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Helping us wake up to our own Inner Light Mandala Artist and Intuitive Channel

Helping us wake up to our own Inner Light Mandala Artist and Intuitive Channel


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Helping us wake up to our own Inner Light Mandala Artist and Intuitive Channel






July 1, 2018: Accepting What Is

With this podcast reading I felt compelled to explore the concept of "accepting what is". Too often we spend exhausting amounts of time and energy resisting what is, saying things like "I don't want this", "I'd rather be someplace else", "I don't like what's happening to me right now". All the while forgetting that what we resist, persists, thus creating a catch 22. Along with receiving insights about "acceptance" and the intriguing imagery involving a flashlight, we are reminded that in...


May 30, 2018: Playing It Safe

With this podcast reading, the intention and the initial visual came to me in an early morning dream, the very day I planned to this podcast. Thinking about the dream/visual, some initial ideas came to mind where I thought this reading would go. My team had different ideas. As usual, their insights provided guidance beyond my brain's limited scope. Connecting with the realm of our Higher Selves, they wanted to share their thoughts on "playing it safe". In essence, we can either play it safe...


May 8, 2018: How Do I Feel?

With today's podcast reading I set the intention based on one of my subscriber's request: When it comes to emotions, how do I know whose emotions I'm reacting to: are they my own or someone else's? ? What unfolded during the reading, offered a fascinating perspective of how we express emotions and why it becomes a challenge to interact with ourselves and with others. I hope you find it helpful. Disclaimer: throughout the reading I called the musical instrument I saw a tuba; technically, it's...


April 1, 2018: Follow Your Heart

With this week's podcast reading I was guided to set the intention to the idea of following our hearts: - what does it mean? - how do we do it? - how do we move forward when we seem to be stuck? Connecting with the realm of our Higher Selves, they channeled their guidance in an intriguing use of imagery helping us to better understand the essence of following our hearts. As best I could, I painted the watercolor piece for this track that encapsulates the substance of this reading. Blessings...


March 25, 2018: Be the Light

With today's intuitive reading we are lead down a golden path to find our way to our own inner light. Along the way we meet some interesting people. We're being asked to be the light we want to see in the world as well as the peace. It starts with us and radiates outward. When in darkness, go inward to the Light. The corresponding piece of art for this reading gives you an idea of our fascinating inward journey.


March 18, 2018: Curiosity

Connecting with the realm of our Higher Selves, I channel messages that are in our best interest to receive at this time. They come to me as images that turn into insightful stories, sharing guidance and inspiration along the way. Today's reading reminds us to replace knee-jerk reactions into moments of curiosity and observation.