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The Power of Jewish Meditation

Many of us lead busy lives, but what if we were to take just one moment each day to simply "be present"? Rabbi Jacobs uses the story of Jacob's dream to guide us in meditating Jewishly so we can connect more deeply to the Divine, to ourselves, and to one another.


The Altar of Achievement

This week, Rabbi Jacobs discusses Parashat Tol'dot, or "The generations." Like Rebecca and her son Jacob, Rabbi Jacobs asks: Are we as parents inclined to put unrealistic expectations on our children? How can we help them grow to be their own unique, fulfilled individuals?


Two Jews, Three Opinions, One Heart

Sometimes, what isn't said is more provoking than what is said. This week, Rabbi Jacobs brings a curiosity about what the Torah doesn't tell us about Sarah's death, namely the relationship between Isaac and Ishmael, and how their moment of unity in grief can remind us to push our differences aside and come together as one.


And You Shall Love...

What can the akeidah (binding of Isaac) teach us about loving God and loving one another? In this week's Torah portion, Vayeira, Rabbi Jacobs explores the deeper meaning behind this challenging text and how it can test us, much like Abraham himself was tested, to love all of God's creations authentically and deeply.


Dancing With Our Tradition

This week, Rabbi Rick Jacobs recounts his experience studying dance while in Rabbinical School, how partaking in an interpretive dance about Abraham, Sarah and Hagar challenged him theologically and artistically. He challenges us to think how we, too, can appreciate the art of dance to tell the Jewish story.


Fruit of the Vine

In Judaism, it's common to perform ritual and celebrate festivals with a glass of wine, but how do we do so while honoring those in recovery and their loved ones? This week, Rabbi Rick Jacobs talks about Parashat Noach and how Noah's troubled relationship with alcohol can shed light on how we partner ritual and wine Jewishly and responsibly. Find us on social media to share your thoughts: ReformJudaism.org: @ReformJudaism Rabbi Rick Jacobs: @URJPresident Union for Reform Judaism: @URJorg


Creation and Co-Existence, with Special Guest David Broza

What’s your creative process? How do you begin? This week, Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses Parashat B'reishit, which is all about Creation and the very beginning of everything. In his conversation with special guest, musician, artist and activist David Broza, David shares how to navigate chaos and focus on what is good and what can ultimately become good, if we are willing to step up and create it. Our episode ends with David serenading us with just that message. Want to hear more from David...


Within These Three Walls

This week is Chol HaMo-eid Sukkot, the six days between the festival of Sukkot and Simchat Torah. Join us as Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses the importance of recognizing how the vulnerability of the temporary structure we create each year connects with our greater obligations to the world around us.


Do What We Can

This week with Yom Kippur we are continuing the theme of forgiveness. Rabbi Rick Jacobs revisits the story of Jonah and talks about how we must do what we can to create and support compassion.


Moving On And Letting Go

It’s that time of year, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, where we are celebrating the New Year and contemplating our previous actions, while thinking about what comes next. Is there someone or something from this past year that just seems impossible to forgive? This week Rabbi Rick Jacobs talks about forgiveness and the burden of keeping our grievances alive.


A Little Drop of Sweetness

This week we read Parashat Nitzavim, and we ring in the year 5780. Join us as Rabbi Rick Jacobs shares memories of Rosh HaShanah and enjoying the unique holiday customs and rituals within our Ashkenazi and Sephardic communities, and discusses the sweetness of sharing them with each other. Shanah Tovah!


The Commitment of Covenant

In this week’s Parashah, Ki Tavo, we are told to follow the commandments and uphold our covenants, as there will be blessings if we do, but curses if we do not. Rabbi Rick Jacobs reflects on the various types of covenants that we experience and agree to throughout our lives, and the responsibilities, and indeed blessings, that come with keeping our word to each other, to God and to ourselves.


Everyone Thinks They Are The Good Guys

Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses Ki Teitzei, his Bar Mitzvah portion, which mentions the ethical constraints and restrictions that a person must consider, when going into war. Joining the conversation is this week’s guest, Rear Admiral Rabbi Harold L. Robinson, the highest ranking Jewish Chaplain in the history of the United States military, as they reflect on, among other things, how one’s values are tested, when faced with possibly endangering yourself, at the risk of doing what’s right.


The Pursuit of Justice

In this week’s Torah portion, Parashat Shof’tim, Moses tells the people of Israel to select judges for every city. Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses the standards that Moses set for those judges, how they are still relevant today, and what we must we do when those standards aren't met.


On The Road Again

When are the times that you knew you needed to show up and be present? This week Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses Parashah R’eih, the three pilgrimage festivals of Passover, Sukkot, and Shavuot, and how our pilgrimages can connect us not only to each other and our ancestors, but our friends and partners of other faiths as well.


The Heart Of The Matter

Rabbi Rick Jacob’s reflection on Parashah Eikev, teaches about how imperative it is that as we encounter the natural ups and downs of life, we really try to remove the layers and get to the heart of the matter. He emphasizes that we must remain open to honest emotion, compassion, love and even vulnerability.


It Only Takes One

What was the most inspirational advice or speech or quote you ever heard? Who is the person that changed your life for the better? This week, Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses Parashah Va-et'chanan, sharing words from Rabbi Harold Schulweis, where we learn that it only takes one - one moment, one person, one God - to inspire us, and to move us.


Raising Our Voices

Often, we think about what actions we might've taken during trying moments in history -- but what are we doing right now? It’s not always easy to step forward. As Moses teaches us in this week’s Parashah, D'varim, and Rabbi Rick Jacobs reminds us by relating his experience at the Texas/Mexico border last week, learning to be a strong, yet fair leader may be challenging and even alienating at times, but it’s always worth it.


Our Moral Compass

We all face difficult decisions, but how do we reconcile our obligations and the repercussions of our actions? We should always ask ourselves – what is the better or kinder way to speak, to listen and to act? This week, as we learn about Matot-Mas'ei, Rabbi Rick Jacobs discusses the complications of ethics and war, hard choices, and the necessity of incorporating our moral compasses in the most challenging of times.


Bridging The Divide

What happens when zealotry is mistaken for passion? How do we measure our responses and find the humanity in each other during tense times? Rabbi Rick Jacobs delves into the unexpected lessons found in this week’s Parashah, Pinchas, through a Torah lens as well as how that applies to modern-day Israeli politics.