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REPRESENT! Symbolism vs. Substance

This week the crew talks about branding, symbolism and the power of representing Jesus. Plus a preview of our BEST STAR WARS HEROES EVER! EPISODE TIMELINE 0.00.00- Welcome/Intros 0.02.53- New Year and Holiday Recap 0.07.58- Losing Star Wars 0.12.33- Shout Outs! 0.15.45- Worst Thing Ever Winners! 0.17.39- BEST THING EVER Preview 0.22.39- GAME- Symbolism 0.42.42- The Talk- REPRESENT


Crossover: TCNOG The Road to Star Wars episode IX

We're back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast. Tony T and Scott start the show by catching up on each other's lives and get interrupted by a very special guest. In Classic Comic Conversation they discuss the wonderful issues of Star Wars #1-12, and how their appreciation of how the spirit of the original series was captured in comic form. In The List, they go through the Skywalker Saga, sharing their favorite and least favorite moments from each movie.


Christmas Playlist

This week we talk about the sounds of the season, play a musical name game, and finally wrap up this season's Worst Thing Ever! Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome 0.03.12- Christmas Time is Here 0.04.41- Worst Thing Ever Finale! 0.08.51- Game (RE-VERB) 0.23.39- Our Favorite Christmas Music 0.33.07- Your Favorite Christmas Music 0.39.29- Christmas Worship


Crossover: TCNOG Between Thanksgiving & Christmas

We're back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast. Tony and Scott start the show by talking about Black Friday shopping, Thanksgiving and video games in the bedroom. Three months ago they planned on having a Classic Comic Conversation about Star Wars #1-12, but that didn't happen; so they'll tackle it in two weeks. In The List, they share Christmas movies that they've never seen, but might watch this holiday season. For Bible Study, they look at Isaiah 9:2-7 and how we can...


All Play!

On this episode our crew faces off in a First Appearances battle, does the DCOM or Goosebumps? challenge, and a JackBox Games Quiplash competition with our Patreon sponsors as live judges! Plus the FINALE of WORST THING EVER!


Personal Devotions (with Ellen Elliott)

This week the crew talk about what our personal bible time should look like verses what it actually does look like, plus we talk with artist and author Ellen Elliott about her devotion book Geek and Ye Shall Find.


The Art of Reinventing Yourself

This week the crew talks about Kanye creating a new image for himself, we try taking on new characters in a story game and talk about how God wants to reinvent us. Episode Timeline oo.oo- Welcome and Introductions 03.17- Reinventing Ourselves 06.02- GAME: Character Conversations 19.00- The Talk: How God Reinvents Us 37.38- Random Encounter (Kevin Wilganowski) 51.49- Final Thoughts


Perfect Casting

The crew discusses who some of Hollywood's best casting choices are, who would play us in NOG the movie, and even manage to squeeze in a little Worst Thing Ever.


Try New Things

This week we talk about how we can sometimes find God in the new experiences we find in our every day lives. Plus we play a game called Chunky Monkey Business and celebrate the worst superhero movie ever.


Episode 100 // Live Spectacular

For our 100th episode we hung out with a big group of our friends and talked about the monumental events and people in our lives. Then we ate cake. Featuring El-7ven, Scott Higa, Tori Lein and more!


Episode 99 // To the Mines We Go: The Best of the First 99

As we prepare for episode 100 we raid the archives and relive some of our favorite moments from the first 99 shows.


Episode 98 // Toys (TLDL)

The Too Long Didn't Listen version of our episode 98. Skips al the fluff, gets right to the stuff, in a choose your own adventure time of devotion.


Episode 98 // The Toys That Made Us

The crew talks about our favorite childhood playthings, from G.I. Joe to Funko Pops, Tamagotchi to Hot Toys. Plus we over spiritualize whether its better to take toys out of the box or to leave them in for collector's value. Episode Timeline 0.00.27- Welcome and Intros 00.03.56- If We Were 00.11.32- Random Dad Call 00.14.29- Road to Episode 100 00.16.20- Worst Thing Ever 00.18.59- Top Ten Toys of All Time 00.33.58- Our Favorite Toys 00.59.36- CHOOSE YOUR OWN ENDING 01.00.47- Ending One...


Episode 97 BONUS GAME // 90's or Nah?

Our crew plays a game to decide if the things we know and love ACTUALLY started in the 1990s. Play along with us and let us know how you do! @NerdOfGodcast


Episode 97 // The 90's TL;DL

In this TOO LONG DIDN'T LISTEN episode the crew talk about the 1990s, bust out some Psalms and welcome special guest Leah Simmons.


Episode 97 // I Love the 90's

The crew talk about growing up as 90s kids, from the music, tv shows and church culture. We play Pop Up Video Karaoke, bust out some Psalms and welcome special guest Leah Simmons. Episode Timeline 0.00.00- Welcome and Introductions 0.05.20- Two-Question Interview 0.10.37- 100th Episode Spectacular 0.13.03- GAME- Pop Up Video 0.30.26- Random Encounter 0.38.10- Worst Thing Ever 0.40.47- Nineties Throwback 1.04.05- The Talk


Episode 96: TLDL // Celebs

Maybe you don't have an hour and a half to listen to the full show- so we cut out the fluff and went straight to the stuff. Enjoy! Tonight's main idea: Celebrities


Episode 96 // Celebrity Status

This week the crew talks about what it means and what it costs to be a celebrity. Plus, our visit to Disney's Galaxy's Edge, The Worst Thing Ever, and a game of Obama Llama Episode Timeline 0.00.27- Welcome and Introductions 0.03.15- What are you really in to, man? 0.07.19- Working inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge 0.21.29- Snack Time (Mr Maple) 0.29.09- Worst Thing Ever! 0.33.11- GAME (Obama Llama) 0.42.22- Random Encounter 0.56.41- The Talk 1.45.09- The Altar Call/Homework


Team Up // The Christian Nerd of Godcast: Fatherhood

We're back with another episode of The Christian Nerd of Godcast. Tony and Scott talk about the birds and the bees, as well as Galaxy's Edge. In The List, they discuss some of their favorite nerdy father/son combos. They invite you to read some Star Wars comics in Classic Comic Conversation. And Bible Study takes a look at 1 John 3 and how great it is to have God as our father.


Episode 95 Game Sampler // Abbey or Baddie?

A Sample game from our Episode 95 ALL PLAY- can you figure out which is a Downton Abbey character and which is a comic book villain?