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Podcast by Allan Quak




Matchless Hope - Part 4 - God's River of Life Overcoming The Moment We Fear Most - Ezekiel 47:1-12

Preached by Tim Sweetman


Matchless Hope - Part 3 - The Valley of Dry Bones - Ezekiel 37

Preached by Tim Sweetman


Matchless Hope - Part 2 - Exile: Sour Grapes? Or Turn and Live! - Ezekiel 18

Preached by Tim Sweetman


Matchless Hope - Part 1 - Too Far Gone? NEVER… He comes for you - Ezekiel 1

Preached by Tim Sweetman


Special Sermon - Anzac Day 2021 - Romans 5:6-10

Special Sermon - Anzac Day 2021 - Romans 5:6-10 by Allan Quak


Jesus the I Am - Part 7 - The True Vine - John 15:1

Jesus the True Vine is the Only source of spiritual life. For us to know if we are a true disciple or a fake disciple we need recognise the difference between the Father bringing us through a difficult pruning process, or the Father cutting us off. You can read the written sermon here:


Jesus the I Am - Part 6 - The Way, The Truth, and the Life - John 14:6

Jesus is the Way who gives direction. Jesus is the Truth who brings genuine knowledge to our circumstances. Jesus is the Life who has done all that is necessary. Do not let your hearts be troubled. You can read the written sermon here:


Jesus the I Am - Part 5 - I am the Resurrection and the Life - John 11:25

Unfortunately, the first 3-4 minutes of this message was not recorded. We started by recognising that by this time in His ministry Jesus has healed many people, and even raised people from the dead – most of whom were strangers. However, Lazarus, Martha and Mary are not strangers, they are more like family. So when Martha and Mary send the message that Lazarus is sick Jesus surprisingly waits two days and He only travels when He knows Lazarus is dead. We then read John 11:17-37. We surmised...


Jesus the I Am - Part 4 - The Good Shepherd - John 10:11

Knowing Jesus as the Good Shepherd gives us confidence to hear His voice because; He has laid down his life; He is committed; He knows us; and He is expanding the flock. Listen to Him. You can read the written sermon here:


Jesus the I Am - Part 3 - The Gate - John 10:7

When we confess the name of Jesus, the I am who is the Gate, we will always have a Saviour who will bring us to the pasture of life to the full, no matter which empty-promise pastures we have detoured to along the way. You can read the written sermon here:


Jesus the I Am - Part 2 - Light of the World - John 8:12

As the Light of the World Jesus takes us out of darkness and worldliness. Darkness and worldliness does not come because we are the worst we can be; it comes because we are following the distraction of Satan who masquerades as an angel of light. You can read the written sermon here:


Jesus the I Am - Part 1 - The Bread of Life - John 6:35

Jesus the Bread of Life gives the spiritual food required so that we never need to hunger or thirst. As those who are filled with the bread-of-life character of Jesus our heart overflows into a heart for the spiritually hungering community. You can read the written sermon here:


Why Are You Naked - Part 4 - Humiliated Redemption - John 19:23-24

Stripping Jesus naked and gambling over his clothes is business as usual for the Roman soldiers. However, because the humiliation of Jesus is ordained by God for our redemption, we cannot treat the nakedness of our crucified Jesus in a business as usual fashion. You can read the written sermon here:


Why Are You Naked - Part 3 - Judgement on Misplaced Trust - Micah 1:3-9

Micah preaches at a time when there is spiritual lethargy. Micah’s nakedness is an indication of the lengths God will go to where He ensures that He gets our attention so that, ultimately, we fix our eyes on Jesus rather than having misplaced trust. You can read the written sermon here:


Why Are You Naked - Part 2 - Hatch and Dispatch - Job 1:20-22

In the midst of his suffering Job is able to continue to be obedient. Job recognises that the nakedness of birth and death is a lesson to all to measure their life by trusting the ongoing provisions of God, not by comparing our suffering to others. You can read the written sermon here:


Why Are You Naked - Part 1 - The Fall Effects - Genesis 3:1-13

The first response after sin entered the world was that Adam and Eve instantaneously went from no-shame nakedness to shame-filled nakedness. Such nakedness caused them to hide themselves from each other, and also hide in fear from God. You can read the written sermon here:


All In Love - Part 5 - Your Neighbour - Mark 12:30

Loving our neighbour as ourselves means not looking for loopholes in the way we act towards our neighbours, but to live knowing that every part of Scriptures hangs off the commands to love God and love our neighbour. You can read the written sermon here:


All In Love - Part 4 - All Your Strength - Mark 12:30

Our strength comes from being plugged into the strength of God. Loving God with all our strength means making sure we are putting on the full armour of God so that we can love God with a greater intensity, and a higher level of quality, and a superior abundance. You can read the written sermon here:


All In Love - Part 3 - All Your Mind - Mark 12:30

Our mind is our spiritual barometer. To love the Lord with all of our mind means making sure that the “mind” doesn’t simply justify what the heart loves and the will chooses, instead the mind makes the heart and will accountable to the written word. You can read the written sermon here:


All In Love - Part 2 - All Your Soul - Mark 12:30

Our soul is the totality of our actions and the consequences of our will, desire, and character. The world is at war for our soul. We love the Lord with all our soul by dedicating the totality of who we are to have victory in this war. You can read the written sermon here: