all go through times of pruning. The bible says that God will snip out things in our life that do not benefit us. That process can be very painful. But we can rest assured that God only prunes us so that we can grow into something better. He is always protecting us and preparing us in order to produce something in us. Support the show (


Snip It - Week 1 | Money

To move forward in life, sometimes we must cut off the things that are holding us back. In this first week of the series "Snip It", Pastor Samson Varughese highlights one area that can often cause us trouble. Our relationship with money is often complicated, but the bible speaks clearly on how to manage our finances in a way that honors God. Support the show (


Nudge - Week 5 | Crazy Nudge

What if the life you want, or more importantly the future God wants for you, is waiting on your response to a crazy Holy Spirit nudge? If you obey Jesus like no one else does, you will have a relationship with Jesus like no one else does. Support the show (


Nudge - Week 4 | Nudge of Greatness

The prophet Elisha had one thing on his mind: spiritual greatness. After following and serving the prophet Elijah for many years, he boldly asked for a double portion of his master's anointing. What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve the greatness that God has for you? Support the show (


Nudge - Week 3 | The Call

Why do we stop and settle? Because it's easy? Safe? Abraham's father Terah had a call from God, but he stopped and settled. Abraham didn't - he continued to live by faith. How can we follow in his footsteps and let our lives be transformed by the call God has on our lives? Support the show (


Nudge - Week 2 | The Other Nudge

The story of Daniel give us an excellent example of what it looks like to follow the leading of God. He had the habit of continually responding to the nudges of the Holy Spirit, so when he came into extraordinary hardships, he knew how to respond. When he needed to know what to do, he went to God in prayer. Support the show (


Nudge - Week 1 | I'm Different Y'all

It's a gentle prod, or any means which someone uses in order to draw our attention to something. To truly hear these nudges from the Holy Spirit, we must be tuned into God with an attitude of faith. Support the show (


I Got New Vision | Samson Varughese

At the start of the new year, many of us tend to re-evaluate our goals, habits, and life. It is a time to cast vision for the upcoming year. However, in order for us to find a lasting and empowering vision, we must look to God. When we look to Jesus, we will see things much more clearly - and hopefully, those around us will see us differently. Support the show (


Christmas at North 2019

For some, the Christmas season isn't filled with joy. In this special Christmas message, Pastor Rodney reminds us that our true joy is found in Christ alone. Support the show (


Joy - Week 2 | Father's Joy

Our joy can be greatly influenced by our feelings, failures & friends. But it is far better for your joy to be influenced by your Father. If we can rest in the joy that God offers, we can be sure that it won't run out - even in the hardest of times. Support the show (


Joy - Week 1 | Margin Moments Memories

God has given us much reason to be joyful. And throughout scripture, we learn that joy is meant to overflow to others - through love and generosity. There is joy to be found in giving to others. This week, Pastor Rodney Fouts teaches on the relationship between joy and generosity. Support the show (


Buy In - Week 5 | Matt Nelson

What does it look like to buy in to a life of following Jesus? It means submitting to the reign of Jesus as King of our lives - and seeking first the kingdom of God. Support the show (


Buy In - Week 4 | Surrendered

To be bought in means to be surrendered to the Good News about the Kingdom of God. Surrendering to God is acknowledging that he reigns and then allowing him to reign in our hearts. Support the show (


Buy In - Week 3 | Go-Row

To buy in means to actively support and participate in Jesus' church. To do that, we must be willing to change and grow as we follow God's leading in our lives. We can think of our lives as seeds that must be planted. It's only when planted that a seed can grow, multiply and be fruitful. Support the show (


Buy In - Week 2 | Deep Roots

What does it mean to have "deep roots"? In the bible, there are many references to the advantages of deep roots - they provide stability in storms, and access to water during droughts. But what does it mean to have deep roots in the church? In this week's message we hear from several of our pastors about the different ways we can be rooted in our church family. Support the show (


Buy in - Week 1 | Mission or Me

If we claim to love Jesus, we should also love what Jesus loves. Jesus loves his church. It's crucial that we are bought in and rooted in the church in order to fully experience God's purpose in our lives. Support the show (


What's the Hurt Worth - Week 3 | Comfort

Most of the book of Job is about people trying to make sense of God. However, we can never fully comprehend's ways. Instead, in our suffering, we are to seek our comfort from him. Support the show (


What's the Hurt Worth - Week 2 | My Redeemer Lives

Job's suffering was the kind that included both injury and injustice. Not only did he lose his family, possessions, and health, it all happened for seemingly no reason. While Job's friends point to his own sin as the reason behind his suffering, Job knew it had to be something else. Even in his pain, Job knew that everything was in God's hands. Support the show (


What's the Hurt Worth - Week 1 | Purpose In Pain

Our lives can be filled with pain and suffering. So, how does that square with a God that is good and loving? That's the struggle that Job faced, and that we still need to deal with today. What we learn from Job's story is that regardless of the situation, God is in control. He can use our pain to grow us into the people He has called us to be - if we let Him. Support the show (


The Good Neighbor - Week 4 - A Final Word

Who do you think you are? It's the question that changes everything, because when you know who you are, then you know what to do. This week's message talks about who we're fighting against , Who we're fighting for and how we can fight and win the war. Support the show (